48 Hours later, your thoughts on 2.2 & MegaCorp?

stellaris 2 - 48 Hours later, your thoughts on 2.2 & MegaCorp?

I like it.

My biggest concerns right now is Advanced Buildings, and Repeatables clogging the research RNG up.

Advanced Buildings seem to be decent, but at the same point… Useless? I had the tech for advanced Consumer Goods for ~100 years before I got the tech to even make the crystals I needed to then upgrade to it. (Or mine them if I was 'lucky' and spawned near by to them.) I could see the market being a bigger role in it, but the market wouldn't let me buy them until I had a friend give me +1 a month for 10 years. Meaning, I was sitting on 'dead' tech for quite a while.

That then feeds into the next issue, Repeatables being unleashed earlier on. A friend in my 4 player co-op game (You can watch the 2 days of VoDs on my channel if you are interested, we all mostly went in blind for 2.2), had to wait on ascension due to droids not showing up for ~200 or so years. By the point we stopped, I still hadn't unlocked Battleships. (We were roughly 300 years in) Right now the tech tree just feels… Bloated, harder to get the research you want to pop up. (Out of my normal 2 friends I play with, I'm normally the tech heavy one, but the new guy was able to beat me on tech.)


I am utterly loving most of the changes. I was a bit annoyed that fleet power changed again (They seemingly cut them in half, which is fine.. Just was jarring), and the fact the AI only uses point defense builds (Thereby killing Missiles and Hangars.)

Also would love to see Megacorps be able to integrate species without conquest wars. I kinda understand why, but I shouldn't have to swap away from MC to just go back to it after I'm done.

EDIT – I also love the fact they did the same thing they did with Apoc. They forgot to put in an icon that it was active in MP.

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