4th End Game Crisis idea

stellaris 5 - 4th End Game Crisis idea

So, we have the three current End Game Crisis, the Prethoryn Scourge, the Contingency and the Unbidden.

One could see them as a representation/counterpart of the three ascendancy paths, Bio mastery, Synthetics and Psionics respectively. However I realised that there's a different 'reflection' route that can be taken. Specifically, each End Game Crisis in a way reflects or is similar to some of the early game independent enemies.

The Space Amoebas are giant, space-bound monsters who travel in swarms, the Ancient Mining Drones are machines from a near forgotten time who attack everything that isn't them, and the Void Clouds are strange energy beings that consume corporeal prey.

Sound familiar?

The only one of the early game indie creatures that doesn't have an End Game Crisis counterpart are the Crystalline-Entities, the giant, living mineral/gem constructs that are spread all over the galaxy for some reason. So I thought that while it's nearly 2:30 in the morning, I should write down my idea for one.

The Luminant: Slumbering in peace for thousands upon thousands of years, beings with minerals for flesh, magnetic energies for blood, and light for thought and voice had rested peacefully, slumbering after a great event had caused them to spread across the galaxy until they found their resting places. Their signals were peaceful, unified, and the epitome of clarity. However, foreign signals and energy fluctuations shake them to their gemstone cores, agitating them and driving them mad. The voices from beyond needed to be silenced, the organics, the robotics, all those who spread the sick dissonance, they all had to be stopped.

Basically the Luminant are crystal people who hate all the random white noise and bad radio/lightshows disturbing their tranquil rest. Like the Contingency they will spawn at random locations across the galaxy. They can take control of planets, where they will set up facilities needed to obtain as many resources as they can. Their ships have ok shields and armour, but their real issue is the sheer amount of hull they have (based on the Crystal-Plating tech). Using advanced Shard Launchers, Guided Shard Bombs that use magnetic energy to lock onto enemy ships and fly towards them, and in the case of picket ships and the most powerful vessels they have, unique laser/light attacks, including Perdition Beams.

Their Unique Technologies include their unique weapons and a Tier 2 version of the Crystal-Plating for even more of a direct health upgrade.

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Once the 20% planet/territory loss threshold is met, a figure will contact your empire, talking about how they noticed that the ancient mining drones seem to draw a lot of ire from the Luminant, after some investigating, they were able to uncover a massive mining drone facility in an undiscovered system. The facility was offline, and there didn't seem to be any active drones around. So after a bit of hard work setting it back up and ensuring that the AI running the place wasn't insane or too corrupted, they managed to get it back online and back into cranking out swarms of mining drones.


Though they can't fix or control the drones out in the galaxy already, they can make a tonne of new ones, and after having updated them with more recent technologies and mining/'mining' techniques they're ready to fight back against the uppity mineral deposits.

Like the Cybrex and Sentinels, the Drones will have their own singular system, ships of their own with high end tech that they send out, and they will offer friendly empires fleets to support their efforts as well. Upon 50% of the galaxy lost to the Luminant, the figure will contact your empire again, saying that they've figured out something that could seriously help with the war effort. With the Luminant directly communicating to each other through light and signals, it should be possible to create a corrupted message using similar techniques to try and screw with their heads. Either through a special project or them getting it to work on their own, the special signal will spread across the galaxy, driving some of the Luminant insane and causing them to lash out at their fellow Shards. This causes 'Clouded Shardlings' to spawn inside Luminant space in large fleets, where they'll go around attacking Luminant ships and stations, which can provide a fair amount of respite if an armada originally heading for your systems turns around because a bunch of fleets spawned in the middle of their own territory and started fu*king things up.

Should you defeat the Luminant completely, shattering their communications and leaving only shattered shards remaining, the figure will contact you again, thanking you for helping to save the galaxy. They'll explain that while they can't really get rid of the shards any time soon, they can at least stop the Luminant from appearing again. They'll let you keep your drone fleets, and will have their own drones go out and hunt any of the still spawning 'Clouded Shardlings' fleets. Whether or not they keep the system, or become a unique Enclave that offers a cut of the minerals/energy they obtain, along with the possibility of being able to buy more Drones from them.

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As the Luminant cover more of the galaxy, you'll be able to hear some of their unified signals in the background, like a more eerie version of the sound crystals tend to make in fiction when you shine light through them. Along with possibly the sounds of crystals forming and rubbing against each other.

So, how is that? I thought that by having it be a native Crisis, not only would it round off the Early Game/End Game similarity thing, but would also balance out the native/foreign Crisis ratio as well.

Is it a good idea? What sort of tweaks could/should be made to make it better? Anyone else think that something should be done with the Crystal lifeforms idea, either like this or in a different way?

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