A bit of a dev diary for my Mass Effect Mod (Achievement Compatible)

stellaris 2 - A bit of a dev diary for my Mass Effect Mod (Achievement Compatible)

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I've been wanting to write a bit of an explanation about the design principles for my mod. It's been out for quite a while so I guess it's a good time.

First, I want to thank those who have subscribed and enjoyed. And also VJ and SoG-Geongeon for providing me a starting step for the new portraits I've introduced. I also thank those who have beared with my sometimes sloppy modding.

So, my main philosophy of this mod is to "bring Mass Effect to Stellaris", instead of to "bring Stellaris to Mass Effect". Compatibility is my main aim. That's why I have to do so many adjustments and approximations using the Stellaris config to make sense.

That's why all the changes are Achievement Compatible and can basically stay active for your regular games.

What's the catch? I am using a method developed by myself by attaching new Portraits (each individual "guy") into existing Portrait Groups (each choosable appearance for a species), and adding a trigger in the Portrait Group so that it will choose the ME Portraits when the name of the species matches. That's why the ME Race and the Stellaris Race of the same Portrait Group can coexist in the same galaxy without running into much problem.

Why? Because it is the only way to make it Achievement Compatible, and correct insults.

You know the countries will choose insults based on the Species Class (Humanoid, Mammalian and so on) and on whether they wear clothes. Using this method, I can assign Asari to be Humanoid wearing clothes, and Collectors as naked Insectoids, giving their corresponding insults.

And the Flags are always Achievement Compatible, also Prescripts.


The next part is that I have designed some new flags for the ME countries when SoG-Geongeon's pack doesn't have those. For instance, Angara, Collector, Drell, Geth, Hanar, Kett, Rachni, Thorian and Yahg all need an emblem. So I would sometimes use hints from the games, and mostly the front face of that species to make a new flag.

Next part I want to talk about is the prescripts. Some of the choices would be odd since you know, Stellaris and Mass Effect aren't made by the same cultural backgrounds. Stellaris also has such a thing called "AI Personality".

One instance I want to share is the Systems Alliance. Typically we would imagine them to be Militarist and under a Democracy. But in Stellaris, Militarist means they will be aggressive, mostly. There are 5 main Militarist personalities in the game, and the aggressiveness isn't based on the Ethics, while it is based on the Personality chosen for that country. The 5 Militarist personalities are: Hegemonic Imperialists, Honorbound Warriors, Evangelising Zealots, Ruthless Capitalists and Democratic Crusaders.

Systems Alliance could very easily fall into the Democratic Crusaders personality if we don't make a bit of changes here and there. The only "good guys" with a Militarist background is Honorbound Warriors. So… that's how it has become. The Alliance will be Fanatic Militarist with Egalitarian, because that's the only way they will not be so aggressive as either Hegemonic Imperialists or Democratic Crusaders. The design choices for the Krogans are the same. I've made them also Honorbound Warriors so that they don't go plundering everywhere, same for the Turians.

And that's why I always have something to change in each small update. I would sometimes discover funny flaws when I playthrough a game, and would make the changes correspondingly for the prescripts.

It's a wall of texts, and not really something interesting to read. But I am still thankful for anyone who has arrived here at the end of the passage. Thank you for reading.

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