A day wasted, a lesson learned

stellaris 8 - A day wasted, a lesson learned

Setting the stage-(3rd attempt as my other two races were failures) I spent the better part of the day creating a really awesome empire. For once I had been able to expand into multiple systems, had blocked enemies from accessing important systems, and had built up a decent navy (4k combined but in 3 separate fleets). I had created a federation with a neighboring system (fleet strength of 6k) and another pretty far away ( but still 2k). I decided it was time to kick out an empire from my part of the Galaxy. I discovered them only 3 jumps out from my planet and had gotten tired of our borders causing planets to switch hands(they had colonized several planets within 1 jump of their system which pushed their boundaries into my territory) I set up a few defenses most being in my southern colonies as I knew the majority of my fleet would be in the north(2 arm Galaxy so the colonies are 6+ jumps away from my northern holds). Leaving 1k in the south I sent the rest to the north while waiting for some tech to finish. A little bit more context I'm directly in between my rival and my ally in the north and a different rival and the same ally in the south. The enemy in the south is of superior strength but the northern enemy is equal. My federation ally is also stronger than me.


The war- I had decided to stage my efforts from the Eastern flank only 2 jumps from a station I headed straight into their territory. They had 2 colonies and a fleet of 2.5k waiting. I drew them back into my territory to take advantage of my defenses. After heavy losses they fell back and repaired at their shipyards and continued to suicide into my fleet. Meanwhile in the southern colonies the enemies 1 ally whom I had been immediately hated by sent their whole fleet through 1 system bypassing my Ally's colony. They ran through my token fleet and all of my defenses (5k fleet strength) heading for my first southern colony. OH GOOD HERE COMES MY ALLY WITH THEIR WHOLE FLEET. I imagined my people screamed that they were saved. My beautiful octopus friends jumped in to save their bird people allies….the enemy was closing in on my colony and shots were being exchanged. I clicked away to check on the north assuming my ally would at least check the southern fleet and send them out of system. The north is doing well the migrants left a race on a unwanted planet and they had held off a small raid. I clicked the map and paused so I could begin planning my defense and then my attack. I notice a blue fleet 2 jumps away from my colony while a red fleet was still in system. Surely they hadn't been beaten so quickly. I check their health……full strength no hits….they hadn't even engaged the enemy in system. They'd went to their untouched colony and left me to burn. My southern defenses collapsed. My energy planets were gone and my economy started to tank. I had a substantial reserve though and wasn't ready to give up. I cranked out ships. Enough to push through in the north. I check on my southern colonies and see a wasteland. My ally had been outflanked and his home system was being attacked while another fleet(I'm assuming they were A LOT stronger than I had anticipated) engaged my ally. I again thought maybe my allies further away are heading this way. If I can hold in the north they might be able to assist. Of course they hadn't even left port. My empire was soon under siege from 2 sides. My defenses were being slowly overran. I cried. My bird people died. The ancients were right I was only a few centuries away from destruction and I had refused their offer.

Lessons learned- Federations and allies are pointless Never attack unless you can take on EVERY single ship in your enemies fleet by yourself No matter how loudly you beg the enemy xenophobes they will not stop until your world's are ruined.

I'm starting over with the intent on murdering everything. My innocence has been lost.

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