A different approach on weapon and hull research

stellaris 7 - A different approach on weapon and hull research

Hey everybody, I am looking for (constructive) opinions on the idea presented in the following. The topic at hand is how researching weapon upgrades and hull types works a the moment. As a side note: I only ever played stellaris in singleplayer, never played mp. So insights from people playing mp would be appreciated. 🙂

Current situation: Each weapon module has several upgrade techs, each unlocking a better version of said module. So we got red laser -> blue laser -> green laser -> <..>. Also larger ship hulls (cruiser, battleship) are unlocked at later tech stages (T3 and T4 if i remember correctly).

Opinion: Im not saying the current system is bad or wrong but it is a little bland in my opinion. I dislike 2 things in particular: + At the beginning we are forced to build up our fleets out of small ships (corvettes/destroyers) meaning we dont have many options on how our fleet composition looks like (little long range options, no carriers, torpedos make little sense since everybody has high evasion ships) + While we have a lot of weapon tech we have little variety in our weapons per weapon type (physical, energy, guided, carrier) leaving ship customization to be a little disappointing.

Suggestion/Idea Id like to suggest 2 things. First would be making all ship hulls available earlier (T1 destroyers, T2 cruisers, T3 battleships) and adding a rare tech to gain a hull 1 tech tier earlier (T2 rare tech for battleships, T1 rare tech for cruisers). This way you can get an early adapter edge over other empires while still allowing full fleet compositions early on. As a balancing measure some HP of larger hulls might be shifted into a T3/T4 tech.


Second Id like to get rid of vertical weapon tech upgrades. Instead we add a flat damage upgrade tech per tech tier per weapon type to keep a progression. Additionaly we add alterations to each weapon tech.

Lets take the L-Slot Artillery tech as example. We could add a variation called AI-enhanced Artillery, increasing the tracking and energy cost of said weapon significantly. Another idea would be a Rapid-fire Artillery weapon, removing all tracking, but increasing the fire rate significantly.

Alterations could also be interesting on guided weapons (think long-range missiles, short-range missiles, dummy torpedos to draw point-defense, ..) and strike craft (less hp but more damage, no damage but bonus to fleet hull regeneration, bonus to bombardment damage, ..).

Some of these alteration techs could be rare techs or have additional techs as requirement. This would allow us to build highly specified fleets and make wreckage-studying more interesting since there is more to explore.

Tl:dr Current situation works but is bland/boring. Make hulls available earlier. Allow earlier research via rare techs (e.g. T4 tech is also available as T3 rare tech). Make weapon tech progression horizontal instead of vertical.

Id like to have a constuctive discussion on this topic, so opinions and suggestions are appreciated. 🙂

As an additional thought, depending on what the modding framework allows this kind of design change could also be applied to defense technologies (shields, armor).

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