A few issues I personally really want fixed

stellaris 3 - A few issues I personally really want fixed
  • Please fix the problems with the initial rulers. Currently, randomised empires have an initial ruler with skills, but prescripted empires have him always skillless.
  • In Democracy and Oligarchy, when the initial ruler is voted out, he disappears.
  • In Dictatorship and Imperium, we are stuck with the initial skillless guy until, perhaps, he learns the first skill in 10 years.
  • In Gestalt Consciousness and Machine Empires, the ruler rules aeternally and he doesn't learn any skill.
  • Some machine empires simply never colonise even when their capital is swimming with 140 Pops.
  • Separate migration and growth for the 3 Strata. Instead of promoting Workers whenever a new job opens, the new job opening should promote growth for the Specialist stratum and perhaps, even draw from the Worker stratum. THIS IS RADICAL BUT IMPORTANT. Because Computer Players also get the same surprise jumps we human players do, that when we add a new building, no one works the mines due to promotion. We humans know how bad it can go and do things to prevent it. Computer Players, well, they will try to use the Market to balance out their gains and thus incurred a loss.
  • Make every change gradual, especially when we change Economic Model, Trade Policy and Food Policy. The sharp shocks are usually so huge whenever we fiddle with these, and we are locked for 10 years not to temper with these policies. That is not nice.
  • Stop computer players from building City Districts when under bombardment due to loss of housing due to devastation. You are being bombarded and you shouldn't be building a new city.
  • Also, stop them from repeatedly turning on and off Martial Laws and Discourage Growth within a period of several days when in a war.
  • And stop them from reserving fleets to patrol trade routes instead of going for the war goals.
  • And please reduce the weight for fleets in Diplomacy. Our fleets may be wrecked but it should not put us from Equivalent to Pathetic as we can build a new fleet within a year.
  • Please make the numbers a bit more meaningful about Pirate Suppression. Currently, we can only guess how many pathetic Corvettes we need to suppress pirates by adding them one by one. What does 100 mean? Perhaps something like "reduces X points of piracy every 30 days so we know this system has 30 max piracy and a ship stays within for 60 days so we know we need 3 or 4 Corvettes.
  • Let us choose which systems to pass through when we plot trade routes and patrols.
  • The trades with Strategic Resources are very underwhelming.
  • Fix so that additional perks added onto a body adds new resources onto it instead of replacing. I have a moon with Living Metal but it has got replaced to some minerals and then Social Research points due to the events of dormant drones. "Free minerals, no complaints"… But my Living Metal!
  • Fix that sometimes when we replace a district into a City District, it doesn't get built and is instead demolished after paying both minerals and time. So we have to build it again.
  • And please give us an Earth with also size 19 instead of 16. Capital size matters quite a lot since most games we are developing our capital.
  • Give us an easy access to "how we view other empires". Currently, we can only know it by using Opinion Map Mode, clicking on another empire and then view ourselves.
  • Please fix Federation Fleets. Either by making it explicitly 500 command points in Fleet Manager, so we can reinforce it instead of building new independent ships and manually merging them.
  • Also, not being able to add a Federation Design is making the UI very messy.
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These are all game-breaking things I have encountered. I have flaired this post as Discussion instead of Suggestions, as I am not sure if certain radical changes would work best in all other scenarios.


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