A Few Moddable Reworks for Existing Civics

stellaris 2 - A Few Moddable Reworks for Existing Civics

Hello, with the amazingly flexible jobs system in play I figured I could make some change suggestions for existing civics to make them more interesting. If there is sufficient interest, discussion and subsequent refining of these ideas, we could get someone to mod them or I could try it myself.

Distinguished Admiralty:

Dramatically increased penalties for going over the Administrative Capacity limit.

Allows the construction of Naval Staff College, a unique building that gives +5 Staff Officer jobs.

Staff Officers are Specialists that convert Alloys and Power into:

+8 Naval Capacity

+2% Ship Fire Rate

+5% Admiral Experience Gain

These are empire-wide modifiers that are certainly very strong, but you only get one of them. At first. Empires with Distinguished Admiralty also have an "Expand Naval Commissions" decision at the capital, which, at the cost of 200 Influence +50 for each time it has been repeated (up to a maximum of 400), permanently increase the maximum number of Naval Staff Colleges by one. This is repeatable as many times as you want.

The idea is that through heavy political investment, and perhaps dedicating an entire planet to naval academies, you can have a way of getting naval capacity without bothering much at all with fortresses, and you can get lots of naval capacity without having to grow large while also having higher quality fleets. This is meant to be a crossover between the militaristic Prussia where the army had a lot of influence, with the importance of the Royal Navy for all of UK's interests, so you're basically space Prussians with ships. The massive influence cost is to limit it for large empires where influence is spread thinner but you can potentially stack the deck with lots of great bonuses for a nation with a fleet that punches well above its size. In return, you'll find it to be a losing proposition to go above your administrative cap, as the penalties are increased. Synergizes well with the Strategic High Command megastructure.

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Philosopher King:

Gives +2 Ruler Level Cap.

For each level of the Ruler, enables +1 Courtier job at the capital. Courtiers are Rulers that give:

+20% Ruler Experience Gain

+2 Administrative Capacity

This is a simple yet radical rework for an existing civic that is honestly kinda quite shit, for a type of rule that is worse than the rest. Many of the successful absolute rulers of the past have been so by knowing to create a trustworthy and effective inner circle, and this is meant to represent that. An enlightened ruler is of no use to his/her people without effective people to work the machinery. And so comes the Courtier job, that, at the cost of, well, pops, will make it easier for the ruler to actually gain the new levels afforded by this civic, make Ruler Level Gain less painfully slow (I've had a Chosen one queen that never reached the max level in over a 100 years, in that case there's little use in having ruler caps increasable), and will also give a generous amount of admin capacity.

Idealistic Foundation:

Replaces culture workers with Ideologues, that give:

+3 Unity

+3 Society research

+10% Government Ethics Attraction (planet)

at the cost of a power upkeep instead of consumer goods.

What do you think good folks?

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