A glossary of another playthrough of mine

stellaris 7 - A glossary of another playthrough of mine

Ok, so I'd finished playing through my 2nd Stellaris campaign (older than current version) some time ago, now I've assembled all the info about it quite neatly, and am going to copy-paste it from the Word document with minimal formatting in case somebody finds it interesting. I've gotta say, I've only changed the starting conditions minimally from the first go-round, but the campaign turned out to go very differently. Ok, without further a do:

Rethsethone circa 2395: A galaxy Dominated by the sprawling Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, and the part which is not

Linguistics of Nexma language.

The Nexma language is represented by almost entirely phonetic spelling. Three -like sounds exist in it: one is always followed by and is represented by the letter “x” (ex. “Nexmed”); one is the standard sound and is represented by the letter “c” (ex. “Cosrels”); and one is a deep epiglottal sound, represented by the letter “Q” (ex. “Popsqe”). “J” represents the sound; the diphthong “ch” represents; the diphthong “th” represents . The sound exists in a few archaic words, represented by “g”. Nexma is a highly analytical language with relatively little inflection, and with a high amount of compound words made up of typically monosyllabic morphemes. Plural forms are most often (but not always, especially not in colloquial speech) achieved by adding “i’ at the end of the word. In Nexma language there is, in principle, no word or morpheme order (ex. while only “Nexmed” is used in practice, “Mednex” would be understood as meaning the same), and in texts words are not separated by spaces, making deriving exact meaning challenging at times. This is alleviated somewhat by proliferation of a part of speech known as “self-noun” – distinguished by ending with the morpheme “ye” these words are always the subject of their sentence and are considered to contain their own verb within themselves (ex. “Abarrye” – literally “citizen, serving (by, at etc)”). Words are almost always stressed on the first syllable, but self-nouns usually are on the second. Vowels are sometimes omitted at a word’s end (ex. “Rezistenta” is usually rendered “Rezistent”, however the simple phrase “En Ta” is spoken and written in full).

A selection of Nexma morphemes.

Bot – “location”, “area” (colloquial pl. “Ba”, archaic pl. “Boti”)

As – “distantly similar”, “like”, “akin”

Nex – “projectile thrower/launcher”; shortening for “Nexmed”

Med – “travel”

Shen – “shape”; math. “proper subset”

En – “defend”, “preserve”

Ta – “well” (as in, “waterhole”)

Dan – “star”

Qut – shortening for “Qutblogi”

Yes – “them”, “their own”

War – “them”, “the others”, “their”, “the others’” (of rivals, enemies)

Had – “willing”

Dbe – “maw”

Thej – “nearby”

Vin – “discovered”

Ntel – “individual”, “person”, “one”

A selection of Nexma words.

Nexas – “Nexmed-like” (as per the ideology of Shendac, no other species in Rethsethone quite reaches this ideal)

Nexmed – own species (pl. Nexmedi)

Nexma – “pertaining to the Nexmedi”

Rezistent(a) – “thrifty”

Cosrels – “male” (in the Nexma society men are traditionally considered more warlike and dominating than women, and in the past were considered more capable at every task; a “real Cosrels” is rugged and can-do, like a Tontelar-class spaceship)

Tosra – homeworld

Vexmend – homestar (a G-class star, unusually hot for Rethsethone)

Danjert – “solar system”

Rethse – “desert”

Plen – a desert-like environment (esp. on Tosra) characterised by the sand being very tightly compressed, making construction much easier than in a Rethse

Thone – “kingdom”, “realm”

Rethsethone – “Desert Kingdom”, the name for the homegalaxy

Larvarbot – “city”, literally “defensible area”

Indac – “militarism”, belief in the military & warfare as a vehicle towards success, advancement and increased importance (30% of the Qutblogi Metde of Tosra consider it the most important ideology, and 19% actually follow it; the opposite, pacifism, is at 11% and 18% respectively)

Shendac – “xenophobia” (14% of the Qutblogi Metde consider it the most important ideology, but 17% follow it; the opposite ideology, xenophilia, is at 12% and 8% respectively)

Qutac – “democracy” (about 16% of the Qutblogi Metde of Tosra consider egalitarianism to be the most important ideology, and are themselves followers of it; whereas the opposite one, authoritarianism, is at 0%)

Thac – “underestimation of enemy”

Popsqe – “meritocracy”

Qutcom – “citizen service”, the system of citizenship being reserved to veterans of military service (was introduced after a period of revolutionary strife and upheaval)

Qutblogi – “citizens”

Metde – “commonwealth”

Greyte – “ship”

Abarrye – a self-noun usually translated as “consul”, literally “citizen, serving (by, at etc)” (for eons, the title of Abarrye was the title of a martial leader among the Nexmedi)

Udshen – “elliptical”

Thotograthe – “alienry”

Gare – “powerful”

Cranchit – “size”

Landi – “peaceful”

Muzmeye – a self-noun usually translated as “problem”

Limtaye – a self-noun usually translated as “journalist” (journalists, and trade explorers before them, traditionally enjoy privileges in the Nexma society – its spaceships bear the prefix “NEWS”, a cultural artifact from the early days of spaceflight (the 1st of which occurred in 2111), in which only news companies were permitted to venture past Tosra’s atmosphere)

Ischa – “stealthy”

Njin – “apocalypse”

Thirstacral – “Heaven’s gate”

Thethse – “enduring”

Rvive – “to sacrifice”

Atherye – a material, layers of which give nanocomposites the highest ultimate tensile strength of those measured

Some – “maelstrom”

Yesvin – “those discovered”

Pathbanarseya – “Pathban Vortex”

Ando – “scientist”

Space Powers.

Qutblogi Metde of Tosra – a citizen republic that was unified at the end of 21st Century on Tosra, the homeworld of the Nexmedi, in Vexmend Danjert, and eventually dominated the Rethsethone. Follows the ideologies of Indac (to an Extreme level), Shendac, Qutac and Popsqe and is organised as per the Qutcom system. Since the reform of 2310 the Distinguished Admiralty is also a notable element of the society and the state. Uses warp FTL. The state’s symbol is an ancient map designation for Larvarbot, also the symbol of Marlen. It has a high amount of algorithmisation in its construction (already at 61% in 2250). The Qutblogi Metde has a rivalry (going both ways) with Norillga Serene Compact, which was further worsened by the 2307-2308 Norillga fleet exercises in Wasat Danjert; the 2338-2339 Nexma fleet exercises in Yoddbem Danjert; and, most importantly, the Nexmed-Norillga Brawl (2364-2380), in which the Qutblogi Metde declared war with the demands to make Norillga Serene Compact into a Tributary, to Humiliate it, to have it cede Naff’Sewa (Xu Nir Danjert) and Naff’Evamul (Saraklis Danjert) and to have it cleanse Naff’Sewa (Josq Fomat Danjert), but eventually had to settle for White Peace. The Qutblogi Metde is proficient at defeating Void Clouds and eliminating Space Amoeba, provides its people with “an Elixir of Life” that prolongs lifespan and heals disease and injuries, and possesses access to the databases of the Curators. Its population (over 227 billion in number) approximately breaks down into 59% Nexma, 28% Domanna, and 11% Droid. Qutblogi Metde of Tosra encompasses 15 planets, and possesses truly staggering stockpiles of Food, enabling further population growth. It permits the use of Crystal Sonar when possible and follows the Improved Energy Initiative. The denizens of Qutblogi Metde are entirely non-spiritualist, with 17% claiming that Materialism is the most important ideology, and 18% claiming themselves to be its followers.

Norillga Serene Compact – an irenic bureaucracy with a complex and byzantine governmental structure that originated on Navarill in Nevidrall Danjert. Until 2280 it was known as Norillga Nation. Utilises wormhole-based FTL. An Oligarchic state that is also Pacifistic, Materialistic and supportive of Shendac, it is an Environmentalist Agrarian Idyll. Since the reforms of 2280 it has also witnessed increasingly Cutthroat Politics. The Norillga closed borders to Qutblogi Metde of Tosra almost immediately after establishing contact, and were soon declared Tosra’s rivals, reciprocating that declaration. Relations were further worsened by the 2307-08 Norillga fleet exercises in Wasat Danjert, quite near to the borders of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra; by the reciprocal 2338-2339 Nexma fleet exercises in Yodddbem Danjert, and, most of all, by the Nexmed-Norillga Brawl (2364-2380), in which the Qutblogi Metde of Tosra declared war against the Norillga, but eventually had to settle for White Peace that the Serene Compact was more than willing to provide as while dominant in space combat, it couldn’t hold the Nexma worlds it was occupying against the counterattacks.. The Norillga traditionally have a strong appreciation for their fleet. The 123 billion members of the Norillga species are spread across the 6 planets that the Serene Compact possesses: the homeworld and capital Navarill (Nevidrall Danjert), Naff’Fujj (Hixar Danjert), Naff’Evamul (Honnam Ter Danjert), Naff’Sewa (Josq Fomat Danjert), Naff’Sewa (Xu Nur Danjert) and Naff’Evamul (Saraklis Danjert). Its fleet power, naval capacity and technology level are all equivalent to the dominant power of the galaxy, Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, making the Norillga the last bulwark against the full completion of said domination.

Pirates – a Gare pirate Thone had ruled much of the space centered around Celsim Danjert for centuries, a remnant of an ancient war which had resulted in mutual destruction of the combatants. The pirates were assisted in their reign by control over the so-called “tree of Life” within the Danjert previously known as Simtinasca. It was their influence that spawned the Screaming Daemons Nexmed outfit that had once created significant problems for Qutblogi Metde of Tosra. In 2251 its fleet attempted a less-than-successful attack on Nevidrall. In 2387 Celsim Danjert was cleansed by the fleets of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, and in 2390 transferred to the Abilte Sector from the Tosran mainspace.

Unscrupulous Salvagers – an alien pirate group led by Skipper and Buggwai which towed and took hostage one of the ancient sublight probes sent by Marlen. Refusing to strike a deal with the Thotograthe, Qutblogi Metde of Tosra destroyed the outfit in 2216.

Pursuing Waters – Namarian galactic nomads led by Kul-Yterd. They are organised into an Oligarchic structure with an Aristocratic Elite and Efficient Bureaucracy. They briefly stayed in orbit of Oltu, in Vexmend Danjert in 2258, and left Rethsethone this same year.

Curator Sigma Enclave – a Pacifist and Extremely Materialist Oligarchy located at Zantaris Danjert, since recently within Qutblogi Metde of Tosra’s territory.

Artisan Troupe – an Extremely Xenophile and Pacifist Qutac, located on an Enclave station in Uyiescapus Danjert, within Norillga territory, and largely subordinate to them.

XuraCorp – a Xenophilic and Extremely Materialistic Oligarchy on an Enclave station in a Danjert formerly known as Regulus, now located within Hadja Sector of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, and largely subordinate to them.

Riggan Commerce Exchange – an Egalitarian, Xenophile, Materialist Oligarchy located in a Danjert formerly known as Xirak, the Exchange has been operating for just over 1000 years. It is now within the territory of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, and largely subordinate to them.

Irassian Concordat – an extinct alien power, wiped out 1 million years ago by the Javorian Pox. They were true masters of subspace travel.


Nexmed – Nexas, Rezistent, Rethse preference. It branched out from related pre-sentient species 11 million years ago on Tosra, and consists of 11 subspecies or races, each of which had developed independently out of both of the Plen Ba and 9 out of 10 Rethse Ba (other than Cimnas). The early Nexmedi had hunted many species into extinction.

Domanna – until 2302 – Molluscoid, Starborn, Rethse preference; after 2302 – Molluscoid, Starborn, Conservationist, Uplifted, Continental preference. Initially a pre-Sentient species that originated on Bethso (Altha Centauri III), and the first alien lifeform observed by the Nexmedi. Eventually the Nexmedi developed the technology to uplift them to a level of intellectual equals to themselves, “programming” into them the idea of conservationism of resources and changing their climatic preference. After the quiet initial few days, the Domanna population first produced a codex ascribing religious significance to their uplifting (however, nothing came of that) and then entered a state of rapid cultural flux on the role and importance of familial and clan bonds (the Nexmedi stayed out of this development as well, and the Domanna ended up being relatively careless about familial bonds).

Norillga – Molluscoid, Conformists, Arid preference. The people of the Norillga Nation/Serene Compact.

Elaaminid – Molluscoid, Nonadaptive, Venerable, Weak, Ocean preference. Make up Curator Sigma Enclave.

Ytrellan – Arthropoid, Repugnant, Rapid Breeders, Intelligent, Tropical preference. Make up the Artisan Troupe.

Namarian – Avian, Nomadic, Venerabe, Natural Engineers, Rethse preference. An extragalactic species that didn’t stay in Rethsethone, moving as a part of Pursuing Waters fleet.

Xuri – Fungoid, Rezistent, no discernable climatic preference. Make up the XuraCorp.

Riggan – Avian, Rezistent, no discernable climatic preference. This race has enjoyed some admiration from the typically Shendac-inclined Nexmedi, especially from Abarrye Tetran Plilton.

Irassian – most probably extinct Mammalians. Had 6 limbs and a very weak immune system, resulting in them eventually being wiped out by the Javorian Pox. First located on a world known at the time as Fia Nita IIIa.

Ti’Derg – a client species of the Irassians , winged arthropoids capable of flight. Their homeland is the Alpine planet of Durth III, severely bombed from the orbit by the Irassians due to the belief that the Ti’Derg played a part in the spread of the Javorian Pox. It is possible some had survived in the planet’s rugged mountains.

Factions of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra.

Vanguard of the Chosen – founded in 2212 by Governor Qheb Santu during the Screaming Daemons Crisis in Tirbor Danjert. The faction had been slowly deflating over decades of relative peace, but received a major boost in the Nexmed-Norillga Brawl. Currently led by Admiral Perm Warset. 40 billion followers. The faction is slightly sympathetic to the government. It is the only faction to have followers on every planet of Qutblogui Metde of Tosra, with the biggest following (7 billion) on Tuthyu, 5 billion each on Tosra and Rirna, 4 billion – on Durchin, 3 – on Theheat and Cellted each, 2 billion – on Abilte, Hadja, Lante and Rosbut each, and at least 1 each on each of the other worlds.

Nexmed Supremacy Party – founded in 2216 by Governor Thaloth Thasta, in the wake of the annihilation of Unscrupulous Scavengers. Currently led by Governor Ehro Hasbot. 30 billion followers. The faction is quite happy with the government, although it doesn’t lend it quite the same backing as the Prosperity Council or Committee of Scientific Scholars do, due to both somewhat lower enthusiasm and smaller Cranchit. Its main following comes from Tosra (6 billion), then Rosbut & Hadja & Tabto (4 billion each), then Abilte & Theheat & Techniqsue (3 billion), 2 billion on Rirna and 1 billion on Bethso.

Prosperity Council – founded in 2244 by Governor Indan Yersu. Currently led by Governor Campramar Othco. 37 billion followers. The faction is very strongly pro-government, despite having endured repression in the past. It has the biggest following of 7 billion on Hadja, 6 – on Theheat, 5 – on Cellted, 4 – on Lante, 3 – on Tosra, Rosbut and Tuthyu, 2 on Abilte, and 1 – on 4 more planets.

True Democracy Initiative – founded in 2290 by Governor Uchhum Coldu. Known for occasionally staging protests lambasted as “childish” by Abarrye Hajhonn Oqeswe. Currently led by Ando Allwnji Themo. 34 billion followers. This faction is slightly opposed to the government. While this faction comes close to Vanguard of the Chosen in terms of spread of its followers, it is entirely unrepresented on one sole planet – Theheat. Its biggest support comes from Codral (5 billion), Bethso & Lante (4 billion each) and Rosbut & Cellted (3 billion each).

Committee of Scientific Scholars – founded in 2308 by Ando (former Abarrye) Tetran Plilton after being voted out of the office. Headquartered in Rommaqin, on Tosra. It is currently led by Governor Campramar Medve. 36 billion followers. This faction is extremely strongly pro-government. It has its biggest following of 7 billion on Cellted and Codral both, then 5 – on Durchin, 4 – on Tuthyu, 3 – on Rosbut, 2 – on Abilte, Hadja, Techniqsue, and 1 – on 4 more each.

Alien Freedom Observatory – founded in 2343 by Governor Ralevne Theyne two years after Abarrye Inhospetabla Throco’s electoral comeback. The faction’s support was damaged by the Nexmed-Norillga Brawl. It is currently led by Admiral Thalartir Croscopic. 17 billion followers. This faction is somewhat opposed to the government. It has the highest following on Bethso (6 billion), then 3 billion on Tuthyu, 2 billion on Tabto & Lante each, and 1 billion on 4 more planets.

Defense First Party – founded in 2378 by Governor Hajhonn Oqeswe, a year before his winning of the office of the Abarrye in an unexpected protest vote. While also championing Shendac ideology, this party criticized the Nexmed Supremacy Party as “too happy about spilling Nexmed blood”. Headquartered in Evna Rethse on Tosra. It is currently led by its founder, and only boasts 6 billion followers. It is extremely unhappy with and opposed to the government. All of its support is entirely located on Durchin, which makes it clear that its Shendac views are only an elaborate concealment for its true agenda.

Core worlds and sectors of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra.

Tosra – the homeworld of the Nexmedi, considered by them to be definitive to their identity, and a centre of political, civil and emotional significance. Geographically, it is usually considered to have 10 main Rethse (among them Cimnas, a common site of warfare in the past, poetically called “the death/grave Rethse”, and Evna, the most beautiful building of which is the HQ of Defense First Party) and 2 main Plen (one of them called Into, a favourite Bot of Abarrye Ponti Warhe). It is a relatively flat planet, its highest mountain having a height of just a touch over 2 km. In 2221 all energy networks on Tosra were unified into a global grid. Hosts Museum of Exobiology and a Mining Drones Listening Post. The planet is located in Vexmend Danjert populated to the brim with 16 billion Nexmedi. Its spaceport houses corvette assembly yards, an engineering bay, an observatory, destroyer assembly yards, fleet academy, and a solar panel installation.


Theheat – this Arid planet located in Tirbor Danjert is unusually flat, almost exactly spherical in shape, making its terrain disliked by some (Abarrye Ponti Warhe among them). Its Cranchit is about 7/8 compared to Tosra, and it is populated to the brim with 14 billion Nexmedi. Abarrye Thisro Botplen considered that soldiers of Theheat were weaker than their counterparts from Tosra. The spaceport of Theheat contains an observatory and a solar power installation.

Rosbut – a Rethse planet between Tosra and Theheat in Cranchit. Rosbut is the biggest Energy producer of the core worlds, and is only 2nd to the entire Hadja sector added up when the whole of Qutblogi Metde is taken into account. It is filled to the brim with 15 billion Nexmedi dwellers. Its spaceport boasts an observatory, a solar power installation and an engineering bay.

Bethso – after many decades of arguing whether the colonisation of the relatively useless Bethso in Altha Centauri Danjert would be worth the effort of exterminating the pre-Sentient Domanna, eventually the Nexmedi developed the technology to uplift them to a level of intellectual equals to themselves instead, and colonised the planet, putting a legal obligation to move to other planets onto the Domanna, but having only ever enforced it in the very first years of the colony. Bethso is a quarter smaller than Tosra, and is a Rethse planet which imports Food. It is populated to the brim with 9 billion Nexmedi and 3 billion Domanna. Its spaceport has an observatory and a solar power installation.

Tuthyu – while this Arctic planet located in Ethiuq Danjert was first colonised by the Domanna, soon anomalies in biosphere and climate (instability and deviation from the standard predictions) were found, which pointed to possible outside tampering. In 2338 the colonists then stumbled upon thousands-years-old Tosraforming machinery, which it was decided to turn on – after atmosphere was seeded with billions of nanites, ecosystem and climate were stabilised and new alien biota were introduced, the planet transformed from being an Arctic world to being a virtual heaven for the Nexmedi, moreso than Tosra, prompting it being made into a core world and the slow-rolling deportation of the Domanna. Tuthyu is almost a third bigger than Tosra and is the most productive planet in the whole Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, even though an importer of Food. It is currently populated by 13 billion Nexmedi, 6 billion Domanna and 2 billion Droids. Its spaceport has an observatory, a solar power installation, an engineering bay, synchronized defenses and a fleet academy.

Lante – the 1st Tosraformed (Arid to Rethse in 2387) planet in Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, Lante is located in Zixmatullon Danjert. It is a bit bigger than Bethso and has to import a disastrously high amount of Energy to meet the needs of the 13 billion Nexmedi that populate the world to the brim; it also doesn’t produce any Physics research. Its spaceport has an observatory, a solar power installation, an engineering bay and synchronised defenses.

Tabto – was Tosraformed in 2392 from Arid to Rethse. It is a tiny planet, about 5/8 of Tosra, and it produces no Physics or Engineering research. It is populated to the brim by 10 billion Nexmedi, who are assisted by a spaceport with an Observatory and a solar power installation.

Abilte sector – in the days of Abarrye Campramar Tressas it was primarily a mining region. It became connected to the Qutblogi Metde of Tosra’s mainspace in the tenure of Abarrye Ctoncept Tethma. The capital planet, Abilte (Perqim Danjert), had been temporarily occupied by the Norillga for less than a year between 2368 and 2369. After returning to Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, Abilte picked up much of the shipbuilding load from Hadja, which had been going through the same ordeal. The sector consists of 4 planets, which added together make a touch over 5 Tosras in Cranchit, and is almost maximally populated with 80 billion inhabitants. The sector is the 2nd biggest producer of Food and Society research, by far the biggest producer of Minerals and Unity, and the biggest producer of Physics and Engineering research. One of the planets of the sector, Durchin, is being Tosraformed and is to be renamed Ctoncept at the completion, honouring the Abarrye and General Ctoncept Tethma.

Hadja sector – the capital planet, Hadja (Acrux Danjert), had been temporarily occupied by the Norillga between 2374 and 2376, despite the last-stand defense carried out by General and former Abarrye Ctoncept Tethma. The sector consists of 3 planets that added up would be a touch bigger than 2 Tuthyus. It is populated to the brim with 43 billion inhabitants. It is the biggest producer by far of Food, the 2nd biggest of Energy, Minerals, Unity and Physics and Engineering research, and the biggest producer of Society research.

Odja sector – the newest sector consisting of just 1 planet, Odja, the Cranchit of Rosbut, and still barely populated with only 3 billion inhabitants. It is an importer of Food and, marginally, of Energy.

Other planets.

Tothsat – the most massive of the known planets, excluding gas giants.

Ethta – a planet that was Tosraformed, colonised, industrialized and turned into a cultural site by the Irassians. After the Javorian Pox outbreak it was quarantined by the military. The Irassian ruins of Ethta were discovered by one of the servicemembers of the ground forces who were HALO-inserted to conduct a 2-month-long survival training exercise there in 2327.

Secnarsio – rare minerals appear on this world as a result of the constant meteor showers.

Irassia – the homeworld of the Irassians of Irass Danjert (nearest to Porrima Danjert), bombed on every m2 within the last 2000 years, and housing the remains of billions of dead Irassians.

Valyo – a planet with an inexplicably low gravity.

Robot – called “a planet of much beauty” by Abarrye Ctoncept Tethma.

Babyes – the oldest world known to Qutblogi Mewtde of Tosra.

Suulan III – a world known for its partially-mineral wildlife.

Markab III – a world undergoing slow climate change towards warming.

Torovil V – one of the planets affected by the “Dathnak Phenomenon” – an AI or an interactive, conversation-capable dynamic broadcast of some kind that sends out messages about a gaseous race of the Dathnak, whose planet Tollok Rong (in this case – Torovil V, also occurred in Tiom Danjert) was radiation-bombed in ancient times, necessitating evacuation of the survivors now. The mechanism and the intent behind the broadcasts are not entirely clear.

Larvarba of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra.


Marlen – the capital Larvarbot of Tosra and its whole Qutblogi Metde, located in Cimnas Rethse. In 2200 it had a population of 19 million, and as the Tosran population doubled and plateaued at 16 billion, so did Marlen’s at 38 million. Marlen had conquered and unified Tosra in a series of wars with approximately 100 million casualties, and both the victors and the victims of this conflict are commemorated in celebrations of the unification. Said victory was in no small way made possible due to Marlen’s development of state-of-the-art High-energy Capacitors. In old times, scientists of Marlen had a naïve outlook, sending out sublight probes with data on Tosra into space, necessitating their recovery soon after warp travel became possible. In the modern day, Marlen is an incredibly patriotic Larvarbot with a strong and proud regional identity. In the Nexmed-Norillga Brawl the ship named “Marlen” mostly served in the 4th Armada. Marlen is protected by the 1st Ground Shield Defense Army.

Menesic – a Larvarbot known as a science hub. The scientists of Menesic were behind the creation of the Science Division.

Rommaqin – a Larvarbot, the main landmark of which is the impressive HQ of the Committee of Scientific Scholars.

Hitrab – a Larvarbot known as a science hub, but also as a conservative, deeply traditional area. The scientists of Hitrab were the original inventors of Ion Thrusters.


Muntat – known as “the Larvarbot of Architects”, its residents are also distinctively working-class and salt-of-the-earth.

Ulbanoc – a ship named in honour of this Larvarbot was the command ship of 3rd Armada when Admiral Veltassa Spawnjin was in charge, and served as his grave after the defeat in Azaleh Danjert.








Bexmonla – the capital Larvarbot of Abilte and its sector.





Lopthur – the capital Larvarbot of Odja and its sector.




Ralpacin ? Thethse (? – ?) – an Abarrye of yore.

Arli Celi (? – ?) – the Abarrye of Marlen who unified Tosra. The first Destroyer-type ship of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra was named in his honour at insistence of Abarrye Thisro Botplen.

Parto Theth (? – ?) – the Abarrye who industrialised Qutblogi Metde of Tosra.

Thisro Botplen (2158 – 2268) – a legendary 7-term Abarrye, widely considered among the best in history. He was a big proponent of Space Mining and Indac ideology, and is remembered as a stoic and Resilient person despite suffering from “contagious new perceptions” (a contagious Nexma disease that makes the afflicted unable to endure what on Tosra is the everyday usual heat, eventually leading to a painful death unless air-conditioning is continuously used). Eventually he also became known for his Eye for Talent. Before winning the elections he was an Ando responsible for Qutblogi Metde of Tosra’s Engineering research, with a background specifically in robotics. 2nd leader of Nexmed Supremacy Party. Had a penchant for memorable clothes, being the first wearer and the founder of the tradition to wear “Thisro’s mantle” as an attribute of the Abarrye’s office. In advanced age he was assisted by a powered exoskeleton. He died in office at 110 – an amazing longevity for his era and given his disease. Thisro was a father to at least 9 children, including a son, Thinco.

Campramar Tressas (2201 – 2287) – initially responsible for Qutblogi Metde of Tosra’s Physics research, she was elected Abarrye following Thisro Botplen’s death in office, and is considered a legendary, very capable leader. She was a proponent of the idea of Home in the Sky and had a keen Logistic Understanding. She believed that the Nexmedi are “sometimes too noble in warfare”. Famous for first formulating the slogan “Alien slaves – to Qutblogi!” in 2281, after her re-election for the 2nd term but before her becoming the 4th leader of Nexmed Supremacy Party. Almost started a war against the Norillga. A user of Engos Vapour as a medicine. Died in office.

Tetran Plilton (2242 – 2352) – elected after a relatively short career as the commander of NEWS Hitrab Newspaper. Voted out of the office after two terms following the Wasat crisis. Returning to his scientific carrier he showed himself to be Adaptable, immediately creating Committee of Scientific Scholars and becoming its 1st leader. He was eventually recognised as an Expert in Rocketry, and appointed to lead the Qutblogi Metde’s Engineering research, in which office he died.

Inhospetabla Throco (2247 – 2358) – elected against all expectations and predictions in the wake of the Wasat crisis, the former admiral of 1st Armada had Deep Connections and a Frontier Spirit. In 2310 she conducted a sweeping reform that resulted in the Admiralty becoming especially Distinguished within the state and the society, and her own term being given a one-time extension of 2 years. Was appreciative of the Polytechnic Education she received. Was unexpectedly voted out of the office after just one (extended) term. Returning to being the Unyielding Admiral, she became a masterful Fleet Logistician of the 3rd Armada. Re-elected Abarrye in 2341. Became the 4th leader of Prosperity Council soon after her (2nd) re-election to the dismay of many. Died in office at the notable age of 111.

Ctoncept Tethma (2278 – 2374) – a Defender general of 1st Ground Shield on Tosra and the 2nd leader of True Democracy Initiative. Unexpectedly and contrary to the wishes of the establishment won the 2320 elections against Inhospetabla Throco, capitalising on his Deep Connections and Warlike agenda. After two terms in office he was voted out in favour of his long-time rival and previously-defeated opponent Inhospetabla Throco in what’s been characterized as a “backlash”. Was ordered by his political rival, Abarrye Ponti Warhe, to make a desperate last-stand defense of Hadja in 2374 against the Norillga invasion, which eventually overwhelmed the planet, and so Ctoncept Tethma died alongside the unit that he led – 1st Robotic Lancers.

Ponti Warhe (2277 – 2388) – initially a general of 1st Ground Shield Defense Army on Tosra he was elected against the predictions of the pundits, who prophesied a comeback for General Ctoncept Tethma based on the polls. The new Abarrye campaigned on a Cruiser Focus and by Preaching about Fertility, and defeated Ctoncept due to what he claimed was “a clearer vision for the state”. Became the 7th leader of Nexmed Supremacy Party. In his being the Abarrye he still maintained ties with 1st Ground Shield Defense Army, the elite force in charge of protecting Marlen. Was voted out in a surprising protest vote after 2 terms in office. Died while in charge of his usual force on Tosra.

Hajhonn Oqeswe (2331) – initially the Intellectual governor of Hadja sector and the founder and 1st leader of Defense First Party, he unexpectedly won the elections in the wake of dissatisfaction with how the Nexmed-Norillga Brawl was proceeding, and managed to implement a White Peace within a year of assuming office. He then controversially discharged Admiral Cojnat Chonolojye and moved Qutblogi Metde of Tosra towards an isolationist posture. Remembered as a legendary leader, a Fortifier and World Shaper. Voted out in a surprise outcome after just 1 term.

Toynet Rvene (2340) – initially a governor of Theheat, this legendary leader was voted in against expectations and predictions in 2389, becoming known as a decisive Reformer and a brilliant Industrialist.


Thaloth Thasta (2155 – 2232) – an Intellectual governor of Tosra, the founder and 1st leader of Nexmed Supremacy Party. Eventually became known as having an Iron Fist. She died soon after a comet sighting on Tosra, which had been taken as a symbol of the Qutblogi Metde’s future galactic supremacy.

Qheb Santu (2179 – 2265) – an Eager governor, the founder and 1st leader of Vanguard of the Chosen. Eventually became a showcase of Arrested Development. Died while the governor of Abilte Sector.

Indan Yersu (2204 – 2290) – a governor of Rosbut with Agrarian Upbringing, the founder and 1st leader of Prosperity Council.

Expermi Enta (2194 – 2280) – took the position of the governor of Tosra after entering Retirement following a career as a Fleet Officer. After the death of Abarrye Thisro Botplen became the 3rd leader of Nexmed Supremacy Party.

Indan Yesvin (2247 – 2357) – a truly magnificent and very Intellectual governor and administrator of the Hadja sector, she became the 5th leader of Nexmed Supremacy Party. Praised by Abarrye Tetran Plilton as a patriot. Noted for her longevity, she died at 110

Uchhum Coldu (2229 – 2316) – a governor of Theheat with Agrarian Upbringing, born on Tosra, the founder and 1st leader of True Democracy Initiative.

Cashnac Spersed (2212 – 2304) – the disgraced governor of the abolished Cellted sector, who did not manage to make the droid colony take off and was re-appointed to Bethso shortly before his death at an impressive for his era age of 92.

Hannacon Warset (2239 – 2351) – an Intellectual governor of Tosra known for his talent in managing scientific research, he became the 3rd leader of Prosperity Council.

Ralevne Theyne (2260 – 2372) – a truly magnificent governor of Abilte Sector who developed and honed a keen Architectural Interest, and founded and became the 1st leader of the Alien Freedom Observatory. Died after a long and fulfilling life at the age of 112.

Campramar Othco (2286) – a truly magnificent and amazingly Intellectual governor who became the 5th leader of Prosperity Council.

Campramar Medve (2319) – a truly magnificent and incredible governor with an Agrarian Upbringing who became the 3rd leader of Committee of Scientific Scholar’s following the death of Cetril Thero.

Limthar Asraple (2264 – 2375) – a governor of Tuthyu once praised by Abarrye Tetran Plilton as “the finest of the new generation of administrators”, who died at the age of 111.

Ethro Hasbot (2323) – a magnificent governor who chose this occupation as an Army Veteran after an illustrious career, and became the 8th leader of Nexmed Supremacy Party.


Monnobac Than (2156 – 2233) – an Adaptable Ando that was the first commander of NEWS Menesic Media. Was psychologically shaken by discovery of an alien craft trapped in BX-799’s gravity well, and became Paranoid as a result. Eventually was recognized as an Expert in Rocketry.

Cashnac Manye (2165 – 2238) – an Adaptable Ando who was the first to succeed Thisro Botplen in leading Engineering research of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra, eventually moving on to leading a science ship. Was Carefree in his fieldwork, once shattering an extremely precious mineral deposit by clumsy manual control of a probe. At the time of his death, was in charge of NEWS Menesic Media.

Jathsab Secpis (2164 – 2243) – an Expert in Military Theory who led Society research.

Darmull Canad (2158 – 2335) – a Maniacal Ando who led Tosra’s Physics research.

Campramar Thejlo (2186 – 2269) – an Archaeologist who became recognised as an Expert in Military Theory following her comprehensive research of alien barracks on Baxom III. At the time of her death, she’d recently been promoted to head the Physics research of the state following her namesake’s electoral victory.

Rhassu Thep (2242 – 2351) – a Meticulous Ando in command of NEWS Hitrab Newspaper who eventually became known as rather Carefree.

Bexmonla That (2243 – 2352) – a true genius with an extensive Expertise in Particles who became the 4th leader of Vanguard of the Chosen. The main inventor behind Proton Torpedoes. Died while in charge of Qutblogi Metde of Tosra’s Physics research at the very notable age of 110.

Cetril Thero (2314 – 2368) – a Resilient Ando who became the 2nd leader of Committee of Scientific Scholars. Eventually became a Substance Abuser. Died in the destruction of NEWS Menesic Media by the 4th Abyssal Flotilla in Acrux Danjert.

Linntel Harryison (2243 – 2358) – a warp-engine technician who worked his way up to become the Ando responsible for Qutblogi Metde of Tosra’s Physics research by the time of his death at a very advanced age of 115, an amazing longevity.

Elexmano Settlet (2318) – a true Meticulous genius, who eventually became known as a tireless Roamer in pursuit of scientific discovery.

Allwnji Themo (2300) – an Expert in New Worlds who became the 3rd leader of True Democracy Initiative following General Ctoncept Tethma’s heroic demise.


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