A guide for “Outside Context” Achievement

stellaris 7 - A guide for "Outside Context" Achievement

So, I was closing a few of the achievements left for stellaris and was having a hard time with this infamous achievement. After a few tries with the old guides I was tired of searching like an idiot so I decided to find a better way than spamming saves and looking like an idiot around the whole galaxy.

So let's get to it. First this will require that you open and check your gamestate files, for this you need to locate your saved games folder (Usually located at C:UsersYourUsernameDocumentsParadox InteractiveStellarissave games) here you will find folders with all of your saves with each one a file named iroman.sav. After you locate this folder you can open stellaris and create a new empire either with a devouring swarm hive mind or a fanatic xenophobe ethic (You will probably need to spam quite a few outposts to snake your way to wherever sol is so you can invade) with this in mind generate a new tiny ring galaxy with max hyperlanes (so you can avoid any hostile xenos on your way to sol), no enemy empires and start a new game. Do this like 5 to 10 times. Just go in and exit to the menu without even reading the intro.

After you have done all of this you will see a list of saves in your saved folder named EmpirenameX, where x is the number of this empire on the save screen within stellaris. Your saves beyond the first will also have a huge number after a lower dash, ignore that number.

Copy all of those saves to a new folder or wherever you want and with each save you can go into the folder and extract with 7zip (Dont use winrar) the contents of that file. You will get two files one named “meta” ignore that one and open the one name “gamestate” with notepad.


And finally here you need to search for “NAME_Sol_III” if nothing is found, ignore it that save and go for the next one, that means Sol did not spawn. Keep doing this, you will see many tipes of earths, Nuked, Barren or Continental or even more. We are looking for continental Sol IIIs. If it's continental we can proceed, after that you will find the stats of the planet, the important one is “num_sapient_pops=24” This is the population of machine age earth, 28 is atomic/space age anything lower is ftl. If this is the case Good luck! You have found WW2 earth!

Now we have to find it in the map, we need to find now “type=star name="NAME_Sol"” this will give you the coordinates of the sol star system within the map. Keep in mind that positive X and Y are the lower left of the map. Here is an example of where in the map it was for me and its coordinates. Now go into the save select your science ship and find sol by using the survey trick. If you click “survey system” and hover over a system you will see its name even if it is far away. Extra tip, sol generally generates on the outskirts of the ring and has very few lanes connecting to it. Once you have found Sol just snake your way with outposts and invade!

Hope this helps

Disclaimer: Only confirmed this twice, maybe there are some cases where 24 pop earth is not in the midst of WW2 would love to hear it so we can see if there are any other things we need to take into account.

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