A Guide to More Interesting Empire Names

stellaris 5 - A Guide to More Interesting Empire Names

Tired of naming your customizable empires "empires" or "republics"? Copying off of other science fiction sources for empire names? Then this is the table for you! I will go over some more esoteric names and forms of government that you can use for your next playthrough, as well as the context in which they apply.

Without further ado, here is the list! It is organized by the authority that best applies to it, with notes on possible civics/ethics to use alongside it.


NameDescriptionExamplesRecommended Civics/Ethics
DemarchyA randomly selected group of citizens governs the states.AthensBeacon of Liberty
ElectocracyCitizens elect the government, but the governments holds total power (no referendums or ballot measures).IraqEgalitarian
ErgatocracyCommunism (government dominated by the proletariat).NoneShared Burdens, Egalitarian
OchlocracyMob rule, or rule by the majorityRome (on occasions)Xenophobe, Egalitarian
AnocracyA hybrid of a democracy and autocracyCambodia, Thailand, Myanmar (prior to 2021 coup), NigeriaShadow Council


Type of GovernmentDescriptionExamplesRecommended Civics/Ethics
GeniocracyRule of the intelligentNone (proposed as hypothetical world government by Raëlists)Meritocracy, materialist
KraterocracyRule of the strongNone (coups don't count; the idea that the strongest will prevail is embedded within the government, whereas a coup seizes power from outside the system)Cutthroat Politics, militarist
KritarchyRule of judges or law enforcementSomalia, biblical judges of Ancient Israel, Mega-City One (Judge Dredd)Police State, authoritarian
NoocracyRule of philosophersPythagoreanismPhilosopher King
StratocracyRule of the military. Not to be confused with a coup or military junta, as a stratocracy is legitimized by the constitution.Myanmar, Sparta, Rome (de facto), Galactic Empire, Cardassian Union, Global Defense Initiative, Turian HierarchyMilitarist, citizen service, Distinguished Admiralty, warrior culture
TimocracyRule by property owners/wealthy individuals, or a degraded form of an aristocracy.Solonian Constitution of AthensAristocratic Elite
CyberocracyRule by information. A computer system or program would delegate and distribute tasks to the government branches based on incoming data, with humans only acting in edge cases that the system cannot handle by itself.Project CybersynTechnocracy, Efficient Bureaucracy, materialist. Can also be used with Machine Intelligences.
MagocracyRule of magicians/sorcerors. Closely related to a theocracy.Tevinter Imperium, Sith Empire, ProsperoExalted Priesthood/Imperial Cult, spiritualist, Psionic Ascension recommended
ThalassocracyA primarily seaborne (or spaceborne) empireBemat Thalassocracy, literally all Stellaris empires, Venice, every overseas colonial empire (Britain, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, etc.)Distinguished Admiralty. Can be basically all other ethics/government types.

Machine Intelligence:

Type of GovernmentDescriptionExamplesRecommended Civics/Ethics
AlgocracyComplete governmental rule by algorithms. Closely related to a cyberocracyDaemon (Daemon by Daniel Suarez), a variety of AI implementations in modern governmentsRogue Servitor

Hive Mind:

Type of GovernmentDescriptionExamplesRecommended Civics/Ethics
UniocracyRule by a gestalt singularity connected to the rest of the populationLiterally all gestaltsCan also be used by Machine Intelligences.

Imperial authorities don't have any special names, because they already are a system of government unto themselves (hereditary rule of one person).

With all these -ocracies, you can just add them to the end or beginning of your home system name (e.g. the Velutarian Stratocracy, the Kritarchy of Omega Scorpii) for easy empire naming.

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