A guide to Survive Starnet A.I mod with Max difficulty .

stellaris 2 - A guide to Survive Starnet A.I mod with Max difficulty .

Whelp the reason why i am making this Simple guide is, I found out really really suck at Stellaris even though My steam library says i has 1000+ hours on it. But Nope i couldn't survive anything that Starnet A.I throws at me

Bit of a Context-i love this game, in fact i love it so much that i am making this guide/my failure/What amazingjobModauthordid kind of posting. You see, i have always played this game in Max difficulty because i didn't know i can toggle the difficulty (Don't ask, i was stupid and put it to the Max when i bought the game and didn't figure it out until i got 400 hours on it) So i thought myself something of a veteran player But NOOOPE i downloaded the Mod called Starnet A.I because previous one that i have been using it died (R.I.P Gladios). As i downloading this Mod i thought "Neet, it can't be that hard?" I was so so wrong. Enemy Empire started using their cheated resources MORE efficiently, started actually making more then 1 fleet, Makes Corvette Swarm, Claims sectors that actually matters, Avoid grinding themselves against space stations and much much more. I was dumb funded. I usually play it for the Endgame But Nope couldn't survive till 2241, (My personal record of 12 games). I had to unsubscribe from the Author because my ultimate fantasy of Crushing the Galaxy as evil Humans was crushed. My spirit to play the game was gone. After a month of break and Reading of Expanse (Really good book serious) i said to myself that "I am not a fucking PUSSY" then played the game like my life depended on it I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT

*Actual guide here, sorry for this tangent, Also this guide is entirely based on Xenophobic Empire cuz "HERESY"*


At early game contact with any Empire is somewhat optional if you play it right. Find your choke points and try secure it. Do NOT expand quickly, I know it sounds terrible but knowing your limit and actually developing your space before fighting your enemy is key to your early game survival. Most Stellaris games basically runs on resources from space in Early stages BUT due to the fact that your likely hood of getting crushed is way higher then you getting your resources from your space, So turtle up develop your colonies. Play it like TALL game till you forced to SURVIVE.

Step 2- Pick your FIGHT

Don't go all zerk on your Neighbors, Find your "ally" and find your Enemy, Makes sure everything in your power to not make your "ally" and your ENEMY to form a close bonds. Use the DIPLOMATS.


Build up your Fleet early, Ideally make your Fleet power at least 1k before first contact so that way Your enemy thinks before Schlieffens you. Once your Fleet is somewhat good use a little known tactic called HIT and RUN. don't just bum rush into the enemy even if you are Superior to their fleet just don't. They build way faster then you can possibly think. Think your fleet like that 110 dollar model that you have been wanting to paint but too scared to get it out of the box. And never ever stop the military buildup.


Step 4- Make decoys

You made your first contact and your Neighbors are dorks who think Freedom is nice, you think them as Hippies who hates reality and wants to teach them some lessons about that one dude from Italy who wrote a book about how to backstab a person but on scale of a country. Yet those Dorks are overwhelming and just declared war on you, *WAT DO NOW* Don't panic use the DECOYS Luke. Identify your core worlds and protect them with all the necessary protections E.I SPACE MAGINO line Build 2 dockyards 1 in your core and 1 in your Decoy area. Enemies will beline towards your colonies so make decoy colonies that serves as CADIA. That way you have some chance of fighting before they overruns your core.

Step 5- Overcome, Adept, and say cheesy line

Now this part is actually where the fun begins. A.I doesn't build uniformal ships they just stick anything that flies together and calls it a day. That means they have state of the art WARSHIP with fishing boats. So they are relatively slow but numerous. Use that to your advantage. Irregular ships means slow and fast fleets and fleet limits means 4-5 fleets that comes as waves instead of one tidal tsunami. Use hit in run tactics to peddle them down one by one e.i wait till one of their fleets outruns the others, You know where they are going because of your decoys so you can station your fleet in ambush system ready to jump, mean time use your main dockyard to build 2nd fleet to protect your core. Never engage in one on one. If conflict seems inevitable split up your fleet and let the half survive while the other die. Remember they can 1945fy you so take your losses but never waste anything.

Step 5.1- Make sacrifices, I mean sorry make Heroes.

A.I is hard coded to fight any fleets that means even if the FTL dampener is broken on a planet that their rushed, use a shitty inexpensive corvettes to delay their bombardments. more time equals more resources to build your fleets.


If used correctly their main attack force is preoccupied with your hit and run fleet. it means their home is left to your plundering. Use your second fleet to deep strike. That way they can't re enforce their losses.

Step 7- remember you are Human

Don't feel mad if you lost the war, Playing as a Vassal and fight a war of independence is one hell of a Rush. You are a human who can think and make adjustments and make the decisions that can save you. Some people play this game like a calculator. Don't go into that, play it like you are in it. and just enjoy it.

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