A message to the Jusstkan Horde from Great Traverse Incorporated

stellaris 7 - A message to the Jusstkan Horde from Great Traverse Incorporated

Dear former customers,

This is a message from Tabu, Son of Nock; CEO and President of Great Traverse Incorporated and Supremely Authoritarian Dictator of the Esturian Tyranny. If you don't recall who I am, or the people I represent, we're the ones who gave you a chance to surrender when you waltzed onto the galactic stage proclaiming you were going to bring about a thousand years of death and slaughter, or whatever the Hell you said. I wasn't actually listening because I assumed you were just another tin-pot pirate mob. That was my mistake, and I'll own up to that.

I have chosen to write to you personally to say that we have chosen to revoke your status of potential customers. Perhaps you don't appreciate the scale of this announcement, so let me make it clear: we have never done this before. Never. No war we have fought, directly or otherwise, has ever been enough to convince us we couldn't make amends afterwards and offer the vanquished a 15% discount at the post-conflict souvenir emporium.

Perhaps you think we're a joke, the silly little merchant men on the far side of the galaxy. No doubt you've heard defiant words before. I'm certain the Jidanian Hegemony boldly made speeches about how no invader would ever breach the Sol system before you smashed them aside and scattered them to the four winds. No doubt every other empire whose people now flee across our borders in the billions were likewise defiant.

So let me explain to you why we're different.


The distinction between war and commerce is known only to those who have not experienced both, and we have played a part in damn near every galactic conflict to date. We also own this galaxy; go to every former homeworld you planted your bloody banners in and you'll find the ruins of our satellite companies. We took this place over without firing a shot. In fact, we sold the guns to the people who did the shooting.

You sold your spoils to fund your expansions. We bought those spoils and turned them into battleships. Those battleships are currently sat on the border of Silvenclaw space, the space your vanguard fleets are currently sacking.

I'm telling you this so you don't have to wonder why your fleets went silent. Tell their families they're dead, if you care about such things. Tell them they died as warriors – even if it's not true, we'll keep that to ourselves… for now.

We're coming for the occupied planets. We're coming for Sol. We're going to take back everything, and then we're going to grind you to dust, reduce you to fertilizer and sell it to the people you subjugated as they rebuild their homes.

This isn't a hostile takeover, or a political merger, or a socio-economic streamlining. This is the Great Traverse coming to call down an apocalypse, because we no longer want your business…

…and if you're not a customer, then we have no reason to permit you to life.

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