A Newbie’s Tale, How Fu*ked Am I?

stellaris 4 - A Newbie's Tale, How Fu*ked Am I?

Disclaimer: I just bought the game on steam sale on like xmas eve, I'm absolutely loving it I regret not buying it sooner!! There is a real question inside the impending textwall though, don't worry!

I was expecting kinda just Civ in space, maybe Sins style combat on top at most.

I was not prepared.

The depth of this game astounds me.

I started up and played around for a while but tanked my economy to the point I was fu*ked (I was -10 EC and thought I was doomed forever) and restarted a brand new game.

This time I know what anomalies are, and that I should have more than 1 science ship probably.

This is progress, I'm beating the game!! Until my economy tanks, because I didn't know what Empire Sprawl was.

Now I've watched some ASpec videos, I'm taking care of myselves and each other. I've re-restarted the game. I've made a Federation with the weird flappy-face folks next door and gave them research treaties and shit, thinking "fu*kyeah I'm gonna make these guys super scary science bros like me, we gonna rule the universe!"

My new allies go ahead and start shit talking everyone else in the galaxy. I'm throwing thousands of resources at random civs trying to be peaceful, but they all still hate me until I cut the cord with the guys I was essentially holding hands with thinking would be useful later on.

I did manage to get a random event of nomadic bird people asking for one of my systems, the system they asked for is one of 2 chokepoints into my region so I was like "fu*kyeah meatshield" but I'm in the process of integrating them to my empire now.

The real story I'm posting about, though, starts with a regular anomaly research project.

My scientist finds some kinda interdimensional thinger. The crew disappears and reappears, minus some.

A while later I find a strange pinkish glowy ship, with all my missing crew on board. This is totally awesome, I'm thinking. Free tech is good!

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I was watching more videos, mainly tryna find details on Leviathans since I grabbed that on steam sale too (along with utopia and horizon signal) and the autoplay took me to crisis factions.

"Huh, these Unbidden ships look familiar…"

TL;DR Said yes to everything, spat my excess resources at random civs for friendliness points, found weird glowy interdimensional scienceship, scanned half of galaxy with it.

How fu*ked am I?

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