A story of my game play so far. Thought it would be fun to post.

stellaris 7 - A story of my game play so far. Thought it would be fun to post.

In the year 2200, humanity reached intersteller space flight under one flag, the united nations of earth (UNE). Humanity spent the next 30 years in the stars, colonizing,researching, expanding both its scientific and military, doing this all alone until 2330 when it came across neighboring Alien civilizations. In the year 2334, the UNE military does a coup against the civilian government, the UNE invades the neighboring governments and spent 80 years conquering half the galaxy until 2414 when both sides of the war faced the great khan, he swept through the galaxy conquering every system with limited resistance. Both sides put their grief aside and work together, both humans and Aliens fought in space and land against the khans forces. The UNE 9th, 3rd and 7th fleet led by Grand Admiral Tina Keller alongside the Alien nations of Cevelli & Vasgogg, fought for 3 days in space giving Field Marshal Romero time to show up his defenses. Grand Admiral Tina under pressure from the military command to retreat as to not lose precious ships, retreats to friendly space. The Khans forces invade the planet, and the first wave of his forces were slaughtered to a man. In anger the Khan calls ground forces from other occupied worlds to invade the planet. Romero fought for 9 months in street blocks, hills, beaches, and buildings before being pushed back to the planetary government tower. Romero calmly in front of his men proclaimed "This is where the UNE, Vasgogg, & Cevelli are one people, one nation, and this is our galaxy, the Khan will fear us." 13 hours after his proclamation Romero and his men fought to the last man. His words would carry on to every occupied world the khan had, and they were retaken planet by planet. The Great Khan 30 years later in 2444, said on his death bed to his loyal advisors that "had field marshal romero lived, he would have beaten me earlier." 2 years later in 2446 the UNE would hold its first elections in 112 years, the oldest of humanity remember when they went to the voting booth with their parents, they remember when UNE became militarized, now they go to the voting booth to uphold their parents ideals of democracy. The galaxy would spend the next 79 years at peace with the 3 civilizations expanding their knowledge and prosperity for its citizens until 2525. An interdimensional invasion in the heart of our galaxy, while the other civilizations of the galaxy enjoyed the time of peace to reduce their military the UNE expanded and in the face of this invasion they march to the drums of war. The soldiers that fought in the great khan war, remember the words of Field Marshal Romero, "This is where the UNE, Vasgogg, & Cevelli are one people, one nation, and this is our galaxy, the Khan will fear us." Admiral Gerard remembers those words. He took the 9th fleet to face the invades, in complete disregard for the strategy of defense, he went on. He faced the interdimensional invaders 5-1, outmatched and outgunned, Gerard did an inter-system jump inside the invaders armada, using the chaos to defeat them. His actions were praised by the galaxy for delivering the first strike closing the portal. His actions motivated Galactic leaders to form a Galactic federation (Federal Independent Nations) with Gerard as its military leader. He spent the next 25 years chasing the invaders down and killing them. Although in 2550 he would win the war for the galaxy, the galaxy lost over half a trillion people, 15 planets died when the invaders made them implode. With the invaders finally dead, Romero makes a reminder to the galaxy "Today trillions live because of the actions of a few, those few brave enough to face the threat head on. Even fewer that fought in both the Khan war and the Interdimensional war such as myself, will always know a strong military is a safe people. I call on the governments of the galaxy to maintain a ever growing military." Romero is running for President of the UNE, may his work provide security for the galaxy.


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