A tribute to Glumdor

stellaris 5 - A tribute to Glumdor

-General Glumdor can be seen taking a seat. He is a one hundred and thirty three year old Pogovonian, the species home planet of Pogovon originates in the Cavobb system which resides in the Commonwealth of Cavobb but is oddly enough not the capital of the CoC. General Glumdor can be seen being fitted with a wireless mic before sitting down.-

“Good evening citizens of the imperium and beyond, my name is Glumdor and I have served the Imperium for ninety three years and have fought in numerous campaigns most notable being the Iribot A.I. War.”

-An interviewer asks him what his early life was like.-

“Oh I was born on greater terra, my parents grew me in a birthing house in North America where I had the chance to make friends of many ranging from the terrans to tezhnids. My mom was a traditional pogovonian so she encouraged me to make many friends while she was home.”

-The interviewer asks Glumdor why he decided to join the military, specifically the ground force branch of the military.-

“My father served in the imperial military, he always expressed his want to serve the family that gave equality to all species and in a way I wanted to do the same.”

-The interviewer asks him what was his terrifying day in his military career. To that he chuckled a little before leaning back.-

“It was when I was selected to take command of ‘Spuria’s Wolves’ right after General Spuria Julia had passed away, the ceremony for her funeral had been completed and the way I was notified by Emperor Agrippa Sol himself.”

-Glumdor and the interview team can be seen laughing before the interviewer asks him what it was like being told by the emperor that he had gotten the job.-


“If anything it was an honor and a privilege to not only lead ‘Spuria’s Wolves’ but lead them with the emperors blessing as well.”

-The interviewer asks him if he’s allowed to say what the emperor said to him.-

“…he said to me ‘You have been given a position that requires you to not only think about your people but the people you may be fighting. You are filling the shoes of a person who served the imperium and bled for the imperium, I have the utmost confidence that you will not let the PEOPLE down in your duty.’ Note how he said the ‘people’ instead of ‘me’ or ‘Imperium’?”

-General glumdor looked around the room as the crew remained silent.-

“He said the people, because that’s how much he cared about the people in and outside of the imperium itself and I made sure to recount that oath to not only him but also to his daughter Numeria Sol and to his grandson Titus Sol. Because they are the people as well….”

-General Glumdor went on to serve the imperium for another eight more years before dying of natural causes at the age of one hundred and forty one, he died in the midst of the second galactic alliance war which hit not only his soldiers and the people hard but had also hit Titus Sol hard who had seen the old Pogovonian as a second grandfather. The newly terraformed Mars was then renamed as ‘Glumdor’s Rest’ where his body was buried after the colonization of the planet.-

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