A worldbuilding glossary of another playthrough of mine

stellaris 6 - A worldbuilding glossary of another playthrough of mine

So I've completed yet another campaign some time ago, with the same gameversion and all same starting settings, other than cosmetic stuff. I must say, that playthrough was somewhat lacking in excitement so for the next time I'll try some new ethics or something. In the meantime, here's the glossary of this playthrough, it's probably even bigger than the ungodly last one…

The Triytiwa Dominated: The space subordinate to the Herewa Teherey and overall political situation circa 2376

Linguistics of the Hereh language.

Within this document the Hereh language is generally represented phonetically. Caution should be paid to certain Hereh vowels (‘w”, “u”, “ua” and “uu”) which represent somewhat different sounds; additionally in Hereh differences might exist depending on the exact word and dialect in the pronunciation of the vowel “e” on the basis of its “depth”. The consonant “g” is entirely absent. Hereh is a somewhat-fusional language. Word formation generally relies on appropriate suffices: nouns can be formed with suffices such as “’x” which denotes “likeness” or “relation” to something; whereas adjectives are formed by addition of a complex system of suffices/endings such as “ey”, “oy”, “y”, “eh” and “h” dependent primarily on the preceding phonemes but also (former 3 versus the latter 2) on the “type” of the adjective, which quite roughly, inexactly corresponds to “proper” versus “common” nouns. Adjectives follow their nouns in speech; and predicates are generally known to follow the subjects. Nouns are pluralisable without exception by the addition of the ending “wa”.

A selection of Hereh words and phrases.

Here’x – “Here-oid”

Here – own species

Hereh – adj. for “Here”

AT – ship prefix in the Hereh fleet

Yo – “thrifty individual”

Kno – “woman”, “female”. Herewa Teherey’s field of Waboutforming is notably made up of 67% Knowa

Wabout – homeworld

Tehe – homestar

Ne – a complicated idea usually rendered as “system”, “order”, “structure” or “nature”. Kontervorsey Pok (To) defined “Ne” as an “interconnected subdivisible whole of individual elements”

Ne’x – “desert”

Ne Tralitey – “city”, literally “known/explored system/hub”

Bilel – “militarism”. Only 10% of Herewa Teherey’s dwellers consider it the most important ideology in the modern day, but 16% follow it most of all; pacifism, meanwhile, is at 22% support yet 15% following

Ne Technoloy – “xenophobia”, literally “system/algorithm of defending in war or when under siege”. 23% of Herewa Teherey consider it the most important ideology, and 20% follow it more than any other, whereas xenophilia is absolutely universally despised

Tehere’x – “democracy”. The ideology of egalitarianism is considered the most important by 27% of dwellers of Herewa Teherey, and 28% follow it most of all, whereas authoritarianism is absolutely universally despised

Internat – “meritocracy”

Internateh – “meritocratic”. Ilmas Ho (Pok) recognised the Hereh Fleet Logistics Corps as “the most Internateh organization in existence”, and later conferred the same honour onto the Planetary Survey Corps

In Teherey – “citizen service”, the method by which the Hereh society is organised based on military service providing citizenship; the Herewa notoriously struggle to imagine a different system of government, so highly-regarded it is

But Teherey – “citizen republic”

Herewa Teherey – the “citizen Herewa”, a self-identification of the Hereh society in lieu of the idea of “state”

Re’x – “renewal”, the Hereh state symbol that represents growth and neutrality, in the sense of working for own goals regardless of the effects on or wishes of the others

Stilel – “projectile weaponry”

Fiyurin – “warp”

Out – “oasis”

Ho – “male consul”

To – “female consul”, expected to be particularly resilient

Pok – “governor”

Niik – “science captain”

Kap – “scientist”

Mikon – “admiral”

Toros – “general”

Fe – “agriculturalist”

Inter – “engineer”

Triyti – “star”

It – “ellips”

Diteh – “advanced”

Weh – “fallen”

Eteh – “habitable”

Fiteh – “fine”, “splendid”

Itehas – “light”

Alon – “neighbourhood”

Hilel – “safety”

Inpolitka – “robot”

Kommunikachen’x – “womanising”, lit. “lady-knowledge”

Acheriff – “vortex”

Uno – “1”

Imitet – “8”

Named Restori – “22”

Named Staki – “24”

Ub ilasl – “I trust”

St bi ub – “You and I”

A selection of Hereh technologies.

The Herewa Teherey are aware of nanoscale effects which can make quantities of matter disappear from existence for a certain time.

Fiyurin Reserved Reestablishers – a technological machine mechanism that makes Fiyurin FTL travel much more efficient.

The Hereh powered exoskeletons absorb fuel through a special surface.

By 2264 all Hereh ships were being guided by computers, and soon work was in progress on implementing AI-controlled defence systems as well.

Herewa Teherey’s Administrative AI has been able to create fresh AI from scratch since 2270.

Great Powers.

Neyutraliti – a Hereh state of the past that is the “centre” of Wabout, and the origin of high-energy capacitors.

Herewa Teherey – a But Teherey that had been united by force on Wabout under the Itehas of Tehe, and eventually Dominated the Triytiwa. It follows the ideologies of Extreme Bilel and Ne Technoloy, as well as Internat and In Teherey. Since at least 2312 it has had increasingly Cutthroat Politics. Some of the early Hereh history had been mythologised into an epic of so-called Past Wars, which have since been clearly determined to be fictitious thanks to the advances in magma research. Planetary digital networks have played a big role in the Hereh society since before the Fiyurin-based FTL travel became possible. When first contact was established with the Lozavata, rioting occurred in several cities on Wabout, yet nevertheless in 2264 the Herewa Teherey signed a Non-Aggression Pact suggested by the Authority of Loza, which has held since, in spite of the widespread Hereh belief that peaceful coexistence is impossible between enemies. Since at least 2268 fusion power has been incredibly standardised in Herewa Teherey; and the galaxy has been declared “fully explored” in 2331. The Hereh government sometimes prefers a hands-on approach, and has direct control over the Science Division. Herewa Teherey enhances its Energy production with Cosmic Ray Catalysis, is uniquely adept at destroying Void Clouds, provides an “elixir of life” to its people, conducts repression against Pacifist movements and maintains a trade deal with the Muutagans. Its population (over 175 billion in number) is approximately 56% Here, 26% Rax’Thalak, 9% (~16 billion) Droid and 8% Zukakkan, and is spread across 11 planets. The Hereh state possesses Large Food stockpiles, utilises Crystal Sonar and maintains an Information Quarantine. The society of Herewa Teherey is somewhat Materialistic with 17% considering Materialism the most important ideology and following it most of all; whereas none consider Spiritualism the most important, yet 3% follow it. Herewa Teherey has access to Engos Vapour, Muutagan Crystals, Pitharan Dust, Terraforming Gases and Zro.

Lozavata Hegemony – a military dictatorship Police State with a Shadow Council initially formed in Loza system, on Lozavata Prima, the homeworld of the Lozavata. It follows the ideologies of Extreme Bilel and Ne Technoloy, and uses Hyperlane FTL travel. Before 2333 this state was known as “Authority of Loza” and was characterised by much less brutal, Cutthroat Politics. In the first half of the XXIII century it was lagging behind Herewa Teherey in terms of research, especially when it came to metamaterials such as nanocomposites. In 2264 it offered a Non-Aggression Pact to Herewa Teherey, which was accepted. As with many other things, the Lozavata cities are incredibly similar to the Hereh ones. The Lozavata Hegemony is only made up of the titular species’ members, which total 78 billion across 5 planets: the homeworld and capital of Lozavata Prima (Loza system); Fruitful Endeavor (Dirmius system); Nectar of Hope (Irriamun); Joy (Othriga); Triumph (Veyer). Lozavata Hegemony is roughly equivalent to Herewa Teherey, including in technology, although both its fleet power and capacity are notably inferior. It is cautiously receptive to positive interaction with the Dominant power.

Ablapus Pirates – a very strong pirate fleet located in Ablapus system, apparently a remnant of an ancient war in which the combatants mutually destroyed each other. Evidence points to them being responsible for the formation of the Wild Riders outfit that fought Herewa Teherey, and, likely, for an analogous crisis against the Authority of Loza.

Yuht Empire – existed 6 million years ago, had not developed FTL-travel but instead traveled sublight using cryotechnology and naturally enormous lifespans of the Yuht. The Yuht lived in sparse communities; their cruisers had a donut-like shape. Other than space derelicts they left a truly colossal listening post array (originally used in the failed initiative to find other sentient life, since repurposed at least once in the last 500000 years by unknown actors) as well as bizarre chemical pools on Witris I.

Factions of Herewa Teherey.

Operation Battle Cry – founded in 2208 by Mer Kap during the Wild Riders crisis shortly before the Battle of Tehe. This faction of 25 billion is somewhat happy with the government and is currently led by Ofeteh Mikon. It has 5 billion followers on Wabout and Advokake each; 3 on Horakzek; 2 on Anwe, Open and Tehe Voteh each; and 1 billion on Tehe Ney.

Here Purity Movement – founded in 2208 by Niid To during the Wild Riders crisis shortly after the Battle of Tehe. It is the third largest Hereh faction, providing the government with strong support of its 27 billion followers, currently led by Uaht Pok. It is most prominent on Advokake and Anwe with 7 billion followers on each, then on Horakzek with 6, on Wabout with 3, on Open with 2 and on Naff’Avm and Tehe Fiteh with 1 on each.

Progress, Peace Prosperity Foundation – founded in 2238 by Apra Pok. This 24-billion-strong faction is currently enduring heavy repression, yet remains mostly neutral towards the government under the leadership of Peraks Toros. It has the highest presence on Advokake and Horakzek (5 billion each), as well as on Tehe Ney (with 4 billion) and on Open and Wabout (3 each) along with 3 other worlds.

Liberty Now Movement – founded in 2242 by Rald Pok. It is the largest Hereh faction with 33 billion supporters currently led by Happened Pok, and is currently guardedly positive towards the government. Its members are most numerous on Anwe and Bhinuul (7 billion each), then on Inpolitka (5 billion), Tehewa Fiteh bi Voteh (4 billion each), Horakzek (3 billion) and 1 billion each on Advokake, Tehe Ney and Open.

Academy of Technological Mastery – founded in 2283 by Monak Pok. In 2300 it held a formal vote and passed a decision to fully commit to obeying the government’s requests, and has kept its word, ecstatically backing the Hereh authorities. It is the 2nd largest faction (28 billion followers) and is currently led by Reakchen Kap. It is most prominent on Open (with 6 billion), then with 5 on Tehe Voteh, with 4 each on Tehe Fiteh and Wabout, 3 on Bhinuul, 2 on Tehe Ney and Inpolitka each, 1 each on Horakzek and Anwe.

Non-Interventionist Watch – founded in 2370 by Mer Pok. While currently only boasting 1 billion supporters (all being Rex’Thalok of Inpolitka), this faction of hardline opposition to the government could theoretically get as many as 5 billion supporters one day, still remaining the smallest.

Sentient species.

Here – Here’x, Yo, Ne’x preference. The Herewa are a scientifically curious race, and had been developing the scientific method since the great Tehe flare event in 731, and sent a probe to it in 1962. The Herewa have a mysterious evolutionary history, and have only managed to fully understand their genome in 2232, finding, however, that it was significantly unlike the genome of any other lifeform of Wabout. In 2234 the Herewa numbered 30 billion. As of 2376 there are 99 billion Herewa spread across 7 planets. They are the only full citizens of Herewa Teherey and enjoy good living standards there.

Lozavata – Plantoid, Charismatic, Nonadaptive, Natural Sociologists, Solitary, Very Strong, Ne’x preference.

Zukakkan – Reptilian, Resilient, Conservationist, Savannah preference. The Zukakkan civilization originated on Naff’Avm in Guwartan/Uuartan and was in an early Industrial age at the time of being discovered by the Herewa. Their government form was Imperial, and the society was Extremely Spiritualist and followed Bilel. In 2238 the Herewa invaded and captured Naff’Avm, turning the Zukakkans into their slaves, in which role they were greatly appreciated. These days the 15 billion Zukakkans remain slaves on 2 Hereh planets, living without a possibility of migration, citizenship, or an improvement in the poor living standards.

Rax’Thalak – Reptilian, Agrarian, Tundra preference. The Rax’Thalak civilization originated on Bhinjuul in Amgathorra/Amatehorar and was in possession of Nuclear weapons when discovered by the Herewa. In just a matter of years after having been discovered, they advanced to an Early Space Age. Their government form was Imperial, and the society was Authoritarian, Xenophile and Spiritualist. In 2294 Herewa Teherey successfully invaded Bhinjuul (later rechristened Bhinuul), enslaving the Rax’Thalak for a time. These days the 46 billion Rax’Thalak of Herewa Teherey have residence rights on 4 of the state’s planets. They are restricted from migrating and gaining citizenship, and have poor living standards.

Avarrian – Avian, Charismatic, Natural Engineers, Continental preference. The Avarrian civilization originated on Jurg-Ondareen in Caspadene and remains stuck in a Late Medieval era. Their government form is Democratic, and the society is Extremely Egalitarian and follows Bilel. There are still just 3 billion of them, all on their homeworld.

T’Jell – Mammalian, Resilient, Strong, Ne’x preference, Extremely Xenophiliac, Spiritualist. T’Jell are the species that makes up the democratic Artisan Troupe on the enclave station in Damia. Their genetics were found to be very similar to the Hereh ones, prompting inquiry. In 2314 they invented technology which can transmit smell (“Scentilus Rift”), prompting many of their artists to switch medium with one creating an entire orchestral piece out of smell. The T’Jell of today can be considered subordinate to Herewa Teherey.

Xuri – Avian, Yo, with no discernable climatic preference, Extremely Materialistic, Xenophile. Xuri are the species that makes up the oligarchic XuraCorp on the enclave station in Media. The Xuri of today can be considered subordinate to Herewa Teherey.

Mirovandia – Plantoid, Intelligent, Ocean preference, Extremely Materialistic, Pacifist. Mirovandia are the species that makes up the oligarchic Curator Sigma Enclave in Yonnok’s Maw. Founded eons ago by what were the ascendant powers to prevent a new dark age they have in their possession starcharts made by a hundred different races and bore witness to empires having been driven mad by the self-restoring Enigmatic Fortress. The Mirovandia have lost many lives and resources to study the galaxy’s dangers.

Muutagan – Molluscoid, Yo, no discernable climatic preference, Egalitarian, Xenophile, Materialist. Muutagan are the species that makes up the oligarchic Muutagan Merchant Guild on the enclave station in Gemma/Emma. The Merchant Guild consists of hundreds of independent merchant captains searching for the best deals, and is all that remains of the Muutagan Empire that spanned a good portion of the galaxy thousands of years ago. The Muutagan crystals (Shi’rakkat-Du in Muutagan) symbolize the entire Muutagan society and are capable of emitting a soothing, calming tone when vibrating, making them highly sought-after and usually off-limits to outsiders. The Muutagans of today are largely subordinate to Herewa Teherey, within the space of which they reside.

Yuht – very large and flat arthropoids (over 100 meters each) that made up the Yuht Empire of the ancient past. Due to their large size a typical Yuht starship could only fit 2 or 3 individuals, and only the colony ships housed over a dozen. Had lifespans of thousands of years. It is theorised they might have originated from the Tehe system.

Rixadaran – a species which is the subject of an inappropriate Muutagan joke.

Non-sentient species.

Ninterne – a monstrous creature from Wabout, slaying which would be an utmost source of pride for a Hereh warrior of old.

Goolantha – a malleable creature from the steppe region of the Tundra world Bhinuul in Amatehorar. It is a large, flat herbivore that hovers by the means of internal gas pockets, and grazes on the windswept plains’ mosses and lichens in herds of a few dozen. Only a few hundred herds remain due to apex predator hunting, 9 animals were captured and brought to Wabout’s Museum of Exobiology.

Sniran – an insidious creature unique to the dunes of Horakzek in Alfa Kentauri. These animals are large, burrowing predators, which attempt to impale food by raising dozens of spikes from their backs when sensing motion. A large specimen might have over 100 spikes.

Uddloran – a wily, white, furry creature often observed racing through the snowy wastes of Inpolitka in Icheon. These omnivores wrap into tight balls and roll across the moon’s snowfields at up to 80 km/h, kicking up vast plumes of snow.

Tarblac – an elusive shimmery creature found deep beneath the waves of the Ocean moon Witris Ia. It is known to inspire a sense of dread, possibly by psionic means.

Tassargoid – a mighty creature from the humid Tropical jungles of Eychilia III. It is an extremely lethal predator which stalks its prey at night and paralyses it with electric shocks before sucking out the brains with its tube-like mouth. 3 crewmembers of AT Alvokal died in an operation to capture the creature, prompting the Wabout Museum of Exobiology to rename a wing in their honour. The tassargoids’ presence makes colonization of Eychilia III hardly feasible.

Orinthi – vile creatures that are numerous across most of the Continental planet Saidainope III. They are small, rodent-like and breed extremely rapidly across most of their planet’s diverse climates.

Zulcor – a ravenous creature that swarms in the dry canyons of the Arid Lozavata world Joy in Othriga system. They are large, insect-like lithovores, which require special containment facilities in captivity.

Core Worlds and Sectors of Herewa Teherey.

Wabout – the capital of Herewa Teherey and the homeworld of the Herewa. In 2203 it witnessed a powerful comet, which was taken to signify the upcoming galactic superiority of the Herewa. Wabout is home to the ancient Hereh castles, known for their age-defying masterful build. Since 2231 it houses the Museum of Exobiology, which in the modern day is a massive facility with artificial gravity and atmospheric processors able to simulate conditions of over a dozen Eteh worlds. Additionally it is the home to the Ancient Mining Drones Listening Post. By the opinion of Vikal Niik (Kap, Ho), a cohesive Wabout-ian identity had formed by 2276, and Kontervorsey Pok (To) opined later that on Wabout the common Hereh kinship is felt the strongest. Wabout has lower temperatures than Lathoros IIa. Residence on Wabout is considered prestigious. A Ne’x planet of a standard size, it is the third most productive core world, the second biggest producer of Society research after Duraskadon sector and shares the honour of being the second biggest Energy producer (after Open) with Horakzek. It is filled to the brim with 15 billion Herewa and 1 billion Droids. The capital spaceport houses orbital hydroponics farms, synchronised defenses, corvette assembly yards, destroyer assembly yards, an observatory and a fleet academy.


Advokake – known for being the birthplace of several of Herewa Teherey’s best Kapwa of the 2270s. Rald Ho (Niik) branded it “dangerously vulnerable to pacifism”. One eighth larger than Wabout, this Ne’x planet has to import huge amounts of Food, but is otherwise the 2nd most productive core world. It is only second to Uuartan sector in Mineral production, and is filled to the brim with 18 billion Herewa. Its spaceport contains orbital hydroponic farms, synchronised defenses, corvette assembly yards, a solar power network, an observatory and a fleet academy.

Anwe – in the 2270s it was already known for its fabled Fiyurin engine factories, some of the best in Herewa Teherey. First ever Waboutformed world, in 2352 it was changed from its original Savannah environment to a Ne’x one. It is well-known for its egalitarianism. Anwe is almost a quarter bigger than Wabout, and is the most productive of the core worlds, competitive even against the sectors. It has to import Food, but is only behind the Uuartan sector in its Unity output, and is ahead of any other Hereh administrative entity in Physics and Engineering. 17 billion Herewa and 2 billion Zukakkan slaves fill the planet to the brim. The Anwe spaceport boasts synchronised defenses, orbital hydroponic farms, a solar power network and an engineering bay.

Horakzek – a planet with a quite vast equatorial Ne’x biome. Considered a “Ne’x” planet, and the same size as Advokake, it requires the same Food import as Anwe. It shares the second place in Energy production with Wabout (after Open). It is filled to the brim with 18 billion Herewa, and its spaceport houses orbital hydroponics farms, synchronised defenses, destroyer assembly yards, a solar power network, an observatory and a fleet academy.

Open – a planet Waboutformed from Tropical to Ne’x, it is incredibly large (11/8 of Wabout) yet currently remains the least productive core world. It is the largest producer of Energy, and is inhabited by 15 billion Herewa and 1 billion Droids. The planet’s spaceport contains a solar power network, an observatory, an engineering bay, and synchronised defenses.

Tehe Fiteh – Rald Ho (Niik) said that “you do not know comfort until you’ve been on Tehe Fiteh”. This Gaia world is a bit smaller than Wabout, yet populated to the brim with 15 billion Herewa. Its spaceport houses a solar network, synchronised defenses, an engineering bay and an observatory.

Uuartan sector – with its capital on Naff’Avm, the homeland of the Zukakkans, Uuartan sector is known for not being the kind of place the smartest people move to. The Herewa of the sector typically make up the brawn of the Hereh army. One of its worlds, an inhabited moon Inpolitka had been Waboutformed from Arctic to Tundra. The sector’s 3 worlds added together are a touch smaller than the sum of Horakzek, Advokake and a half of Open. 44 billion individuals live here, producing a tremendous percentage of Herewa Teherey’s Food and Minerals, and making the top contribution to Unity.

Duraskadon sector – a sector of two planets, Tehe Voteh and Tehe Ney, both of which had been Waboutformed from Alpine or Arctic respectively to Tundra. Their size added together would be the size of two Tehewa Fiteh, and they are filled to the brim with 30 billion individuals. Duraskadon sector is the 2nd largest producer of Food, and every type of research, beyond either Uuartan sector, Anwe or Wabout.

Ship classes of Herewa Teherey.

Kommunikachen’x – a corvette class that infamously and true to its name often had the fleetmembers engage in romantic relations.

Wzab – a corvette class with an Interceptor hull carrying 2 small Ripper Autocannons and a set of small quantum missiles. It has a Fiyurin Drive II, a Diteh Combat Computer, Impulse thrusters, subspace sensors, 1 medium shield, 1 durasteel armour and 1 crystal-infused plating. It is powered by 3 zero-point energy generators.

Ontehe – a class that the fleet officials were skeptical towards, in spite of the opinion of Rald Ho (Niik).

Ontro – a destroyer class. On its Artillery Bow a large Ripper Autocannon is located, and its Interceptor Stern carries 2 sets of small quantum missiles. It has a Fiyurin Drive II, a Diteh Combat Computer, Impulse Thrusters and Subspace Sensors. Powered by 1 medium and 2 small zero-point energy generators, it further carries 1 medium durasteel armour, 1 medium Diteh shield and 1 crystal-infused plate.

Lpiple’x – a cruiser class. On its Broadside Bow a medium Ripper Autocannon and a medium set of Quantum Missiles is held; on its Artillery Core – a large and a medium Ripper Autocannon; and on its Gunship Stern – a small set of quantum missiles.

Stoptehefekek – a battleship class that was a merger of two separate branches of battleship development.

Fast – a “semi-militarised science ship” class used for “special missions”, primarily reconnaissance of the Lozavata Hegemony.



In Fe (? – ?) – the historical Fe behind the invention and construction of the first modern hydroponics.

Tehe Inter (? – ?) – the historical Inter behind the invention of the first handheld plasmathrowers; an ancestor of Tehe Niik (To, Kap).

Niid To (2166 – ?) – the 1st leader coming from a group typically marginalised in the Hereh society at the time, Niid is remembered as a savvy politician and an austere, Resilient individual with a penchant for travelling around rather than remaining in the governmental offices all the time. She was known as an Industrialist who originated in Klimp Toh Out on Wabout, and as a critic of the state of Internat within Herewa Teherey. Founder and 1st leader of Here Purity Movement; introduced the slogan “Tehere’x is In!” during her 2nd term. She disagreed with colonization of worlds distant from Tehe. Retired after failing to secure a 3rd term in the elections.

Ilmas Pok (2158 – 2213) – remembered for handling his worlds as if in an Iron Fist, he eventually became a Substance Abuser. Initially the Pok of Wabout, he died in office while the Pok of Horakzek.

Perak Niik (2173 – 2283) – the first Niik of AT Alvokal, remembered as a Resilient individual, he quite quickly became known for his Arrested Development, however. He was the mentor of Vikal Niik, and died at the venerable age of 110 while working with him on parallel assignments in Upstoth system, and while in charge of AT Alvokal.

Mer Kap (Niik) (2172 – 2258) – an Expert in Rocketry who led the Hereh Engineering research. Founder and 1st leader of Operation Battle Cry. As Niik was in charge of AT Alvikrim during the 22-N incident, in which the ship disappeared into some extra-dimensional space where it was surrounded by an alien fleet, returning to real space within minutes with half the crew missing. The amnesiac crew later reappeared onboard a similarly-outfitted alien science ship which was judged inferior and scuttled, with the crew initially being allowed to rejoin Mer in service as per their wishes; Mer chose to abandon fieldwork soon after the fact, however, returning to the office of Kap. He is responsible for much of the early-FTL-era Hereh Engineering development, and had personally overseen and developed the spaceport improvement programme from iteration to iteration. Died while in charge of Herewa Teherey’s Society research.

Monak Kap (2162 – 2239) – a Kap gifted with a Spark of Genius who initially led the Hereh Society research, and later headed Physics.

Ilmas Kap (2168 – 2241) – a Maniacal Kap who initially led the Hereh Physics research, but later exchanged roles with Monak Kap to lead the Society one instead.

Vikal Niik (Kap, Ho) (2170 – 2256) – an Expert in Rocketry who eventually became known as a Roamer Niik in command of AT Aluk. Won the 2220 elections with a platform of Preaching an emphasis on Space Mining and increasing Fertility. As Ho assumed control over the Eteh Worlds Survey. Lost the bid for re-election. Died after a career of switching between being a Kap and a Niik, while the Niik of AT Alvikrim.

Ilmas Ho (Mikon) (2170 – 2243) – an Eager Mikon of the 1st Stellar Fleet who eventually became fabled as a Fleet Logistician. Won the 2230 elections with a platform of expanding the Hereh Home in the Sky and bringing about a massive Industrialisation. Died in office on his 2nd term.

Ilmas Pok (2165 – 2278) – known for his Agricultural Interest, Ilmas, the Pok of Horakzek, became the 2nd leader of Here Purity Movement and earned fame for his Resilience. He lived to 113 years of age, an impressive longevity, especially for his era.

Apra Pok (2181 – 2266) – an Eager Pok of Advokake, he was the founder and 1st leader of Progress, Peace Prosperity Foundation.

Rald Pok (2191 – 2274) – an Adaptable Pok of Wabout who was the founder and 1st leader of Liberty Now Movement.

Tehe Niik (To, Kap) (2184 – 2273) – a Warlike To with Deep Connections, Tehe was elected in 2243 following the death in office of Ilmas Ho (Mikon) and after a career as Niik and Kap intermittently (mostly as the former, on AT Alvikrim). In her tenure a somewhat-controversial law was passed that made passing a test in applied quantum mechanics a necessary requirement for graduation. Eventually, she became seen as an incredible leader and assumed control of the gallant Operation Battle Cry as its 2nd leader. In spite of that, she suffered a completely unexpected electoral defeat in 2264 in a tremendous upset, and had to return to her career as a Niik, failing to secure a 3rd term. Died while Niik of AT Aluk.

Fritdo Mikon (2187 – 2275) – an Unyielding Mikon of 1st Stellar Fleet who eventually became seen as a noteworthy Fleet Logistician.

Vikal Ho (Pok) (2183 – 2266) – initially the Pok of Uuartan Sector, he won the elections of 2264 against all expectations, casting himself as both a cunning Investor and a Champion of the People. His first action as Ho was to sign the Lozavata offer of a Non-Aggression Pact, thus shaping the future history of both nations. He also made sure to offer Tehe Niik (To, Kap) praise for getting her quantum mechanics legislation through. Unfortunately for him, he died just 2 years into his tenure.

Vikal Niik (Kap, Ho) (2208 – 2293) – preventing Tehe Niik from returning to her position as To, the former head of Herewa Teherey’s Engineering research won an electoral victory every bit as surprising and unexpected as his namesake predecessor. He appealed to the necessity of developing the Hereh Space Mining and encouraging the Frontier Spirit of the populace. He also increased Herewa Teherey’s emergency Food stockpile. He controversially assumed the post of the 3rd leader of Progress, Peace Prosperity Foundation early into his 2nd term, and consequently failed to win support for a 3rd one. Having left political office, he eventually took command of AT Alvokal, aboard which he eventually passed.

Kult Pok (2220 – 2304) – an Eager Pok of Uuartan sector who eventually earned the reputation of an Iron Fist.

Mbilul Toros (2193 – 2277) – the Charismatic Toros of 1st Assault Group on Anwe and 2nd leader of Progress, Peace Prosperity Foundation.

Perak Kap (2222 – 2311) – an Expert in New Worlds and the head of the Hereh Society research who became the 3rd leader of Operation Battle Cry.

Autilit Pok (2220 – 2304) – a Veteran Army officer who made a career as a Pok of Anwe and a politician, becoming the 2nd leader of Liberty Now Movement.

Into Mikon (2223 – 2307) – a Trickster Mikon of 1st Stellar Fleet, she soon became the 3rd leader of Here Purity Movement after the death of Ilmas Pok, and was eventually recognised as a capable Fleet Logistician.

Vikal Niik (2241 – 2290) – a protégé of Perak Niik who contributed massively to the prospecting of the mineral riches of Kiakia Oteheia V, and became a leading Niik himself in the aftermath. He was a Roamer with a Spark of Genius. Perished before his time in the destruction of his ship AT Aluk by the pirates of Ablapus system.

Monak Pok (2224 – 2309) – an Adaptable Pok of Advokake who became the founder and 1st leader of Academy of Technological Mastery.

Perak Toros (Ho) (2240 – 2330) – winning an expected victory at the polls against Vikal Niik (Kap, Ho) in the 2286 elections, Perak, a Champion of the People and previously the commander of 1st Assault Group on Anwe, advocated a higher Bilel commitment, arguing especially prominently for a Focus on the fleet and its Destroyers. He eventually reversed course and even took the leadership of Progress, Peace Prosperity Foundation after the death of Vikal Niik (Kap, Ho), becoming its 4th leader and highly disparaged for such betrayal. Expectedly, he did not win a 2nd term. He was criticised by Ilmas Ho (Pok) as “not a Toros at heart”. He died while in command of 6th Assault Group on Bhinuul.

Oin Pok (2235 – 2320) – while initially famed for her Architectural Interest, Oin eventually became more known as an example of Arrested Development. She had played a hand in Herewa Teherey acquiring a T’Jell biological sample for genetic analysis. She died while in office as the Pok of Tehe Fiteh.

Fikik Kap (Niik, To) (2241 – 2330) – winning the vote on the back of calls for higher Bilel, this Resilient Investor brought a scientific approach to governance from her time as the leading Physics researcher. She came out hard against Progress, Peace Prosperity Foundation and yet sought peaceful coexistence with the Lozavata, in 2302 securing a deal where a large quantity of Hereh Energy was exchanged for a touch over half of its value in Minerals, a better deal than what the Xuri or the Muutagans would have offered. Unexpectedly lost the 2308 elections against the general predictions. She was known for liking to vacation in the wilderness. Died while in charge of Herewa Teherey’s Society research.

Kiip’x Toros (2238 – 2322) – a Glory-Seeking Toros of 6th Assault Group on Bhinuul who became the 4th leader of Here Purity Movement.

But Toros (2244 – 2334) – a Charismatic Toros who became the 3rd leader of Liberty Now Movement. She lived to the admirable (for her era) age of 90 and died while in command of 1st Colonial Watch Defense Army.

Ilmas Ho (Pok) (2249 – 2335) – elected against most predictions in 2308, Ilmas used his image as an Industrialist and impassioned speeches about the Home in the Sky to beat Fikik Kap (Niik, To) at the polls, having previously served as the Pok of Anwe. It was during his tenure that the Hereh Politics took a distinctly Cutthroat character, with intrigue and cloak-and-dagger schemes becoming commonplace. One such scheme was Ilmas himself acquiring a controversial 4-year extension to his first term in 2312. While campaigning for his 3rd term, he coined the slogan “Ub ilasl in science”. He died in office while on his 3rd term.

Rald Pok (2258 – 2261) – an Eager Pok who became the 4th leader of Operation Battle Cry. In his effort to boost Bilel he commissioned many statues of ancient warriors for Anwe, where he initially served. Later he was promoted to rule Duraskadon sector, in which office he died.

Apra Mikon (2251 – 2335) – the Gale-Speed Mikon who became the 2nd leader of Academy of Technological Mastery. He was the mastermind behind the fleet exercises in Hizzel system (2319-2320), relatively close to the Lozavata borders, the legend of which was in repelling a simulated Lozavata probe launched before an invasion. The maneuvers were mostly carried out around the orbit of X-811and caused a diplomatic incident with the Authority of Loza. While Ilmas Ho (Pok) played along, he publicly expressed doubt in Apra Mikon as “perhaps too ambitious” during the exercises. After the exercises’ success he was widely recognised as a masterful Fleet Logistician. He died very shortly after the death of Ilmas Ho (Pok), while in command of 1st Stellar Fleet.

Vikal Niik (2241 – 2330) – a truly incredible Niik who in his time was recognised as having the highest level of intelligence among the living. He possessed more than a Spark of Genius, and was unafraid to explore alternative sciences, becoming an early Expert in Psionics mainly by processing the data about the Tarblacs aboard his ship AT Alvokal.

Uaht Niik (Kap) (2274) – famous for having a Custom AI Assistant droid, which was like a son to her. She eventually became the 5th leader of Here Purity Movement. In the modern day she is held to be an incredible Niik who has contributed massively from aboard AT Kal Tarmon.

Kontervorsey Pok (To) (2260 – 2365) – previously endorsed by the late Ilmas Ho (Pok) as “one of the biggest proponents of Bilel” in Herewa Teherey, she easily swept to office after his death. Originated from Ripil Out. She demonstrated a Frontier Spirit and a Logistic Understanding even back when the Pok of Uuartan sector, and retained these qualities as To, championing private economy and calling back to her youth, spent as a successful businesswoman. In her 2nd term she additionally increased the size of the state Food stockpile. In 2254 she struck a 10-year-long deal with the Lozavata Hegemony to establish a mutual research agreement with the Herewa additionally compensating the Lozavata with monthly provision of Food. That deal proved unpopular, but it was still a surprise when she failed to win a 3rd term. Died while in the office of the Pok of Horakzek.

Ofeteh Mikon (2290/2291) – an Adaptable Mikon eventually recognised as a masterful Fleet Logistician. After the death of Rald Pok she became the 5th leader of Operation Battle Cry. After having to flee from the 2367 combat in Irthius versus the last ancient mining drone processing hub in the galaxy, she became Lethargic. Nevertheless, the data gathered by the 1st Stellar Fleet during the battle improved the Hereh automated material handling; the massive mineral storage of the ancient drones was destroyed with its titanic cargo making planetfall on the asteroid A-36367; and after Irthius was finally cleared out the Mining Laser Drones technology was recovered without any need for reverse-engineering. These days she commands the 2nd Stellar Fleet.

Peraks Toros (2283) – unusually for a Hereh male bearing a non-standard name, Peraks was a man of contradictions, praised as an Invader but becoming the 5th leader of Progress, Peace Prosperity Foundation. Leads 6th Assault Group on Bhinuul.

Happened Pok (2272) – an Intellectual Pok of Anwe who became the 4th leader of Liberty Now Movement. Later in life she became quite Stubborn.

Reakchen Kap (2275) – a lifelong Expert in Voidcraft who became the 3rd leader of Academy of Technological Mastery. These days she is recognised as an incredible Engineering luminary.

Rald Ho (Niik) (2272) – an incredible Adaptable Niik of AT Alvokal, Rald eventually became known as an unprecedented Expert in Computing. In 2355 he unexpectedly and against the wishes of the establishment won the elections on the back of his appeal as a true Champion of the People and a daring Military Pioneer.

Mer Pok (2326) – an Adaptable Pok of Duraskadon sector who became the founder and 1st leader of Non-Interventionist Watch.

Apra Niik (2315) – an incredible Eager Niik of AT Alvokal who eventually became seen as an authoritative Expert in Materials.

Less Pok (2311) – an incredible Pok of Open with an Agrarian Upbringing and expertise, she eventually became a Substance Abuser.

Afedera Pok (2287) – an Iron-Fisted Pok serving in charge of Uuartan sector.

Vikal Kap (2309) – an Expert in New Worlds colonization in charge of the Hereh Society research.

Opened Kap (2291) – an Expert in Industry in charge of the Hereh Physics research.

Stoptehefekek Mikon (2323) – an Unyielding Mikon of 1st Stellar Fleet.

Vikal Toros (2298) – a Butcher Toros of 1st Colonial Watch on Wabout.

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