A Xenophobe’s suggestion to making Purges and Slavery more interesting. (Alternate Title: How I ended up on a list.)

stellaris 4 - A Xenophobe's suggestion to making Purges and Slavery more interesting. (Alternate Title: How I ended up on a list.)

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So, first of all, slavery types and purge types are both still hard coded-ish and you can't really add new ones, only change old ones. This should definitely be changed because we are evil bastards with a lot of horrible ideas about what to do with xeno scum. Here are some examples.


Currently, militarist societies have Entertainers replaced with Duelists. This is neat and adds a delicious dash of flavor, but we can go further. My suggestion for Militarist Xenophobes: Gladiator slavery and Hunger Games purges.

  • Gladiators
    A species enslaved as Gladiators would be able to work as duelists but also be able to work in a gladiator only building, the Colosseum. In addition, when Gladiators are unemployed they stage fights for the amusement of their betters, producing a small amount of unity and amenities.

  • Hunger Games(?)
    A species purged via "hunger games" (way better, less copyright-infringy name pending) would slowly kill EACH OTHER for the amusement of their enslavers. Such purging would produce unity and amenities (empire-wide?). Perhaps it could even produce a unique leader of the doomed species or event instigate a rebellion event.


Who hasn't watched Apocalypto and wanted that in Stellaris? Seriously, do I really even need a preamble here? Anyway, Spiritualists should have Acolyte slavery and Ritual Sacrifice purges.

  • Acolytes
    Why waste time lighting all the candles in the cathedral yourself when you can have an inferior species do it instead? Seriously, the clergy have better things to do. Like argue about whether or not this burnt piece of toast has the face of the messiah on it. They could produce a 1% effectiveness bonus to Priests and High Priests when unemployed or something.

  • Ritual Sacrifice
    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! 'Nough said. Produces unity, xenophobe and spiritualist ethics attraction. Reduces unrest from citizen/Spiritualist population.


Imagine what science we could accomplish without such silly constraints like ethics and sapient species' rights. We Aperture Science now. Lab Assistant slaves and Test Subject purges.

  • Lab Assistants
    Science is harder. It's even harder when you have to press the on button to the dangerous new science gizmo yourself. Thankfully we've solved that problem, WITH EXPENDABLE XENO LAB ASSISTANTS! Need a tool? They'll fetch it for you. Need a caffeinated beverage? They'll get that too. Need them to stand in suspicious device before you flip the switch and bombard them with exotic radiation? Just don't tell them what the experiment is for and they'll be happy to help! Each unemployed pop produces 0.1 of each science; pops can be employed "Assistants" in special building that improves Scientist effectiveness by 1% (caps at 50?).

  • Test Subjects
    This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. Unethical science. We do what we must because we can. For the good of all of us. Except the ones who are dead. Each purged pop produces 100(?) of each science on purge, reduces Scientist and Assistant upkeep by 1% per pop (cap at 50?).

Well, that's that. I'm all out of ideas now. What do ya'll think?

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