AAR – After 115 Years, the Previously-Liberated Commonwealth of Man Returns to Xenophobia and Slavery

stellaris 7 - AAR - After 115 Years, the Previously-Liberated Commonwealth of Man Returns to Xenophobia and Slavery

A few weeks ago, I posted a "wiki box" detailing a battle from my ongoing campaign, the "Battle of the Dorellion Pulsar", in which my federation, the "Stellar Concord", consisting of the UNE, Scyldari, Chinorr, Kiliks, and Lokken, decisively defeated the Commonwealth of Man's fleet in 2299. This cleared the way for a series of planetary invasions of Commonwealth worlds, leading to their surrender in 2304, upon which point the UNE (the faction I'm playing as) "liberated" them by imposing our ideology upon them. Five more years after that, the newly Fanatic Egalitarian + Xenophile Commonwealth of Man joined the Stellar Concord as its 6th member, and they've been a good federal ally for over a century.

Over time, they eventually shifted back to Militarism, becoming Democratic Crusaders (Egalitarian + Xenophile + Militarist). This was not a concern at the time.

However, soon another, far darker change would occur. In 2419, a total of 115 years after their initial liberation , the Commonwealth of Man shifted back into Xenophobia. With this sudden change, they swiftly enslaved all ordinary xeno pops in their territory. was themselves a xeno, a Maweeer, and the one prior to them had been an Orbisur – both xeno species once conquered by the Commonwealth but whom had held full democratic rights for over a century within the reformed democratic CoM and had eventually even had their members become the heads of government – apparently the Maweer leader of the CoM had no qualms about having the rest of their own species enslaved.>


So, all in all, this is a rather awkward situation. I can't boot them from the Stellar Concord, as we're currently at war (that we're decisively winning) with a Xenophobic Fallen Empire – the CoM shifted their ethos just 3 days after the war began! And because the CoM has been a member of the Stellar Concord for over a century, everyone else in the federation loves them thanks to the +50 federation bonus to opinion, the accumulated +150 trust growth, and their mutual rivalries with enemies of the Stellar Concord. My nation has been close friends with the other 4 members of the federation, and I don't want to betray them.

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TL;DR: I'm left in an awkward situation as one of my long-time federation members (for 110 years), the CoM, has suddenly returned to being a slaver and just enslaved most of their populace.

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