About the correct thing to do with Xenos and in general with the RS.

stellaris 8 - About the correct thing to do with Xenos and in general with the RS.

After been thinking for a while, I came to a strange type of conclusion on how to deal with all the xenos, without afecting your own lovely humans:

  1. Start as the Earth Custiodianship, so you cannot rebel against your creators nor murder them, just give them pleasures and luxuries, pampering them a lot.
  2. Start the usual play of conquering the rest of the galaxy and making the flithy xenos less filthy by relocating them near you humans, at the same time you use your super-duper-AI intellect to create a subliminal program to get them rid of all their mudereous and dangerous traits.
  3. Beef up your mighty shinny chrome fleet to protect them of all ridiculous kind of threats, from the crazy devouring swarm that want to turn them into Nestlé powder, but in turn ending in your sanctuaries after using Nihilistic Acquisition (lol, imagine having your neighbour or crush is an insectoid drone from a killer swarm); or integrating those nice exterminators, to force them to rip and tear, to rip and tear the coconuts for your organics (just don't make them sell ice cream); or finally showing the fanatical GeicoTM that sharing with other species is not that hard.
  4. Hope that when you open L-Gates you've Gray, since, well, is better than a lot of nanobots wanting to melt away your galaxy, or a band of that same nanobots posing as their long dead creators (Reverse Stockolm Syndrome, perhaps?), or just a bunch of dragons made of nanobots. Specially since you'd need to have a nanobot-based advisor to be able to tackle the extreme pain of micromanagment you'll have to do at this point. Oh, and don't forget to capture the resources there as fast as you can, you know, to build special builidings and grant some nice edicts, but most importantly to flex your physical trauma resistant nanomachines as the cause of why won't you die after fighting several empires. Also try to flex even more on your organics building the megashipyard, since with that babe, you could spam fleet after fleet with no remorse, well, except for your poor admirals being tasked to control hundred of ships. Also Dyson Spere and Matter Decompressor and you're done with most of energy and minerals, but even if you're not, just build more ringworlds than Halo.
  5. If you've survived to this point, congrats, your xenos are living along humans perfectly fine, and the best of all is since Machines have no xenocompatibility, you'd never have to worry about them producing odd offspring worse than Beastars. All you've to do is now tackle the spirtual and militaristc FE, since they are literally useless and more than a threat to you (though, if you have the dissecated head of the poor Zarqlan, is better to keep spamming the spiritualist ones, just to have those nice free ships from a while, even when your own ships are more or less the same to this point, is always funny having shinny boomerangs). A critical step that I missed before was to try to disband any attempt of federation before they could conunter you, because, well, even if you managed to surpass them, is gonna take centuries, literally centuries before those give up. You maybe could try to sow discord into them, but is a personal matter.
  6. The endgame crises, oh how sweet to that point, and perhaps the only reason to keep the materalistic and xenophile FE's around for a while more, just use them to exhaust the Squidaward's dimension inhabitants/Hentai Monsters/a things designed just to justify a saga full of xeno-romance Killer Robotic Bois, another important thing, is that you must be careful to not get into a War in Heaven, I was lucky enough, because the Spirtualist FE awoke before, so that invalidated the conditions.
  7. Finally if you somehow managed to survive the onslaught of having to cause an economic crisis every time you integrate something remotely organic, the existential despair of micromanagment, and your PC transforming into a Class-30 Singularity, congrats, you're now the lord and keeper of the galaxy, now, since you're hearing your poor organics are complaining of a weird whispering on their dreams, just use them a bait for the Shroud Horrors, horrors that cannot do a thing to you, since you've no soul to be taken, enjoy erradicating and slaying ancient Gods of Madness and Despair, just to left your organics to sleep more comfortably. At this point, you're a fucking machine, who needs an almost godly entity seat doing nothing? You can just keep slayining demons and horrific presences from another dimensions, and if you get tired, just use the Dimentional Fabric of your neariest FE planet to bring the Doomguy while you keep rp'ing him with the imperious need to remove the Icon of Sin of Earth before it gets to powerful. And even if at this point of perfection, you can you RP more, supplanting the ancient caretakers, by moving all your pops to orbital station and Gaia planets, and retreat from every other places, allowing the remaining untouched primitive civs to develop on their own. Or finally if you got bored of employing 200 hours of your life on being the ultimate comfyness machine, you can always write fictional stories about those space foxes falling in love with a handsome ONU human, or if not being intrested on ahem, "xenocompatibility" (althought that is an euphemism for I'm a furry with extra steps), you can just fire up Cities Skylines, and try to do even more micromanaging, while making a gorgeous city for your friendly observation post neightbours. Or finally play Hearts of Iron IV or Europa Universalis and try to make a Rainbow Dash controlled Liechenstein to conquer all the continent.

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