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stellaris 1 - Admiral Combat Tactics

I'm sure many of you will be familiar with the system from other paradox games. But I would love to see admirals in stellaris making more dynamic fights and potentially fixing some of the flaws in the current combat system.

For the uninitiated: in ck2/hoi4 generals will use a tactic every few ticks to modify the base stats of thier unit in combat. The higher the level of the general the better odds of using an appropriate tactic for the battle. E.g. A high skill general in charge of a flank of mostly cavalry is more likely to use cavalry based tactics to min/max the attack.

Why change the current system? I really enjoy stellaris, but when it comes to battles I feel like I'm playing the system, rather than playing a strategy. What's the current meta? Understanding how the AI uses weapons and distances rather than the battle computers. I'm playing the AI systems and mechanics rather than tactical thinking, constantly.

If stellaris was to take on similar systems from thier other games it could make battles far more exciting. Movement in battle could be preset to certain tactics.

For example on initiating combat admiral A activates "screen", the default tactic currently, vettes charge in at max speed. The usual stuff. The tactic could also modify stats for a combat tick (maybe 10 days). Vettes and DD get +25% speed, point defense RoF +50%, other weapons RoF -50%. Other ships unchanged.

Admiral B activates "Capital Wall". Light ships stay behind the BBs and CCs letting them tank the first wave of damage. Large ship shields +20%, speed -20%


Just this would change the shape of the battle. Now add in other tactics that alter maneuvers. You could have whole fleet pincers, light ship pincers with a heavy wall, vettes that engage from the rear.

You can also add targeting bias to the tactics. Having certain classes or the whole fleet targeting certain ship types.

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Examples of tactics: Skirmish – evade up 10% for whole fleet – behavior heavies attempt to keep 100 distance from other heavies, missile vettes fire payload then attempt to stay out of range until the weapon cool down is off.

Focus fire – ships attempt to target a specific 10% of enemy fleet. No bonuses

Spread fire – damage is distubited over the enemy fleet. +20 tracking

Power to shields – shield regen +100%, RoF and speed -50%.

Admirals: As mentioned, better admirals will more often chose appropriate tactics. Like PD defense vs missile heavy fleets. You could also unlock unique tactics based on traits. Like an aggressive trait unlocking "reckless charge" giving huge damage bonuses but sacrificing defense.

I appreciate that many people won't like the idea of battles which may not have a reliable result. While I don't like the current combat myself, I understand that there is huge satisfaction from people who enjoy crunching the numbers, but I would think this sort of thing could be an option when setting up a game. Paradox usually do a great job letting you customise your game world.

TLDR: Hoi4 and Ck2 "tactic" ticks in stellaris based on admiral skill. HUZZAH for 202 year old, skill 10 cyborg admiral Nelson.

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