After 30 years of the War in Heaven, my Economy is finally booming

stellaris 2 - After 30 years of the War in Heaven, my Economy is finally booming

Here's the galaxy, and my economy before the war.

I would say there were 3 initial phases to this war:

I: Losing, lots, very quickly.

During the first 5 years or so of this war, I lost about half my empire. Most of my southern planets were gone, and I could only survive by retreating to 2 chokepoints near my capital systems, the south was in many ways the economic heartland of my empire, so when it was lost, my economy took a very, very slight nosedive.

Didn't get a screenshot of during the very darkest hours, this war during the later recovery phase, but as you can see, even at that point, my economy was still in ruins. The Immutharan Directors had at one point occupied almost all the systems up to the last enclave they have in this screenshot, as well as many more eastern systems. The northeast of my empire was basically a wasteland, no habitable planets, so at this point the only places left for my people to live were in my capital sector, which while rich, was also quite small and couldn't sustain a large enough fleet to fight the awakened empire, so I had to go way over my naval and starbase cap to fight them. At this point, I was in the negative for everything besides food and minerals.

II: Stabilizing

I like to compare the first phase my empire went through to the Arab Conquests of Byzantine Egypt, Syria, and North Africa. They too in their case lost the economic heartlands and southern and eastern portions of their empire. So if the first phase was the 600s, I'd compare the 2nd phase to the 700s, 800s, and 900s, I wasn't necessarily gaining territory, but I had also just barely, stabilized enough to keep what territory I had left, and to rebuild my military, in this case navy. My economy was still in the dump, and I had to exploit the market like crazy to get enough alloys to get anything more than a couple corvettes built, but atleast I wasn't dead yet.

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III: Reconquest


If the previous two stages were 600s-900s, I would say this stage is the 1000s. The first half. I just hope none of my admirals allow a Manzikert to happen… This is the fun stage, after the nerve wracking first hours of stage 1, and the nerve dumbing days of stage 2, I could finally start the fun bit, revenge. I had built up a force of about 300k, and taken an ascension perk that gave me bonuses against fallen empires. I destroyed the Immutharan's navy in my borders, repeatedly killing their wounded ships that kept on going off to a nearby shipyard to heal, then, I made a mad dash for their capital systems with about a 5-6k strong army to immediately take their capital worlds. After I did that, it fixed my broken economy, and the Immutharans economy utterly collapsed. It was easy to take their remaining systems, and then their vassals systems. I felt glad to raze and conquer the systems of my former federation members who had betrayed me in my time of greatest need for this evil fallen empire.

After taking the fallen empire's homeworlds, and my previous allies worlds, I could finally sustain my epic fleet WITHOUT having to repeatedly artificially inflate and crash the world market! Now, to waste dozens more hours of my life to do a slow conquest of the galaxy and bring Evandarian Republicanism to all!

(Until the crisis comes and kills us all, or kills us inside if it ends up being broken or glitched out like I've heard it might be)

Oh, and if ya'll are wondering how I got my economy working again with the strain of so many planets weighing me down… There is an intergalactic extraordinarily high demand for alloys, because war, and also food for some reason, so by producing a surplus of them and selling them on the galactic market, I am able to make up for my lousy consumer good and energy production. 🙂 Time to conquer another awakened empire! Victory in heaven, here I come!

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