After over 1000 hours ingame, the game can still defeat me, and that feels surprisingly good

stellaris 2 - After over 1000 hours ingame, the game can still defeat me, and that feels surprisingly good

It was going great, I was 3 years into the war of heaven, which started right at 2351. I was leading the nonaligned powers and I was winning, but just barely. I was outnumbered and couldn't defend every border, let alone any of my allies. It was going to be a brutal war of attrition on two fronts, but I was dug in and prepared. Most of my population and industry had been safely relocated to a heavily fortified cluster with only one trail of stars connecting it to the rest of the galaxy. I had already wiped out about half of one awoken empire's fleets in a costly defense of one of my rimward sectors.

Then the unthinkable happened, the contingency spawned with their first world right in the center of my war machine, in the isolated cluster that I had secured the only entrance to. It contained 4/5 of my forge ecumenopoli, all 3 of my ringworlds, my mega shipyard, and about 80% of my population. The local garrison fleets, and some partial fleets under construction for the front, were vaporized almost instantly. By the time I recalled the total ~350K of my surviving fleets, everything in the cluster had fallen except one bombarded fortress world, and over 600K of contingency ships were steaming in a straight line through the fortified bottlenecks that guarded the cluster. In a desperate last stand by my strongest starhold, my weakened fleet died bravely at the gates of a massive stellar fortress built to keep the enemy out, which in the end became a tomb that couldn't even keep the enemy sealed within. They took out about 450K worth of the contingency swarm, fighting to the last ship, but ultimately lost, and with them died any hope of reclaiming the bulk of my economy. I tried to reorganize, but it was futile. There was nothing left to defend. I watched slowly and helplessly from afar as one by one, the crown jewels of my empire decayed into metal husks, machine worlds.


In just over a decade, my game went from basically a normal map painting run to a bitter, hard fought defeat. I was promptly overrun from all sides, and within 2 decades, while the war in heaven raged on, the contingency had killed most of the galaxy's population. Earth was hastily evacuated in 2359, shortly before the system fell to the machines. My last far flung world fell to one of the fallen empires in 2363, ironically captured by one of their tributaries, a small empire who I had previously boxed in and bullied for over a century, which in turn lost it to the contingency soon after. Since I never signed any migration treaties, the human race officially went extinct some time in the 2380s, followed by most others soon after.

I kept watching in console after I was completely defeated, and unless the crisis bugs and stalls out(still kinda possible), all life should be wiped out by 2400. It was pretty cool, definitely worth it setting midgame at 2275 and endgame at 2300. Also definitely want to plug the Aggressive Crisis Engine mod, which makes endgame crises much more deadly.

I'm proud of myself for not ragequitting. Does anyone else stick out defeats to the bitter ends?

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