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stellaris 1 - AI question in all senses

I'm at the mid game, at least I think. It's 2380 or so, I've been playing for 180 years. I'm on cadet so every non-Fallen empire is pathetic compared to me. Now I was told a few days ago there was nothing that could solve Stellaris' micromanagement, but there's the Sector Screen. And I set it for balance gave all the sectors 2K of money and minerals and filled up every time they spent it and I'm very pleased at the result. How is Sector AI so bad people tell me no way to manage micromanagement?

Then we get to Empire AI, and I've seen people saying the Empire AI is so bad there's no challenge, at any difficulty because Empire AI builds very badly and doesn't build enough fleets and such. I've not gone to war yet, I'm just wondering how true it is, and if anything can be done to make them smarter as I get better at the game. In this vision of things, I don't HAVE to engage in diplomacy, and it costs me influence anyway, so I'm not interested.

Then we get to the ingame AI: the robots. I have synth technology, I never intend to build functional AI, it's outlawed. But I DO wanna build servant droids. Supposedly this upgrade is automatic, but I've not seen it. There's no robot pictures on the wiki, but my robots look like Geth, and when I got droid technology they didn't change, nor did I get access to Droid level traits in robomolding like Domestic Protocols.


How do I tell the difference between a Robot, a Droid and a Synth?

Why are Droids restricted to Worker slots only if AI is outlawed, when they aren't actually AI and thus can't rebel?

If the upgrades are automatic does that in effect mean in order to subvert AI rebellion, you can NEVER research Synth technology?

What are the bonuses for robot versus Droid versus Synth? People have been saying Synths get a 20% bonus across the board, but the wiki mentions no such thing?

How can I fidangle it that robot's PRIME purpose is domestic servitude? And ideally, is there a way to make sure these bots are sent to new colonies or do I have to do that manually?

Generally speaking it is just too much work to try and design multiple robot lines? Just make robots designed to do one set of jobs and that's it. Like at most, have robots being grunt workers, eventually with harvesters, power drills and superconductivity, or domestic protocols designed or or less to be clerks, entertainers and the help?

And I guess at 3 points, the Efficient Processor trait gives a 5% resources from any job is a costly master of none trait to take?

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