All hail The Chosen One Warform AI

stellaris 5 - All hail The Chosen One Warform AI

After checking recent "He has seen some shit" thread I decided to post my Warform too 😀

And a bit of story, as this game was really something special.

Initially I wanted to do a science nexus rush, actually, it was my 4th attempt. Still did not get it, was only able to build it around 2300. I dunno how you guys manage it in 60's. And I had all good start with plenty of planets nearby. Anyway.

I got this warbot event very early, so he became the leader of the second faction that appeared in my game. Spiritualist faction. He was all alone on this acid planet for too long for it to pass without a trace. Then he was chosen as a ruler (I was democratic and helped him a bit). Then, somehow, along the way (I did not notice it then, and just realized it now following screens a made) he changed faction to egalitarian, which was main faction. Then constantly was re-elected because it always had 60+ support until the shroud suggested him to be the chosen.


Furthermore, after some time I got another robot from the event "Caretaker Escape Pod", which ended up governing my core sector as he had lvl10. He is the Chosen One's closest assistant and the only other robot in the Empire. Because sometime after that event I decided to ban AI to please Spiritualist faction. I built some robots to speed up initial expanse, but then disbanded them all as my pops were growing. Warbot do not like any competition.

But weirdness did not stop even here, and later in the game, my not very friendly neighbor simply disappeared, leaving all planets unclaimed. I've read about this bug, but in my case, I got a message that they lost a war, but I did not notice to whom. They had more than 10 planets for sure and did not border any FE. So my wild guess is that my chosen warbot decided to deal with them in a private matter. I ended up colonizing their sector 🙂

Edit: I attached a pic but dont see it, uh, so here it is again


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