Amazing machine empire – Administrative Efficiency X by 2300.

stellaris 6 - Amazing machine empire - Administrative Efficiency X by 2300.

TL,DR: Stashing pop assembly speed bonus and colonizing as many planets as possible = amazing machine empire build.

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you my build I recently developed as a machine empire. It is very fun! I am able to do approximately 11 k science per month (gross), plus major research bonus, all by 2300. Since I am below admin cap, this means a LOT of repeatable tech. Before starting, let me be clear. I am not claiming that this is the best build, as the new meta is usually something based on Nihilistic Acquisition or stealing pop. But if you are like me and you are sick of doing Technocracy / N.A. / D.A. shenanigans, this alternative is quite enjoyable.

The basic logic

Our goal is to create the biggest demographic boom that we can. To do so we take rapid replicator civic and mass-produced traits. Most important research is society as we want to have Galactic Administration ASAP. We are going to try to have as many planets with 80 pops as possible to get the replicators from the administration buildings. With all buff you get up to 9.2 pops points a month, so one pop every 11 month. Not bad.

Timing (Phases)

  1. Opening as super expansionist. Set the policy to Manufacturing focus to get more alloys. Settle ALL planets around, even the small one. Use Unitary Cohesion civic (15% unity) to get ASAP the following 3 traditions: expansion, versatility (YES, see market exploit below) and finally discovery. Do not worry about Admin Cap, we'll handle it later on.
  2. Once you settled everywhere you stop augmenting your alloy production for a while. Turn your policy to extraction focus for a while because we are going to be expanding the basis of our economy. All feeder planets must have 10 pop, a machine assembly and the uplink node (we need a decent amount of unity to get the tree traditions ASAP).
  3. Once you get the discovery traditions that give you – 20% maintenance for science labs you start building them everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Set back the policy to manufacturing focus.
  4. Focus you research to get galactic administration ASAP. Once you get the third civic slot, change to the following: rapid replicator, rockbreakers and introspective. With your 3rd Ascension Perk take Machine world and turn as many planets as possible to machine worlds. Do not manufacture any rare resources. EVER. Just buy them on the market. This way we save many building slots, and we'll finance our rare resources with either the market exploit or energy producing districts.
  5. Enter the feedback loop of hell for a while.
  6. When you feel comfortable with your tech level do whatever you want, war or I don't know.

The market exploit


Robot empires are incredibly efficient at producing energy, minerals and alloys. The later is the more important, as you can easily reach a point you are more or less producing alloys in a 1:1 ratio with minerals. However, when the galactic market is founded, often two things happens: the price of minerals drop and the price of alloys explodes. This means that we can buy for cheap shitload of minerals to feed our mineral hungry economy and resell alloys, often at 10 times the price of mineral. Of course, we cannot do it infinitely because we are affecting the prices, but we can still make large profits out of this strategy. Note that the exploit is even better at higher difficulties because AI have massive production bonus of minerals and are more aggressive, so they dump minerals on the markets to buy alloys. MONEY!!!

The feedback loop of hell

The feedback loop of hell is the fact that as your tech are improving, you are becoming better and better at producing raw resources. But this does NOT mean we are going to produce more resources: we can just allocate a lower and lower proportion of our population to producing them, and augmenting the proportion of our pop dedicated to research. Effectively, 3 repeatable tech help us do it: extraction patterns (mineral), applied superconductivity (energy) and gravitational analysis (lower building cost). Of course, Administrative Efficiency is amazing, as at this point we are building less and less district and more more science labs, so it effectively reduce drastically our science and unity cost by quite a lot.

Random details

  • Traits: I suggest, Power Drills, Mass-produced, Logic engines and Superconductive. Only Mass-Produced is absolutely necessary.
  • Ascension perks: I took megastructures because I like them but it is not absolutely necessary. For style purpose I started with the Science Nexus but I doubt this is optimal (I am building level 2 in 2300). I think the two megastructures producing raw resources are better because they can feed your economy. Synthetic Age is cool for having gains of efficiency but it is not necessary. In my opinion only machine worlds is important because 10% more production AND infinite districts is crazy good.
  • No f***ing consumer goods: I think this is something I love the most with machine empire. You save a lot of building slots (no gene clinic, no consumer good shit, no clone vats) and can build a LOT of science labs.
  • Incredibly efficient workers: for instance, generator workers producing 18.3.

That's it folks, I hope you enjoy!

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6svfwe9ejmy21 - Amazing machine empire - Administrative Efficiency X by 2300.

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