Amenities should be sector wide

stellaris 8 - Amenities should be sector wide

So when I’ve been playing Stellaris recently, usually I’ll find that my trade focused world (typically my ecumenopolis) has like +200 amenities available, whilst the planets I’ve specialised into mining or energy are lagging far far far behind on amenities, because I’ve put loads of effort into giving them pro-resource generation stuff.

It bothers me that whilst my biggest planets have so many amenities, I literally will not be able to fill them as they exceed my jobs and houses, a planet literally in the same system might be about to riot over not having enough amenities.

Now what we have in the real world often, is that if you live in a shit place with little to do (Slough), you’ll say “okay kids, we have enough money, we’re going to London” (or Hull, which is clearly superior), and then you go on a big holiday to whichever city has all the real cool shit. This kind of thing is present in every country, as there’ll always be some town or city that people love to go to for holidays.

Now when we consider that sectors are essentially like countries in themselves, down to them being releasable as independent nations theoretically capable of self sustaining, it becomes a little weird that we can’t have a similar system, especially as sectors only serve one purpose now: to clog up the info window until you tick the box to remove them. It’s incredibly annoying to have to keep building specific buildings to satisfy your shitty 10 pop colony betharian mining colony, when there’s a 200 pop ecumenopolis nest system that has +282 amenities.


Why don’t we have a sector amenities pool, where all the amenities produced in it are added up and then the amount necessary for your pops is removed? I don’t think it should be a independent resource, but I think it should be a sector wide thing. I’d say that perhaps it could be made a policy, (“authorise sector wide amenity distribution” or something) and doing so would result in a slight increase in the amount of amenities used per pop for balance. Perhaps MegaCorps could start out with it, and could use it to make more money. Shared Burden societies might have “nationalised holidays”, allowing you to run it with no bonus to need.

And before there’s a bunch of comments like “oh well FTL between systems is different from driving in your car to London, so this doesn’t make sense” or whatever: the game already has resort worlds, and the idea behind them is that people from other colonies are going there on holiday. The concept of inter-system tourism is already present, I’m just proposing we deepen it slightly.

The main reasons I want this are 1: it means sectors finally have some actual uses and uniqueness to them, 2: it allows you to specialise better, 3: it means resort worlds are more than just slightly useful

If you can think of problems, I’d love to hear them.

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