An Analysis of Forced Labor in the Tiberius Imperialis By Mtark, son of Iztark

stellaris 6 - An Analysis of Forced Labor in the Tiberius Imperialis By Mtark, son of Iztark

An Analysis of the Forced Labor in the Tiberius Imperialis

Prepared by Mtark, son of Iztark

Submitted for review by the Plumage Council on this the 7th Day of the Cycle of Cyan, in the 78th Year of Enlightened Monarch Ribrab, son of Gildrab, Long may His feathers unfurl <15 Martius, 3099 AUC in the Tiberian Calendar>


This Analysis is an extensive study of the despicable slavery practices of our neighbor and bitterest of rivals, the Tiberius Imperialis, may their arrogance be squashed by our Enlightened Monarch Ridrab, so of Gildrab and his unfurled radiance.

In this preface my goal is to give a basic overview of how the Tiberians use their slaves, more detailed information and statistics can be found in the full report for perusal as necessary. First it is important to remember that the Tiberians not only enslave xenos species, but their own kind as well, truly they are lost to the Light, this practice has a long history in their civilization dating back for Millennia. The idea of forced labor to them therefore is deeply ingrained and on every planet in the Tiberius Imperialis you will find Tiberians enslaving their own to perform either manual labor, in fields, mines, and dangerous fields of work or 'other services' as they call it. However for the purposes of this report the Tiberian slaves are of secondary concern as they are not as important economically to the Imperialis as their Xenos slaves are.


The system of control that the Tiberius Imperialis uses for controlling and utilizing their xenos slaves is therefore our primary concern in this report. When a world is conquered by the Tiberius Imperialis it's entire population, from the oldest gerontocrats down to the tiniest of newbirths are forcefully relocated from their homes to their Slavery Planet, or Pit of Woe as escaped survivors tell us. The Tiberians call this world Colonia Scylla. It is an Ocean World dotted with remote islands and archipelagos that are of limited value. The mining and agricultural potential of this world by itself is minimal, yet it is responsible for almost a majority of the Tiberius Imperialis's mineral and agricultural production, albeit in an indirect way. The Tiberians use these archipelagos to great, detestable, effect, they gather and sort the populaces of their newly won worlds and identify those xenos who are able-bodied and those who are dependents. The dependents are put onto the islands and archipelagos with minuscule possibility or means of escape, and all embedded with trackers. The Scylla Hastati Mare patrols slaughter on sight any who lack this tracker as matter of course. These dependents are then used as a means of blackmailing the able-bodied xenos to work at various Tiberian facilities off-planet as a labor force that is remarkably efficient. These populations do decline slowly however, as the Tiberians see no reason for keeping dependents once they lose all able-bodied brood member support. As of now there have been no successful or large-scale slave revolts in the Tiberius Imperialis, nor do we anticipate this to change in the near future. Therefore it is the recommendation of this report that in any future conflict with the Tiberius Imperialis we make the focus of our offensives Colonia Scylla rather than the capitol of Terra, as the removal of threat to their dependents would undoubtedly put the fire back into the enslaved xenos in the Imperialis and cripple their resource production, enabling an easier campaign.

Very humbly, Mtark, son of Iztark

TLDR: I wrote this because I was thinking in one of my playthroughs how it was that my slave world packed with 200 xenos on forced labor purge type was producing so much food and minerals when the planet itself was garbage, (only 2 districts worth of each) so I thought up this as a way of rationalizing it in my head. Let me know what you think 🙂

(also we should have a story flair, as now all we have is AAR, which this is clearly not)

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