An idea on how to torture a Fanatic Purifier

stellaris 1 - An idea on how to torture a Fanatic Purifier

So. We know what a Fanatic Purifier is. It is a civilization who, for whatever god/equivalent Shroud entity-awful reason, has decided that all other sentient life is fundamentally tainted and unclean and must be purged. They seem relatively similar to the Nazis, who as a general rule adopted narratives regarding genocidal "race wars" or "wars of annihilation" in which only the strongest would survive. Regardless of whether this is their specific belief, it's reasonable to assume that Fanatic Purifiers do not fear death. From their perspective, it's "us or them".

Fanatic Purifiers do not fear being purged; if they're enslaved in some way, slowly worked to death, or livestock-ed, it gives them a chance to rebel and backstab their enslaver, if they're genocided, it's just what they were expecting, and if they're nerve-stapled, hey, they don't have to care about it anymore, right?

Now, some might say that the worst thing you can do to a member of a formerly-Fanatic Purifier species is to accept them into a functional multi-species society. Frankly, I'd think they'd be perfectly fine with that; all the more opportunity to launch 9/11-style terrorist attacks to continue their mission of mass extermination.

But I have an idea that would terrify a Fanatic Purifier.

Capture them all. Turn them into a different species. Change their portrait. Change their traits. Change their species name. They will think differently, they will look differently, they will behave differently, and yet the original shell of the entity that this thing once was is still there. It hates itself. It's impure. It continues to want to commit genocide, but it's in the very body of the things it wants to kill. It's fully cognizant of this. You're either forcing them to

– (a) change their beliefs, which will seriously mess up a Purifier in the head,

– (b) kill themselves, which does not play into the "genocidal race war" narrative most Purifier empires would likely have going, because they're not being killed by a "superior species"; they're doing it themselves, or

– (c) exist in their new, nightmarish meat-shell of a body and risk having their altered biology slowly corrupt their mind and therefore their "pure" ideals.


I guarantee you that you could get a Fanatic Purifier to shit their metaphorical pants if you held one prisoner and told them you would do this to them. You can't assimilate them as a Driven Assimilator, or nerve-staple them; they need to be aware of what happened to them.

Inspired by u/Tnynfox's comment to someone with a Fanatic Purifier flair. Imagine being turned into one of those…things against your will. I'm not sure whether I'd kill myself or not, and I'm an egalitarian xenophile.

BONUS ROUND: Turn Spiritualist Fanatic Purifiers into a different species – which is ALSO a cyborg.

BRUTALITY ROUND: BONUS ROUND but with synthetics rather than cybernetics.

STELLARIS ROUND: Take away their vocal cords and tear glands, or their equivalents. Destroy most of their physical capabilities; make it so they can only move at walking speed at most, or an equivalent. Then sell them to a Fanatic Xenophile Authoritarian empire as pets.

Imagine it. This once-proud race of species supremacists (I'm thinking the Prikkiki-Ti here) who deluded themselves into thinking that their culture was supreme because of its ability to kill. Now, all they can do is communicate to their offspring via blinking in Morse code, desperately attempting to pass down knowledge of genocide and how to cause pain to others as they and their children are pulled away from one another and sold off as pets. Their worst fears are that their children won't understand what they're saying and their culture will be irrevocably lost. It'll happen eventually. They don't even have the tear glands left to cry about it, and there's no way they can communicate their plight to anyone or anything else. With sufficiently advanced technology, they can't even kill themselves to escape it all.

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