This origin is pretty much about your civilization surviving an alien invasion and taking to the stars with reverse-engineered tech to kick some xeno ass. A YouTube channel(which I am sure most of you here are already familiar with) called “The Templin Institute” did this very well with their “Greater Terran Union” playthrough. There could even be an advanced start AI next to you with a special diplomatic modifier towards you—maybe something like “Primitive Nuissance”—and would try to conquer you again(after a few decades of course) and if you win you get major happiness and unity production bonuses for a time or perhaps forever.

Video for those who don’t know about it:

There could be some interesting bonuses that could be given to this origin such as a “Paranoid Military-Industrial Complex” policy replacing the usual militarized economy policy which would give an extra +10% alloy output from jobs. Maybe you can also start out with several tier 2 military techs such as lasers, rail guns, and missiles. Maybe even add a special “Demilitarize” cassus belli that reduces the victim empire’s naval capacity by 50% for ten years in order to maintain your own supremacy without others getting in the way as you prepare to finally take vengeance in your former oppressors. And if you want to take it a step further, your empire could start out with a few alien ships with tier 3 techs as a bonus, representing what they left behind(just in case they try to attack you really early).


The requirements for this origin start could be not permitting any degree of xenophile and some degree of militarist or even out right militarist and xenophobe in order to take it. This could also benefit fanatical purifier factions’ backstories a little bit because come on, why the fuck would a civilization unite under a single government, take to the stars, and instead of trying to tech up and ascend, start killing everyone else instead just because “Ayy Lmao ugly AF”?

Why do I bring this up? Well, because so far, we seem to be getting ring world, relic world, habitat, and megacorp Gaia and/or mechanist starts(and that’s fucking sweet) hell, even a “Doomsday” origin in which apparently your planets goes kaboom after 60-64 years but no hint to an “We got invaded by Ayy Lmaos and now we want revenge” origin.

What do you guys think? Upvote this post if you agree so the few stellaris devs lurking here know what we want… what we DESIRE!!!(At least I do)

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