An overhaul of ground combat could be a great idea for an expansion

stellaris 8 - An overhaul of ground combat could be a great idea for an expansion

Currently, ground combat is rather basic compared to space, you can only really recruit a few types of infantry. I’d suggest in order to make it more interesting, there could be a ground vehicle designer similar to the ship designer.

Available Options could be:

Terrestrial vehicles

Chassis Options

  • APC/IFV (analogous to a Corvette, roughly)

  • Light Tank (analogous to a Destroyer)

  • Medium Tank (analogous to a Cruiser)

  • Heavy Tank (analogous to a Battleship)

  • Superheavy Tank (analogous to a Titan)


Each weapon type would have a variant for each of the existing weapons (kinetic, laser, etc). There would also be a fixed or turret option for each. Combat role would be determined by the armament, rather than combat computers. I’ve used the names here for the kinetic ones, just for convenience/ease of understanding.

  • Autocannon (jack of all stats, can engage both infantry and both types of vehicles, but is less effective against either than dedicated weapons)

  • Machine Gun (anti infantry weapon, can target ground vehicles but does pitiful to no damage, and can target aircraft but has very low accuracy)

  • Cannon (anti tank weapon, can only engage ground vehicles. Cannot be mounted on IFVs/APCs, and has a less powerful version for light tanks)

  • AA gun (anti aircraft weapon, can engage infantry but is less effective against them)

  • Artillery (long range, but cannot target aircraft)


There is a choice of three methods of propulsion (technically four, but see the third one in it’s own section):

  • Wheels (fastest in open terrain, but slower in difficult terrain. Cannot be mounted on heavy tanks or superheavy tanks)

  • Treads/tracks (all rounder, sacrifice some speed for better handling in difficult terrain)

  • Repulsors (not affected by terrain at all, but have the lowest speed, poor manoeuvrability, and are more prone to breaking down)



Similar to ships, both shields and armor. Thicker armor or more powerful shields reduce speed and handling, and unlike ships stronger armor will also require a more powerful engine/propulsion System in order to compensate for the increased weight. (The increased weight from shields is due to the generators)


An alternate variant of the ground vehicle, these also come in multiple sizes, and are faster across the board, and can reach areas normally exclusive to infantry, but have less health (to represent them being easier to destroy with a shot to the legs). Aside from this, and their unique models, they are similar to other ground vehicles.


Similar to ground vehicles, but they have different weaponry for each type, and bespoke models, propulsion systems, and the like.


  • Fighter (generalist, anti interceptor but can also engage bombers, with less success)

  • Interceptor (anti bomber, but can’t hold off fighters)

  • Tactical Bomber (used for attacking ground vehicles. Can hit infantry, but is unable to specifically target them)

  • Strategic Bomber (used for attacking buildings and increasing devastation)

  • Gunship (very useful against infantry and light vehicles, but mediocre against heavy and superheavy tanks, and vulnerable to other aircraft. Also very effective against artillery if there are no AA guns)

With a system like this, invasions involve more strategic planning (the enemy has a lot of infantry planetside? You’re going to want to supplement your troops with anti-infantry IFVs and gunships). Things like infantry/mech-only areas and terrain difficulty should be abstracted via percentages in order to reduce micromanagement.

Would anyone else like to see something like this?

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