Annexed some Psionic pops as a Synth Empire

stellaris 8 - Annexed some Psionic pops as a Synth Empire

Made a post earlier about managing to defend myself and win against a Spiritualist psionic Fallen Empire. Sorry to ask a question like this again, and I was trying to find some info but a lot of it conflicts or at least doesn't say the same thing. I would like to clarify this before I end up too deep and late to make changes. Running as a fanatic materialist authoritarian empire which recently became synths.

Just to clarify, and I know it sounds dumb, but if I was to assimilate the FE psionic pops, they would lose their psionic trait, am I correct? If so I'm thinking of keeping them so I can research psionics (gave them Caste Citizenship hehe). Also, if I was to assimilate them, would they shift towards the materialist ethic side or would they remain spiritualist? Seems troublesome to have spiritualist synths (lol)

Also if I assimilate them would the FE be pissed off (I was able to take only a handful of their systems) even more? In a way I would like to anger them do declare war ASAP (finishing them off would help me a lot to focus on the 2nd biggest threat, the enemy federation that is growing)


PS: I doubt it can happen, but is psionic synths a thing? Most google searches say no, and I would think not as well, but say you could do cyborg psionics. With that being said, is it possible to still convert pops into cyborg instead of synths, or have I gone too far already?

PSS: Just would to check something, regarding contingency, or the infiltration part – if I have psionics does it count towards me not being able to be infiltrated or must it be a primary species/whole pop must be psionic thing? Read on the wiki how synth ascended empires could still be infiltrated, so I just want to clarify. I expect it to happen but if I am gonna get infiltrated at some point, might as well assimilate eventually haha.

Once again, sorry to ask about this (again in a way), but you guys have been helpful so far and i'm enjoying what is still my first playthrough! Was glad I got this game on discount and in a sense i'm stoked for the next update (penal colonies WOO)


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