Any other modded player excited to break the game with new megastructures?

stellaris 8 - Any other modded player excited to break the game with new megastructures?

Matter Decompressor

Least flashy, won't propably be more cost-effective than Penrose Ringworld filled with mines. Let's move on.

Strategic Coordination Center

If Sublight Speed bonus isn't unique bonus (and assuming it's empire-wide), taking the megastructure cap off will lead to total insanity. Especially combined with bonuses from Stellar Expansion – FTL Enhanced (reducing FTL time) and some Tradition Trees (IIRC Spaceborn and Mystery, both increasing sublight speed) from !Lots of Traditions. These 2 combined already make you go fast enough to completely ignore need for gateway network and with yet another modifier (or modifiers if not unique), it's gonna be crazy fun to be able to outrun anyone later into the game by few solar systems, making invasions and conquering significantly faster.

Interstellar Assembly


If these are not unique bonuses, then taking the cap off, wil lead to first of all, everyone loving you even if you use colossus on regular basis, second of all, it lets you to pull all the immigration straight into your empire with enough stacking. Wet dream of everyone who wants to instatly populate newly colonized worlds or newly created habitats.

Mega Art Installation

Left for last, the game changer. Anyone playing with Traditions mods (I myself have something like 80 Trees modded in) will be spamming these bad boys like there is no tommorrow. Especially if there is insentive to finish Traditions. You can go wide, you can go tall, you are going to be spamming these.


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