Apparently I’ve spent a month of my life on this game, anyway here’s an in-depth review of my take on 2.2.2 as well as some exploits and secrets and bugs

stellaris 8 - Apparently I've spent a month of my life on this game, anyway here's an in-depth review of my take on 2.2.2 as well as some exploits and secrets and bugs

Apparently 280 hours is a long time to spend on a videogame over the span of 2 years, thank you Paradox for making such an amazing game! Like others, I'd like to offer up some of my observations, as well as a few bugs that i've noticed (new and old), as well as a few unique vanilla exploits you may not have been aware of.

HEAVY Spoiler warning: (mods, can you do the thing here?)

In no order at all:

My last playthrough was an attempt to make empire that would reclaim the l-cluster and install one of each megastructure there. After studying the horizon signal event code I figured it could be possible to wormify one of the systems and make a matter decompressor on the new black hole. result:

-failed exploit/bug: the game doesn't recognize it as a black hole, despite the celestial class change

-bug: when in the galaxy map, the system is always still visibly a star (i figure you already knew this)

-massive exploit/bug: i figured out that you can wormify cracked planets back into tomb planets, this is tested to work and I have a system with 8 tomb planets (124 size total) in the cluster. fun.

-bug?: the wormified planets have no agri/mine/generator district slots, so unless they are going to be Ecumenopopopopolis's or financial/tech/trade planets, they are hard to use.

I got a visit from the cache, then it came back and did its thing, I feel like people don't get this event often and I've only gotten it once before, so it doesn't get looked at very close.

-bug: since at least the last update in 2.1, the trait has a text that says "this trait gives leaders special stuff etc…" It doesn't.

-bug: the research bonus from the uplifted trait is either not working or not shown in 2.2. unless the trait does not affect already hired researchers, which may explain why I didn't notice it, but I figured it would.

exploit: The brainslug event is fun, unless you're a xenophobe/inward perfectionist…or maybe not! So this issue highlights a bigger problem with ethics shifting but here is how I exploited it (i've done this three times now):

My empire: spiritual/xenophobe/pacifist (gaia,inward perfectionist) (also works if pacifist is something else)

step 1: get the brain slugs anomaly and the old gods event chain, and 500 influence

step 2: suppress xenophobic ethos until its the minority

step 3: use old gods to shift fto fanatic spiritual/pacifist

-at this point, inward perfectionist is inactive, (but unremovable, more on this later) and you can do some diplo stuff too

step 4: do brain slugs, embrace into citizens

step 5: embrace xenophobe and tada! inward perfection again without the 10 year wait and additional 500 influence

The bigger issue is when something like the war in heaven comes along and you side with an awakened empire:

-bug: the ethos change can deactivate civics like the inward perfectionist and prevent removal of that civic or ethos shifting

Another problem with shifting occurs when you get the chosen one and transform your government to make them immortal ruler.

-massive exploit: transforming your government for the chosen one allows you to wipe any civics that are suppose to be permanent like life seeded, then reform your government civics after to be whatever you'd like.

-bug: I was able to make S875.1 waveform my immortal chosen one ruler once… imagine that, a immortal psychic robot.

other misc bugs:

Mid Game – marauders:

-bug: marauder empires won't bug you if you never bother to learn their language.

-bug: did they learn your language first? well now you can research them anyway and get free influence

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-bug: raiding fleets freeze if there are inhibitors at every route into your system, i figured this out after a raiding fleet took 60 years to reach me.

-bug: instability in inhibitors on stations: that marauder fleet only reached me because jerry from engineering on the kerbol staton fell asleep on the inhibitor button. (sometimes they randomly turn off)

War in heaven:

-exploit: (please leave this in) empires that usually cannot form an alliance are able to lead non-aligned powers

-massive bug: for as long as war in heaven has existed, I have never seen it naturally end without player intervention. why: because fallen empires don't know how to land armies and after a while they just stop producing them, meanwhile allying armies are just standing by while one empire fallen empire fleet bombs the shite out of another endlessly. I've seen this happen at least 6 times. The only time i've ever seen a WIH approach a conclusion is when one empire has a colossus… until it's destroyed of course and they don't bother to build another.

-2.2 bug: when megacorp empires are made into thralls or whatnot it locks them out from making or breaking commercial packs/research agreements because they lose independence. You'd think i should be able to end a pact with someone or a research agreement.


-2.2 bug: similarly with criminal megacorps, it seems they still have an immunity when they are in WIH and at war with you/your awakened empire. they still WONT GET OFF MY LAWN despite being hostile.


-UI bug: please, please, please make the Unbidden and Prethoryn like 6 IQ points smarter or dumber. since this game came out they have gotten fleets stuck in this endless loop where its rapidly changing the target system that they are headed to and never move their fleets. I think the easiest way to fix this is to put a lock on their orders so a fleet's intentions can survive a few jumps before changing, unless attacked.

-user bug: user keeps playing after victory without stopping, highly addictive, pls patch

2.2 bugs:

-bug: terraforming into gia worlds deletes districts

-bug: the planetary prospecting edict works 75% of the time (yes im aware its not supposed to make rare resources(unless it is?))

-bug: abandoned coordination centers that aren't over a capital wont work

-bug??: the dimensional portal…. is it supposed to do something aside from give me physics? it seemed like you guys had a very interesting narrative setup

-bug??: -how the hell do you dispel criminal megacorps. it seems after coming back to a planet the 3rd time they just stay for good even with 100% stability and 0% crime.

-bug?: where did the zro go, i've only seen it after the ice ice baby anomaly and follow up question: what does zro do now? bc the shroud is 1000e flat.

-bug: techs gained from salvaging caravan ships aren't actually gained, they are just 100% researched and often require 1 more month to finish

-bug: i got nanite transmutation fro old with defects, is that suppose to be possible?

-bug: it appears in early game it is sometimes possible to ask a curator to point out a mystery and nothing happens, nothing added to situation log (also I think energy is not expended too)

-bug: the game can seemingly route your military fleets through unexplored wormholes as long as you have the tech to travel through them

-bug??: admiral experience from battles is nearly insignificant now, was this intentional?

2.1 bugs still in the game:

-bug: finally got the cryopod warrior anomaly, nothing happened after researching it

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-bug: the abandoned ship with all the dead scientists-anomaly: if you quickly swap out the leader he doesn't die.

-exploit: you can usually go to the isolated system and do the anomaly without confronting the psionic entity

-bug: the sea of consciousness anomaly is repeatable apparently if you keep rebuilding a station.


-scientist that specialize in ancient civilizations: after you find the homeworld can we assign them to work at a starbucks or somewhere where their college degree would be more useful?

-exploit: the freaking first league's Ecumconoennopolis is massively OP, and now that the internet knows where it'll spawn I would recommend disallowing colonization until the antigrav tech at least. or randomizing the civilizations.

-jobs lost and gained from branch offices leaving are stupid, they can shift a lot of employment.

-promote growth should be continuous and/or scale according to the population, like nutritional penitude policy but per planet.

-Enecumenopolopolis is very funny and difficult to pronounce, pls patch

-(exploit) its infinitely cheaper to swindle any empire out of 5k alloys than to buy on the market, youd think theyd want to hold on to their alloy more.

-there should be an easier way to get the engineer trait

-not being able to customize or upgrade event ships

-bubbles is flow af

and of course:

-why can't you terraform the nanite worlds if you get grey or L-drakes???

And finally: my closing comments:

2.2 is incredible and playing Tall is more fun than ever: I love that I can dominate with such little space and allow the galaxy to war in the background. I actually appreciate nerfing things like the speed demon anomaly and the agrarian idyll civic (which i heavily abused to pump out unity in 2.1). I wish there was a bit more narrative going on after mid game, when (especially for peaceful empires) I'm just building megastructures and going around to make sure the encourage growth modifier is checked every few years. I feel like before mid game I'm driven by the impending kahn crisis if i have a marauder nearby, constantly building up my defences for that, but after that and WIH the galaxy is a little boring unless you go into conquest mode.

I hope someone at paradox sees this, I appreciate you and this game immensely. I'll post these bugs in the forms at some point too.

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