Archaeology and Precursor Story Packs: Two god-tier mods for you to try out

stellaris 5 - Archaeology and Precursor Story Packs: Two god-tier mods for you to try out

I've been playing with these mods since their initial releases. I can't imagine ever playing without them. Here's why I fell in love with these mods and why I'm here recommending them to you.

Distant stars and Ancient relics introduced fillers for early and mid game. Something we dearly needed. Additional events and stories to read through, while waiting for pops to grow and armies to assemble. Actual reason to fight over certain ''worthless'' systems, because they had an L-Gate or valuable dig site. These two mods are basically Ancient relics 2.0. Total of unique 19 archaeology sites, several ''basic'' precursor dig sites which add unique valuable technologies, total of 3 precursors with length of Zroni and Grunur storylines.

To further details:

Archaeology Story Pack –

Wonderful collection of stories written by the community. Majority of these dig sites come with 4-6 chapters. So no longer you're wasting time on 2 chapter storyline just to get… a tile block clear technology or something worse. Majority of these dig sites come with relics. Some are insane, others perfectly balanced and flavorful. They enable variety of playstyles and enable you to play around them. Modifying your species or twisting your economy, if you desire to reap more bonuses. On top of that, certain events have various end results. Sometimes, you can get different bonuses from a same event chain. What makes this so fun is also the dynamic adding of dig sites.


Let's say you want to play a tall empire. Obviously, you won't expand much.Thus, you miss out on potential dig sites which boost your economy/tech/military. With this mod, dig sites MAY or MAY NOT spawn over time within your empire. So even if you have all the systems claimed and all the sites excavated, you have chance to get more.

Precursor Story Pack –

This story pack comes with unique addition of a ''neutral'' precursor. Meaning you still get to have one of the vanilla and one of three precursors from the mod. They all come with Zroni/Grunur type of a story chain. They all come with their relics and they all come with their secrets. Only problem is – you get one spawn per galaxy. You can't get all three. If you're lucky, their site may spawn in your empire. If you're unlucky, one of the AI empires may snatch this away from you and benefit from it. Either way, it makes for very flavorful experience. As added bonus, this mod gives other precursors from vanilla special ''basic'' dig sites. Their storylines are very linear and pretty much the same. Very neutral, basic and bland… and that's on purpose because there are several of these dig sites throughout the galaxy. However, each gives you access to unique technologies which can't be found anywhere else.

As for compatibility, these mods are playable pretty much with anything, I haven't encountered a single conflict so far. For me, these mods are as essential as More events mod or Gulli's Planet Modifiers. I very much recommend trying them out! Even for a game or two.

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