Arcology Project is overpowered and feels like an easy mode

stellaris 1 - Arcology Project is overpowered and feels like an easy mode

I'll state outright that I don't own Megacorp and so can't build my own Ecumenopolis; all my experience with them is based on finding First League Ecumenopolis and playing with it. And boy, those games with and without out are totally, radically different games.

First of all, without FLE you need to select your Forge World and build it. And this isn't that easy, because Forges don't provide their own housing, thus you need large enough planet, enough city districts and energy to support them and also enough of the pops, because standard forge gives only 2 jobs, which isn't enough to unlock next building slot, so you need either some other jobs on the planet to unlock slots, or you need to build and then upgrade forge instantly, or you'll need to deal with a whole lot of unemployment. Then you'll need a lot of Motes to support Forge World; at least +15 per month to support 15 level 1 forges. It's unlikely that you'll have that much from space mining, so you need to research chemist jobs and build chemical plants at several planets. In other words, creating one Forge World is large undertaking which will shape a lot of planets around that. Mass-producing alloys is a huge undertaking which requires time, resources and dedicated planet to do this. The same is correct for mass-producing consumer goods, only with crystals instead of motes. Oh, and you'll need to have Artisan World, if only to feed your Tech World.


With FLE, mass-producing alloys/CGs is so easy it feels like you are playing on a easy mode. The only thing you need is minerals and pops. Have enough of those? Build another Foundry/ Industrial Arcology. That's literally it. You can have as much alloys/CGs as you need to have. The upkeep is laughable for a something which should be forges/factories orders of magnitude greater than those built on the planets; in fact, the upkeep is bigger for Tier 2-3 forges and factories, especially if you take into account the city districts one need to build to house the specialists, and holo-theaters one need to build to keep them happy. Oh yes, FLE never have the problem with entertainment either because of Leisure Arcology.

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In short? Having FLE makes for a radically different game, which is a lot more boring one. When I first found the FLE, I expected the same kind of problems I had with building dedicated Tech/Forge/Artisan World, only on steroids: secure enough rare resources, have enough energy to pay upkeep, minerals on input and food to feed all the workers, but instead I found out that FLE makes the game significantly easier – because it allows to completely ignore large parts of game you were forced to pay attention before – namely special resources production, housing and unemployment.

Personally, I now re-roll games with First League, because they just aren't fun. It also makes me very wary about buying Megacorp, because I just don't see myself outcompeting AI Arcologies as they are, and having to constantly battle temptation to just research one and steamroll everything isn't what I consider fun in the game.

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