Are destroyers useless? Pie in the Sky Fleet Collider 2.2.5

stellaris 3 - Are destroyers useless? Pie in the Sky Fleet Collider 2.2.5

I decided to do a fleet collider since I was inspired by someone who argued that corvettes were superior to BS.

It turned out I was wrong! I thought BS were the supreme ships. Both autocannon/plasma corvettes and torpvettes destroyed BS fleets of equal naval cap, but the BS were more alloy efficient since they fled. Noting that late game alloy efficiency is not as important as naval cap, I decided to think: what other 200 naval cap fleets can work?

Note: This is a pie in the sky late game equal fleet tester. This test optimizes only for high naval cap late game tech. This test does not mean if you build this ship type you'll win easily, particularly against the end game crisis.

The only unique component I used is psi-jump drive because I was too lazy to change it out and it doesn't affect fleet combat.

All tests took place using the console. I built 200 naval cap of each ship type, sent them to opposite ends of an empty system, and used attackallfleets to send them at each other.

I tested against these 2 builds of the corvette:

Corvette 1:

gbj5g0ms9vi21 - Are destroyers useless? Pie in the Sky Fleet Collider 2.2.5

Corvette 2:

1rerbhcz9vi21 - Are destroyers useless? Pie in the Sky Fleet Collider 2.2.5

First I'd like to say that all BS builds (arc emitter disruptor, tachyon/KA, giga/neutron, arc emitter carrier) did poorly against the 200 corvette horde.

So you might be curious:

What wins vs. 200 corvettes?

Artillery Destroyers:

uf8fd3bxjvi21 - Are destroyers useless? Pie in the Sky Fleet Collider 2.2.5

m12ta6zyjvi21 - Are destroyers useless? Pie in the Sky Fleet Collider 2.2.5

Destroyers are known as a bad ship type. However, against corvette spammers, they're exactly what the doctor ordered. Artillery destroyers can 1 shot corvettes easily with their accurate L weapons.

50 KA/laser, 50 neutron/PD crushed 200 torpvettes with 17 losses.

50 KA/laser, 50 neutron/PD won in losses (127 vs 110 FP left) but fled vs 200 autocannon/plasma.

50 KA/laser, 50 neutron/gauss crushed 200 autocannon/plasma corvettes, leaving only 20 alive.

50 KA/laser, 50 neutron/gauss won in losses (102 vs. 77 FP left) but fled vs 200 torpvettes.


However, even 35 neutron/PD mixed into a KA/laser and neutron/gauss destroyer fleet destroys both torpedo and interceptor corvettes.

What else is there if you don't want to micro destroyer compositions?

Artillery Picket Cruisers:

h62vwc4navi21 - Are destroyers useless? Pie in the Sky Fleet Collider 2.2.5

Also famous for supposedly being bad. One thing they're not bad at: mowing down corvettes. These guys as a monofleet mowed down 200 interceptor cruisers like nothing with merely 11 losses and leaving just 19 corvettes alive.

Even against 200 torpvettes with no PD, they mowed down 200 torpvettes with 19 losses, leaving just 22 alive.

Firing artillery shells with pin-point accuracy thanks to the picket computer and dual auxiliary computers, the artillery cruiser casually one-shots corvettes.


As expected, destroyers and cruisers are not good vs. BS.

Against 25 traditional BS (tachyon/3 KA/neutron line computer 2 shield capacitor; don't think I'd need a screenshot) artillery cruisers suffered a whopping 35 casualties vs. 9 by the BS.

Against 25 traditional BS, 100 artillery destroyers suffered a ridiculous 78 casualties vs. 12 by the BS fleet but forced the BS fleet to flee.



It seems like there is a rock paper scissors PvP fleet composition: corvettes > battleships > cruisers/destroyers > corvettes.

Unlike what I had thought before, corvettes are actually not the most alloy efficient per naval cap. They are the least. You could switch to swarm computer and use 2-3 shield configurations with the power booster to retain 90% evasion and save 9 alloy or so, but then the swarm computer lowers DPS since corvettes will no longer have 90% hit rate with torpedoes against destroyers. There's no way around it: corvettes aren't all that alloy efficient.

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