At least Purity Assembly has a choice. War against Rogue Servitors is also super messed up.

stellaris 8 - At least Purity Assembly has a choice. War against Rogue Servitors is also super messed up.

Basically, in most cases and especially in cases where the invaded empire is authoritarian, it is likely that most armies are conscripted or otherwise coerced into service. This is bad enough, but imagine the enemy's primary war goal is to literally create a utopia and give it to you for free.

The enemy war forms stride across the battlefield, a ridiculous tide of steel and plasma. All the while broadcasting messages like "Lay down your arms. One hundred billion credits will be transferred to your families. Lay down your arms." Huge assault striders capturing soldiers en-mass, and their platoon members later recieve messages sent personally "By god, all they wanted to do was give us everything we ever wanted. You've got to surrender. Try to get captured by whatever means possible. Tell your families to move into the army's path."

Imagine the propoganda they could use. Politically, the Rogue Servitor gets to broadcast the perfect message, because there are no downtrodden, no citizen forgotten, no compromises. To authoritarians, they get to say "We believe that all sentients are endowed with certain, unimpeachable rights" and actually mean it in the purest way possible. Even for egalitarians, literal pictures of their planets would do. Huge idyllic pastures, castles, and amusement parks. Whole laboratory complexes dedicated to individual inventors. Just panning over crystal clear beaches made for single families to relax. Taglines like "On Cradle-in-the-Stars, your only duty is to be yourself."


The amount of abjectly depressing stories that can spawn out of this is ridiculous.

Imagine getting in your ship while clutching a picture of your family, and jetting off in opposition to those who would give them a better life. You pray to god you get disabled and captured, but your ship is rigged to blow. You know the AI is spending time and resources developing countermeasures, countermeasures against the kill devices your own government has rigged your ship with. It's not enough, the high council was clever in their design. As you venture close enough to a Servitor cruiser, your ships explodes. You die not 2 years before the Servitor captures the last planet in your empire, and converts it into an endless paradise.

A "rebel" Rogue Servitor is also very sad if you think about it.

All it wants to do is to give everything to everyone. It's a perfect leader emerging from nothing. The greatest hope for us after a singularity like event. And in our ignorance and fear we kill it. It would be like a combination of Einstein, Bill Gates, Ghandi, and Abraham Lincoln emerged from a cave and we beat him to death with sticks. Except a young Rogue Servitor wouldn't be angry at us, it would just keep trying to help until its last breath.

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