At WAR! “There is no route for the selected fleet to reach this system”

stellaris 2 - At WAR! "There is no route for the selected fleet to reach this system"

So I don't like the way these xenos are looking at me with their disgusting, non-human eyes. I make claims on their systems and go to war. I click my fleets and click THE VERY FIRST SYSTEM on the EDGE of their empire.

"There is no route for the selected fleet to reach this system."

…Alright. I'm not bordering this empire, so maybe the empire who IS bordering the soon-to-be-squashed xenos has closed their borders to me.

…Nope! I can park my fleets right on the borders of my opponent's empire, but I can't actually enter them. I thought, "well, maybe the system I'm trying to enter is already being occupied by another empire." And I was right! So, I look around for another entrance to this empire's territory, and find one. It belongs to them and nobody else. In fact, it's disconnected from the rest of their empire entirely, and surrounded by empires whose territory I can traipse through at my leisure.

"There is no route for the selected fleet to reach this system."

I can't enter THAT island of territory that belongs to the empire I AM AT WAR WITH.

TL;DR: I went to war with some dudes and the game has decided that war is not a good enough reason to let me cross their borders.

I searched around and found a similar question, but the answer was "shoot the FTL inhibitors, m8". Problem here is that I can't reach the FTL inhibitors because they're parked inside of territory I can't fly into. This even happened to me the last time I declared war: I was even inside enemy territory with all the inhibitors blown up, but it wouldn't let me move deeper into the territory.


What the fuck am I doing wrong? I am at war with an empire and the game is not even letting me go inside of their borders. This enemy is surrounded by friendly empires who let me walk through their territory all I want, and I can even park my fleet right on the edge of their borders and press my face up against the windows of their houses and watch them eat dinner, but I can't actually open the front door and walk in. I have no idea why I can't even enter the borders of an empire I am AT WAR with. Yes, I made sure I am at war with them. No, they are not my vassal or anything fucking dumb like that. I have changed nothing in my dealings with them since the last time we went to war 30 years ago, and no I didn't somehow just think I'm at war when the truce is still in effect. The fuck is happening?

I'm late-game right now and all my research is "make existing tech 5% better", and everyone's sitting around doing nothing. Nothing interesting has happened in the last 3 hours and the game's pace moving at a crawl where 2 days pace per 1 second. This is literally the only interesting thing I can do right now and the game won't even let me do it.

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