Autodale: the worst case scenario for a rougue servitor society.

stellaris 4 - Autodale: the worst case scenario for a rougue servitor society.

So I saw earlier today a very wholesome and cute post about rogue servitors showing a comic about a robot caretaker talking about a little boy he was taking care off. And while everyone probably wishes to believe that a rougue servitor society would be a amazing and wholesome (and belive me I wish that too.) I believe that I'm forced to show the other side of the coin which is a depressing and sad dystopian possibility, enter the auto dale dystopia series. , . While there are more videos and I would advise for you guys to check out if you guys are into that stuff I decided to choose to post those two here because I think they are the ones that best describe and shows that society. For those that don't wish to watch because they don't want to feel bad or are too impatient then let me explain a bit about autodale.

Autodale is a series of YouTube videos that show a society that is much alike the rougue servitors society from stelaris with the exception that they can't go to space. The society is run by a group of AI and its build in a model in accordance to that AI view of perfection and of what would be a human utopia, that would be a traditional society from the 50's or perhaps a better comparison would be the nazi society during the years of 1940 to 1942. At first everything looks perfect, robots do the heavy work, protect the humans, ensure they don't go hungry and so on. However due to that AI meticulous view you notice that it treats humans very similarly to how it would view a machine it becomes clear it is actually a distopia. So if it spots a imperfect human it will simply discard it as it will be viewed as a imperfect product for it's perfect society. Just like it would discard a imperfect robot.


Some of you may argue that would not be realistic but you all can see how that could easily fit a AI definition of utopia and of taking care, taking care of it's perfect bio trophies while simply discarding the imperfect ones. That could also easily explain why pops growth on stelaris of biotrophies is so low: they kill anyone that does not fit that society model or that dissent from it ensuring a slow but steady growth. if you think about it you can easily see both the AI and even most humans as shown in the model citizen video thinking of this as a utopia but from anyone from the outside it's clear that It is a grim dystopia.

In my opinion if we ever create a AI capable of ruling we should only let it at most aid us never rule for us.

So I have not played with a rougue servitor but for what I know I think this is a very likely scenario. And I think it can easily be considered a worst case scenario possibility for a rougue servitor society, what you guys think about ? Am I wrong ? Or do you guys also think the possibility for a rougue servitor society to become a dystopia as well ?

Ps: sorry for any grammar mistakes i wrote everything from my phone.

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