Stellaris 1

Automated Pop Migration and Pop Migration in general

stellaris 1 - Automated Pop Migration and Pop Migration in general

I am running often into the problem that my most developed planets have the fastest growth rate (in particular with robots) – but the pop that they spawn is use- and jobless on that planet – requiring those pops to be manually redeployed to one of my frontier colonies. This is extremely tedious to do.

Now you might say: 'Intended Design!', but…

I know that migration and stuff is the mechanic that should take care of that issue, in theory, but in practise this does either not work well or introduces a lot of other headaches like the constant popups to institute increased consumer benefits or how to deal with criminal elements etc.

I understand that Paradox might be hesistant to implement an automated solution for this dilemma since it kinda takes away from the 'problem' of overpopulation and what to do with it; but in practise the solution for me often is as follows: slap down some enforcers and ignore the popups and let "migration do its work" (aka this is not actually a solution, just me being fed-up and negative about the game) or, secondly, I manually resettle all my pops which becomes unsustainable to do in a bigger empire and is extremely tedious. And the third solution would be to enable population controls on my developed planets so the headache is gone.

I have to say I very much like the different choices one has here in principle:

  1. Invest in Enforcers
  2. Spend energy to resettle them asap
  3. Control populations on coreworlds in exchange for a slower growing frontier

My Issue is though that option 1 is annoying as hell with the popups and the lack of control over the migration attraction thresholds that make pops move. (Do you guys think this is well communicated in the game?)

Option 2 as layed out above is less about the in-game drawback of spending energy to do so (and being the correct empire that can do so) and more like the out-of-game drawback of developing carpal tunnel from all the clicking. 😉 This seems like a case of a gamemechanic that has not fully matured yet?

And the third option works; but is always a huge drawback in terms of gameplay-viability. I still often do it just to have an UI-annoyance dealt with. I feel like gamemechanics should not be annoying the user with its clunky implementation (ui popups etc) but be about meaningful choices within the game/gameworlds context.

How do you guys feel about that all?

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a great time exploring the star! 🙂

PS: If someone can recommed me a working mod that would automate this for the latest patch to play around with it would be very, very much appreciated!

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    Nov 23, 2020 9:04 am

    Did you ever find a working mod to automate this? The ones I tried on the Nexus seem to work in essence, but fail to pay attention to deprioritized jobs: The first 14 unemployed pops refuse to move from my home world because there are 14 “unfilled” clerk jobs.

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