Bad AI economy makes war not fun, but also fun.

stellaris 2 - Bad AI economy makes war not fun, but also fun.

Question: Anyone else's economy tank after invading neighbors?

I get it, the AI is bad. I accept that the game is designed to be a challenge but not too difficult. Its natural to take a economical hit after a war, it happens. But never to the extent where I couldn't deal. But last night was especially annoying.


After being boxed in I decided to invade the space shrimps because they didn't like me anyway. I took over two planets which gave me pops to settle the ocean and continental worlds that my arid bug people couldn't be assed with. After that I immediately went -3 food and -1 consumer good. No big, I have stores for years. Fixed, resources and two more planets colonized thanks to space shrimps that I yoinked. I purposely let the space shrimp empire get superior in navy in hopes they would attack me. Set up defensive bases, with starports nearby ready to click reinforce all. It worked. They declared, I made claims on their remaining planets. Their main fleet broke on my defensive stations, while my two destroyer fleets were being built. (early game around 2150ish). Shooty shooty invady invady; they surrendery. food went to -33, minerals down to +2, consumer goods -15. After checking on my new worlds one had 29 unemployed pops with 2 alloy factories built, no city districts. The other spoils weren't that much better. Even their former capital had high crime and unemployment. I went to work relocating pops, building farming and mining districts, new trade routes, reallocating starbases, ect. This one invasion has probably set my expansion back decades. Its infuriating. If they all weren't now proud Dominion citizens I would genocide the lot and give their sullied worlds to my neighbors with the flappy doodles on their head out of principle. And the real kicker is that while I was at war with the space shrimps, they were colonizing a planet near their pelican allies. Their territory is split in two. One side their planet, with a few claimed systems. The other side is the majority of their territory that I was hoping to claim when they were defeated. When I stopped playing last night their new capitol was a massive 7 population colony with two farms(observe cheat). Oh and now they are a protectorate of this much larger and superior pelican menace. The fanatic egalitarian spiritualist democracy to my fanatic materialist militarist oligarchy. Triple digit levels of animosity.

TL;DR: This is the best damn game I've ever played.

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