Bad Civic Re-balance (Warning, Long)

stellaris 8 - Bad Civic Re-balance (Warning, Long)

After watching

video, I thought long and hard about all the bottom tier civics. I mostly agree with the placement of the civics and wanted to suggest changes for them. I will be covering all the D Tier Civics, all but 2 of the C Tier civics (Shard Burdens and Citizen Service, which I think are already good enough), and 5 B Tier Civics. I will talk about the changes with each bullet point, and have my proposed changes in Italics.

The D Tiers

  • Barbaric Despoilers- The Raiding Bombardment stance is good, but getting it and the large diplomatic penalty make this civic pretty awful. To Counteract this, I think BD should get a bonus to their Ships (+10% Fire Rate and Movement speed) that is thematically appropriate, and a 10% bonus to slave output. Because if you tried so hard to get the slaves, the least they can do is produce slightly more Minerals. I also think they should get access to a unique ascension perk because they can't get Nihilistic Acquisition. Vikingr Diplomacy +75 Opinion to all empires and Slaves generate +.2 trade value. The point of this is to counteract the -100 opinion "Bonus" you get, and to lean even more heavily into raiding.

  • Criminal Heritage- If crime is too high, Enforcers will get built. This alone makes Criminal Heritage bad. I think the way to counter this is to allow the player to make a planetary decision to bribe the cops. Pay 1000 credits, you reduce enforcer effectiveness by 20%.

  • Feudal Realm- Feudal Realm is bad because Subject Power Penalty doesn't really matter in most situations, and Subjects building star-bases is likely to mess things up half the time. My proposed change is to make this civic allow the player to get Vassals easier (Increase the surrender acceptance for Subjugation by 50) and make them more worthwhile to have by making each Vassal increase you monthly Unity production by 10%.

  • Shadow Council- Influencing elections isn't always necessary. If you never influence an election, this civic never benefits you. My change would be to spend energy credits instead of Influence in elections and to reform your government. Compared to Influence, energy credits are practically free. So you can spend as much of them as you want to make elections go your way. I could see this being worth it if the elections cost x5 more to influence if you paid it in energy.

  • Strength of Legions, Private Military Companies, and Warbots (also Warrior Culture)- +20% army damage is worthless, and the -20% upkeep is also pretty unnoticeable. Your pops are bred and eager for war, so they should relish battle. Instead of a boring bonus to damage, instead All Ships and Armies gain 50% more experience. Additionally, I think all the civics but Warrior Culture (which already has Duelists, which are pretty good) should get a bonus to their soldier jobs, maybe +2 Amenities per soldier Job.

  • Idealistic Foundation- A 5% bonus to happiness is nothing, Double it to +10% citizen happiness and add +20% Governing Ethics Attraction. If they really like their government so much, they should want to keep it the way it is.

  • Delegated Functions- -25% leader upkeep is okay, but you know what would be better? Leaders base cost and upkeep are no longer affected by Empire sprawl. Given the flavor text, why should sprawl make robots more expense to recruit and upkeep?

  • Zero Waste Protocols- A -10% in pop upkeep isn't all that exciting, I think -20 or even -25% pop upkeep is worth a civic slot

  • Philosopher King- +2 Ruler level cap isn't all that great considering there's no guarantee that your leader is going to live long enough to get to that level. In addition to it's current effect, I think this civic should give the leader +33% exp gain and +20 year lifespan. That way you get leader that will definitely live long enough for this civic to benefit you.

The C Tiers

  • Life Seeded- Starting on a Gaia world is nice, but this civic forces you to rely on other species or robots to be competitive. Still, I don't think this civic needs much of a buff. I think choosing this civic should provide a modifier that makes terraforming technology more likely to appear. That way you can get the ability to make other worlds like you home world quicker. I also think that a life seeded empire, being much more familiar with Gaia worlds than a species that wasn't born on one, should get additional bonus to being on one. The ascension perk that allows you to build Gaia worlds should make their bonuses more akin to a Ecumenopolis, increasing the job production by another 10%, and giving a growth bonus.

  • Post-Apocalyptic- If you species already went through a disaster that changed their planet, they should know how to do it again. You should start with the Ecological Adaptation technology, as well as a modifier making other terraforming technologies more likely to appear. Also, I think that spiritualists should think more highly of concentrated Tomb worlds.

  • Franchising- In addition to making Branch offices easier to maintain, this should also make them easier to open. Add on a -25% branch office build cost I think this civic is fine.

  • Media Conglomerates- 5% of anythings isn't really all that good a bonus. Double it to +10% happiness and -10% War Exhaustion.

  • Pooled Knowledge- I thought it was weird that this civic doesn't increase hive mind leader experience gain. +10% Leader Experience gain in addition to the bonuses to Level cap and pool size should do nicely.

  • Factory Overclocking- Why do robot leaders start at level 1? They can download all the knowledge they need. +2 Leader Starting level and +2 to Leader Level Cap would be another cool and interesting thing to set apart machine leaders.

  • Naval Contractors- Naval Capacity is nice, but to me the flavor text for this civic suggest something more. It seems to me that All ships should be 10% cheaper. With all the naval contractors trying to outbid each other, surely the navy should be getting a discount.

  • Subspace Ephapse- I would suggest the same thing I did for Naval contractors, but I don't think it fits with the flavor for this civic, and it would combo a little too well with Devouring Swarm. Instead, I think this civic should increase Ship command Limit by 10 in addition to it's regular benefit.

  • Corvee System- If the state is gets to decide where you live and work, why is it so hard to put people on Colony ships? Colony ships should be 25% cheaper in addition to the normal civic bonuses.

  • Free Haven- If pops want to come here, their governments should let them. This civic should give a pretty big bonus to Migration Treaty acceptance

  • Exhaled Priesthood- A pop not generating Unity, getting a +1 bonus to unity generated is huge, because 1 is >> 0. The value added by making a certain pop produce 4 unity instead of 3 isn't all that great. Because Temples produces the same yields as an entertainer, I thought maybe we should just make priests replace them. In Addition to creating High Priest jobs, this civic removes the planetary limit on Temples.

  • Environmentalist- I think this civic is okay, but I think adding on a -10% pop food consumption would be a nice change that's already in line with what the civic is going for.

The B Tiers

  • Slavers Guild and Indentured Assets- The big problem with this civic is that you stuck with a certain percentage of your population in slavery, and there's not much you can do about it. Because I already suggested that Barbaric Despoilers get a bonus to slave production, I think that this civic should increase the bonus to +15% from +10%. And you know, if your a slavery guild, you should be better at buying and selling slaves. You should be able to buy enslaved pops for 20% cheaper and sell for 20% more….. Stonks

If you managed to get to the end of this, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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