Been thinking about endgame crisises

stellaris 8 - Been thinking about endgame crisises

I saw
Crypticlibrarian - Been thinking about endgame crisises
u/Crypticlibrarian 's post about how he/she got bored about the generic 'big fleet random aliens roll in to munch on you' endgame crisises and proposed other options. Loved the ideas, actully this post, my idea started as a comment, later turned out to a bit oversized for it.

So I spent my last two years mining planets, raising crops on planets and habitats, building big and nasty spaceships, always wondering how can an asteroid turn into fifty battleships, eight hundred destroyers, a dyson sphere, six titans and a colossus, yet still remain intact-looking. What if it depletes one day? How can you raise hundred thousand food on a size 9 planet feeding 80 pops and still throwing away food for everything like it was free. What if the soil becomes barren one day?

Here is my idea – what if all this happens?

So here we go… Call it the

Great Galactic Famine.

After the last of the Scourge ship explodes into fine dust, the last uprising machine is disabled and repurposed as a miner mech or clerk android, your pops celebrate. However, troubling news rise – mining stations getting a few percents efficiency penalties, farms' and processing facilities' yields drops the same… Basically what happens is that mining fields are starting to get depleted, just like the soil on your planets and habitats. You also learn it is galaxy-wide, and each years, this grows more. Let's say if you get a base n% penalty, and m years pass, you will end up with (n*m)% penalty. This goes for food also with the exception of processing pops, just like everything you gain from space stations, nebulae, and buildings, except for energy and dark matter.

You are running out of stuff and running out fast. This is a crysis after the endgame crysis – one to end all crysises.

Now you can find several solutions.

– 'It is them or us'

Basically xenophobes (from the CoM to fanatic purifiers) have the option to switch to organic materials if you know what I mean. Embracing a new edict gives them a casus belli to conquer foreign planets, while processing alien population in respective buildings can turn them into minerals, food, even – after researching a really expensive tech – rare stuff like zro or crystals. Repeatable research improves the resource/population efficiency. Any empires can switch to xenophoby except pacifist/xenophile combinations and ones with 'inward perfection', however it costs a truckload of unity and influence, but also leads to unrest (its level depending on the difference between the new and old ethics). Needless to say, doing these nasty things messes up your diplomatic relations, a -1000 relation with everyone.

– 'The ultimate sacrifice'

Fanatic authoriters should have the option to turn to cannibalism. Being a cannibal means here to process your own pops. Penal colonies and xenos come first, sure. Actually it works the same way as the first option, but without conquering foreign territories. Also the ideological restrictions stand, with the addition of spiritualists (but they can use a new philosophy called Death Cult to make it possible).

Tricks with this two: Now you have your relations done. Not like it would concern a devouring swarm or determined exterminator, but it is something that concerns the Blorg or the UNE. Also, if as an organic you process and use one of your native species pops for food, your species get the Cannibal trait (shout out to CKII), which is 'Repugnant, but on steroids'. Processing someone's pop gives a permanent casus belli for them, also for spiritualists as cannibalism is an insult to their god(s). Also, it is good if get pops to spare one way or the other, and when you are done, your galaxy remains dry.


– 'Repurposing planets'

Planetary cores are rich in materials. Like millions of resources rich. So cracking a planet with a colossus opens a mine with the new resource 'planetary core'. Planetary core is not affected by the depletion, and can be converted to other resources. Yet, you have cracked a planet and even in these desperate times other nations can act… weird. (-100 opinion). Also, you can't eat lava, so it does not give you food, but if you have the respective tech, you can turn it into fertilizer with an edict – pay x amount to get y percents worth of buff for farming.

– 'Feast on the sunshine'

So in theory, energy can be turned into material en masse. Energy can be found in stars and it is a limitless source. By a new type megastructure based on the Dyson sphere, you will be able harvest energy and turn it into minerals, alloys, food… whatever you wish but dark matter and nanites. The issue is, you will need to research it – a physical research for each material (eg one for food, one for minerals etc), a technical to make you able to construct one, and also a repeatable society research to make a 'slot' for an extra 'Dyson-materializer'. The catch is, now you have 100 barren systems, and like 10 that house all your resource production – may you have the ships to protect these last fertile places and the trade routes.

General problems you face regardless your choice:

– Piracy

People are hungry and cannot create stuff for themselves, so they turn to robbing you. From time to time, pirates attack your trade routes.

– Insurrections

People who can't afford a raider are desperate too. Unrests and rebellions occur on planets, their size depends on your stability and the effects of harmony traditions.

– Ethics shifts

It is easily the end of civilisation and people are desperate. Cults and opposition movements spread like wildfire, and harmony traditions are not enoght to supress them all.

– End of the market

The galactic market and basically any international trade collapse, as they are lacking the resources themselves just like you.

– AI empires

They might choose to be hunters.

– Any remaining non-awakened fallen empire

They wake up now, getting fleets by events as strong as millions. They blame the current powers of the galaxy for the crisis. If they are a xenophile fallen empire, they demand you to 'join their new galaxy-wide empire to work together on the solution' (be a vasall, later be annexed, game over in fifty years), if pacifists, they demand you 'enact extreme population controls while they preserve the seed of your people' (taking one of your pops, the rest starts to decline as your population is now sterile, game over in fifty years). Of course, opposing empires will be dealt with. In any other situations (authoritarians, militarists, etc…), they just turn into hardcore fanatic purifiers, and 'purges the filth that got their galaxy uninhabitable' (that's you).

So… any ideas?

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