Bio-Thralls Mod released.

stellaris 3 - Bio-Thralls Mod released.

Bio Thralls are the biological equivalent to robots and though their technology tree and start to hold more complex jobs depending on your policy.

Bio thralls can only be gene-modded however you do not need the Genetic Resequencing technology to change their name or portrait.

Species rights can only be set once the thralls have been made.
All Bio-thrall techs have a higher chance of being drawn once you found pre-sapients.

With the Bio-Serfs technology they can only work miner and farmer Jobs.
With the Bio-Drones technology they can work more complex jobs with the exception of ruler and more complex specialist jobs.
With the Bio-Thralls technology they can work any job again depending on your policies.

Bio-Serfs is a tier 2 technology that requires genome mapping
Bio-Drones is a tier 3 technology that requires Bio-Serfs and Colonial Centralization
Bio-Thralls is a tier 4 technology that requires Bio-Drones and Galactic Administration

The Bio tailoring technologies just require gene tailoring and the Bio-Serfs technology while the need Bio tailoring technology requires gene tailoring and Bio-Drones. Each level of Bio tailoring increases the bio-thrall trait point total by 3 to a max of 10.

In order for Bio-Thralls to become leaders they must have citizen rights and capacity boosters must be researched.


The pros of using Bio-thralls
* They have a food upkeep
* Their Bio-construct trait grants them a 100% habitability anywhere
* They can be switched between servitude and slavery (If your policy allows)
* Their assembly building has multiple stages to add more Life crafter jobs
* You can have both robots and bio thralls
* Bio-thralls can grow on their own or be assembled and can be assembled even if they have pop controls
* Bio-thralls have 4 trait points to start out with and can have a max of 8 traits
* Makes use of the organic traits
* Life crafters are capable of assembling robots (can't do much about that considering Roboticists and Life crafters both add to assembly speed) which means that Roboticists also contribute to their assembling.
* If granted citizenship they can be assimilated (So psionic, cyborg and hive mind thralls can be done).
* Like robots once a template is created you can have them assembled on any planet and once assembled they can grow on their own.

The Cons of using Bio-Thralls
** They have a food upkeep
* They only have a 100% habitability meaning they can be effected by modifiers that lower habitability.
* They are considered organic
* The Life Crafter job has a food upkeep to it as well
** You need to research the bio-sequencing technology to increase their trait point total.
** If you allow both robots and bio thralls you will not be able to upgrade the Birthing Chambers building any higher.
* The higher levels of the Birthing Chambers require exotic gases.
* Machines and hive minds cannot use Bio-thralls however the spawning pools have been adjusted to allow for higher levels of the building which adds more spawning drones and the spawning drone can assemble hive mind pops (any pop in your empire that has hive mind)
* Gene modding takes longer than robo modding.
* Bio-Thralls have no negative traits to increase their total trait point total.

# Bug
Fanatical purifiers can make use of Bio-thralls (that is not the bug here) however you will need to manually adjust the rights to servitude or they will just purge them and ironically make more to purge.

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