Biological ascension desperately needs an option to rank by occupation and not species in the species menu.

stellaris 3 - Biological ascension desperately needs an option to rank by occupation and not species in the species menu.

For a laugh, I thought I'd actually go through the species menu on my wide biological ascension xenophile empire and genuinely try to micromanage every single species so that they all had appropriate traits for every planet (only research traits on research planets, farmer traits on farm planets etc.) and every species would perfectly fit the niche they were occupying in my empire.

With more than a hundred species.

It took 2 and a half hours.

If it listed occupations (scientist, technician etc.) instead of species, it would have taken 90 seconds.

Does paradox actually expect us to micromanage the 100+ species that end up cluttering the species menu in wide xenophile playthroughs? The entire god damn point of biological ascension is that species are literally COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT because you can edit out all of their traits and add whatever ones you want for the situation, and yet my menu is still cluttered into dozens upon dozens of utterly useless species sections that I have to micromanage seperately. It doesn't feel like even the slightest modicum of thought went into the current species editing system, most of the time I end up barely even using it because it just isn't worth the frustration.

Not that it even matters because pop growth is so broken now that if you just make a bunch of migration treaties and put clone vats on all your planets you can just completely outscale every other empire in the game without so much as touching the fucking species menu other than for your top 5 species. It's so depressing seeing those hordes of 2 or 3 pop species down there knowing that I'm never going to have the energy to make them into the perfect little tools they deserve to be.


If they don't want me to be able to add psychic or whatever, just keep it out of the pool, I probably shouldn't be able to gene-mod whole species to be psychic anyway if I'm doing biological ascension just because one pop somehow managed to fucking get it.

Edit: In regards to incongruity with egalitarian and xenophile ethics, I can see what the concern is, but it's already deeply unegalitarian to enforce specific gene's on a species without consulting them.

I mean I can take a new species coming to my planet that's intelligent, long-lived and happy and min-max them into unsatisfied fleeting farm workers. Isn't that already beyond fucked up when you think about it? How does that exist in fanatic egalitarian xenophile society.

What I would really love to see is a system where you can set profession specific mandates and species would independently decide to seek gene treatment based on their level of happiness and satisfaction with your policies, so that if you managed your empire well pop's that were happy with you would have like 80% compliance and pops that didn't would have like 40%. Gene modding away positive traits should also absolutely add a negative happiness modifier – I'd be pretty fucking pissed off if the government took away all of my good traits and replaced them all with fast-breeding and erudite – I mean you're literally forcing people to adopt genetic modifications that will make them hornier and more likely to breed which is just what the fuck for an egalitarian empire.

It'd be hellofalot more immersive than the current system which just seems totally incongruous with your actual ethics.

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