Both Fallen Empires rising, and just got a message about a Coming Storm… will my fleet be able to handle them?

stellaris 2 - Both Fallen Empires rising, and just got a message about a Coming Storm... will my fleet be able to handle them?

Hey all, kinda new player.

It is 2462. Default settings across the board. Playing as the default Humans, though only in a Level 4 "Federation" with one other alien faction.

Per the title, I seem to be about to face two end-game crisises at the same time. I'm hoping I can take out both Fallen Empires before whatever this Coming Storm is going to be.

My fleets are currently being moved into position to attack one of the two Fallen Empires.

I have 4 identical fleets, each capped at 250/250. My naval capacity is a bit over, but I'm spamming Anchorages with the Naval Logistics Office to try to catch up. I'm not too worried about it.

Mostly, I'm worried that I picked a fleet composition that is about to fail horribly. So, I was hoping you could take a look.

TLDR: I spammed energy weapons that bypass armor and shields.

Each of my 4 fleets has:

  • 1 Artillery Titan – Perdition Beam (Range 250), and 6x Neutron Launchers (Range 130). I wanted to go 6x Cloud Lightning instead, but the range is only 60. Using an Artillery Computer, of course (range 80). And I'm also using a Quantum Destabilizer (enemy ship rate of fire -10%).
  • 9 Artillery Battleships – 1x Focused Arc Emitter (Range 150), 4x Cloud Lightning (Range 60), Artillery Computer (Range 80).
  • 3 Carrier Battleships – 3x Advanced Strike Craft, 5x Medium Phased Disruptors, 4x various point defense.
  • 20 Picket Cruisers – 6x Medium Phased Disruptors (Range 50), Picket Computer (Range 30).
  • 58 Swarm Corvettes – 3x Small Phased Disruptors, Swarm Computer (Point Blank)

I also have 1 Juggernaut accompanying my fleets, with 6x Advanced Strike Craft, 2x Focused Arc Emitters (Range 150), Carrier Computer (Range 150), and a Target Acquisition Array (allied ships +40% weapon range).


So, here are my questions.

  • Should I specifically make sure to put a different "buff" device on each of my Titans? Or do any of them stack?
  • How is the fleet composition, overall? I know my choice of weapons is odd… I chose them because I feel like they might compliment Strike Craft well. And I could just rubber-stamp the fleet everywhere and in theory not be weak against anything that stacks shields or stacks armor.
  • On my Titans, should I ditch the Neutron Launchers for Cloud Lightning? The problem I saw mostly is that the artillery computer will keep the titan at a range of 80, but the Cloud Lightning has a range of 60… what happens if my fleet engages without my Juggernaut around? Will the cloud lightning just not open fire? Is the combat virtualized in the background, while the on-screen display is just for looks?
  • The second Fallen Empire is just now waking up… it seems weaker than the first one. I'm thinking maybe I try to take it out, before turning on the other one? I think both of them are going to try to subjugate me at some point and force me to choose a side, but I just don't like the idea of siding with either one of them and losing my independence.
  • Random question. I have an Ether Hatchling (immature ether drake). Should I just leave it alone, will it turn into a bigger drake eventually? It's a shame I can't roll it into another fleet, it is just one more item on my Outliner to have to manage. ><

I guess that's all the questions for the moment. Any help would be appreciated!

Awesome game, btw. Yeow.

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