Boxed In – How best to play tall?

stellaris 3 - Boxed In - How best to play tall?

I started on the tip of a 4-spiral arm galaxy and ended up getting boxed in by those Federation-loving Geckos after only claiming 6 systems. I wanted to try an Inward Perfection play-through, so I went Fanatic Xenophobe + Pacifist to allow for liberation wars. My other traits are Life Seeded, Intelligent, +15% minerals, +10% unity, slower migration and worst adaptability. I also set the AI difficulty to Grand Admiral – no scaling – and High aggression. Suffice to say the Geckos decided their NAP was not needed and closed borders before my science vessels got out. So now I'm focusing on filling up the rest of my planet and trying to tech towards Voidborne. I had opened with the Discovery tree and took the 10% research boost, but now that my science vessels are stuck I'm out of luck with that one. Starting the Harmony tree right now for the defensive wars boost.


I've fortified my main chokepoint system against the Gecko borders, but otherwise I'm forced to sit tight and be patient. They have an overwhelming fleet, so unless I can goad them into a fight against me I don't have much of a chance right now. What else should I do to try and play tall better? Got any advice for next time?


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