Broken Endgame Crisis’ are the biggest issue with Stellaris right now.

stellaris 7 - Broken Endgame Crisis' are the biggest issue with Stellaris right now.

So, 2 of the Endgame Crisis' currently don't work.

The Prethoryn Scourge.

I can speak from experience when saying this one isn't functioning correctly at all. Basically, the Prethoryn 'infestors' which are supposed to purge planets of their pops and turn said planets into Prethoryn domain aren't able to interact with them. Meaning that when you get the Prethoryn Scourge for your endgame crisis, your situation log will never update into the state which allows you to capture the queen. Currently the 'Queening' achievement is unobtainable.

Instead, the Prethoryn will destroy starbases and take territory but nothing else. They are unable to spawn new fleets into the Galaxy after you have destroyed their initial ones. In my game, they were hilariously easy to wipe out completely within a matter of months. I was able to observe their infestors hovering over planets so I decided to leave them with a small 24k fleet in order to see if they would be able to bombard and infest any further. This didn't happen, and all of their ships, 'civilian' and military completely stopped functioning and froze in place for the next 50 years until I quit the game. I haven't played it since.


The Contingency.

Not a great deal to say here, because they suffer from the same problem of being unable to interact with the current planet system and therefore cannot get off the ground at all, leaving their AI in a frozen or 'locked up' state.

This needs to be addressed urgently. I loved getting the new systems down and prospering, but none of it means anything at all when the thing you were preparing for doesn't function. It feels like a giant waste of time and completely pulls you out of the experience. Yes, the AI isn't fantastic and yes, there are some graphical glitches, but this endgame crisis problem breaks the core of the gameplay. Simply hoping that we get the Unbidden is leaving the game in a terrible state.

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