Can I beat “The Unbidden”?

stellaris 7 - Can I beat "The Unbidden"?

Hey everyone, I'm on my second play through of Stellaris and the Unbidden just invaded the galaxy. I did some reading and I knew they would eventually come (they did at around 2355, right now its 2360) but damn they are SO much farther ahead than everyone else, including me, in terms of fleet strength. A FE just awoke aswell but I'm not sure i have much hope in them.. (they are "Jingoistic Reclaimers"). I am wondering if you think I can still beat them after reading the points below? I appreciate ALL tips and strategies very much lol thanks!


•No DLC (YET :D) •Medium Sized Galaxy (I didn't want late game to lag, so I picked this option and so far, there isn't much lag). •Ensign Difficultly (I'm a non lol). •Strength Scaling is on. •I HOPE I put Crisis modifier at just x1 but I remember seeing this option and not knowing what it was so I might of tampered with it but it should be around x1 anyways. •My Empire is Pacifist and Fanatic Xenophobe. •Everyone in my galaxy despises each other, no alliance or truce lasts very long… •Everyone has closed borders to each other, only now they are starting to open up but the big territories are still closed. •I have the best economy, everyone else is inferior or pathetic, even the awoken empire. •As of writing, I have +153 alloy, +324 minerals, +83 food, and I have +7 energy after spamming loads of ships and upgrades. +142 consumer goods too. •My research has basically stayed the same for decades, as in everything is just "+5 leader lifespan" or "+5% energy damage/attackspeed". I get no new technology anymore. •I control about 33% of the galaxy (top bit). •Unbidden spawned at the bottom of galaxy. Literally one of the furthest points away from me. Weak empires are around it and are putting up 0 fight. The awoken Empire is small and shares a border with me. •Awoken empire has a superior fleet but I have only seen two fleets that have a 5k power rating when put together.. I hope they are hiding the big guns from my eyes lol. They do have really strong stations though. •I have 16 fleets that when put together, have 234k power. I have changed the fleet so every ship is built against shields and hull and little to no armour damage. Arc Emitter and Giga Cannon on two different types of battleships. I have Corvpedos and another Corvette type with 2 Disruptors. •The Unbidden have 2 anchors and a fleet of 895k power altogether……………. •They also went through a wormhole and are invading a neighbouring empire and they are 1 system away from my border. They have around 2 fleets with 117k power here. I'm thinking of replacing tons of buildings with alloy forges but that will make me have an uncontrollable amount of unemployment.. I have 1233 pops on 16 planets and most of them are full and I just resettle them to new colonies. I have also used "Mastery Of Nature" decision that gives 2 extra slots on my main planets. •I have 780/830 fleet capacity. •I also have "Defender Of The Galaxy" ascension park that gives 50% damage extra to crisis factions, I hope this will save me.

I'm not sure what other information I can provide but lol Its not looking too good for this galaxy…thanks for reading!

Edit: I'm typing on mobile and I dont know why the format looks so…wrong..sorry guys :(!

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