Catch me if you can, feat. Awakened Empire

stellaris 6 - Catch me if you can, feat. Awakened Empire


I've decided to build a starbase next to an awakened empire to get to an archaeological site. They did not like that and immediately declared war on me, demanding that I'll become one of their subjects. I declined since this would interfere with my plan of total galaxy domination.

The only problem was that they had four fleets around 680K and one fleet around 160K while I had four fleets around 220K and two fleets around 150K. Thankfully the AI is no tactical genius, even with Starnet AI.

1st Chapter: A long road ahead

The awakened empire decided to leave one 680K fleet at home and send everything else on what must have been the longest route to my empire it could find. They did not think about utilizing their jumpdrive or ask google maps for a direct route.
5D48EWs - Catch me if you can, feat. Awakened Empire

This is the route they choose to my empire (red line is the route, the circles are two connected wormholes).

2nd Chapter: A surprise visit

I had a gateway within jump distance of their empire and move all my fleets and armies to prepare a surprise visit. Everyone jumped in, waited for the jumpdrive to recharge and then attacked the 680K fleet. 100 brave corvettes in front, followed by 6 titans and 140 battleships. After a decisive victory I started taking down all their starbases. The attack force of the awakened empire was now 2/3 of the way to the wormhole. The 680K fleet on home defense duty returned as a 200K fleet and later as a 90K fleet, I did not give her anytime to repair.

3rd Chapter: Don't overstay your welcome

I lost sight of the three 680K fleets that were were last seen on route to my empire. This baffled me since my fully upgraded sensor array was usually very reliable. Only the 150K fleet was still on route. My battleships and titans quickly jumped out, leaving only the brave corvettes and my armies behind. A couple of newly hired scientists were send in to make sense of the fallen empire tech while the armies captured all weaker planets.

4th Chapter: Welcome Home?

Three years of war had passed by now. The 150K fleet actually made it into my territory and was quickly disposed of. War exhaustion was at 17% / 44%. My armies had managed to capture all planets except the well defended core system when suddenly the three remaining 680K fleets appeared and made short work out of my corvettes. Three of the 100 managed to escape into hyperspace, covering the retreat of all my armies.


(I assume the awakened empire used the "return to base" command, but instead of taking the normal available route the ships went MIA and reappeared at the capital. I've never seen combat ships do that without being attacked and when a route was available.)

5th Chapter: The End?

Nope. I was hoping for a white peace but the awakened empire still believed in the advantage of their overwhelming fleet. They slowly re-captured their lost territory while I moved all the pops over to my planets to live in Utopian Abundance. I've also moved the robots over, for purging.

6th Chapter: A long road, again

After retaking their now unpopulated empire, the materialist fools tried again. This time sending two 680K fleets + armies on the same route as in chapter 2, while sending one 680K fleet on a direct course downwards.

I waited for the solo fleet to reach my territory and disposed it with moderate losses on my side. The corvette screen was sorely missed, I should have spend my alloys rebuilding ships instead of investing into Gigastructures.

7th Chapter: It's good to be back

Seven years have now passed since the start of the war. The two remaining 680K fleets were halfway to the wormhole and my fleets jumped in again. We quickly destroyed two 100K fleets that have been rebuild and managed to invade the remaining planets. While my armies landed on the awakened empire capital my battleships and titans jumped home again.

8th Chapter: The End!

The enemy fleets returned mid invasion, one by one, but without any armies all they could do is
rXF0qTm - Catch me if you can, feat. Awakened Empire

retake the starbase and watch from orbit. The invasion succeed and I won the war after 9 years. The remaining two 680K fleets vanished into the ether. Maybe they can use the time to study their build-in jumpdrive.

PS: I suggest a "story"-flair, I could not find anything appropriate.

PPS, Mods used: Gigastructures, Starnet AI, Extra Ship Components and a ton more.

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